Ride After Dark On Royal Enfield with Sarang & Paula | Rajasthan | #Bha2Pa #RoyalEnfield

I am riding after many years. Paula, for the first time Our friend Aditya has joined us. Say hello to him. We have now reached Jodhpur. Our Indian trip started with a man who was snoaring. In some time, we are going to check our bikes. We are starting our video with this place. This place is called Bullet Baba Temple The children of the Rajputs, who were known as ‘Bana’ One of them He was very helpful and was extremely popular. He met with an accident at this very place After the accident, the police conducted their investigation. They then took this bike to a nearby station. and they parked it there. However, every morning, the bike came back here What eventually happened is that after the bike returned here multiple times The people decided to do something to commemorate him So they parked the bike here The bullet bike They constructed a temple over here. So, today is the first day of the actual ride Yesterday, we went on a test ride to the Bullet Baba temple It hurts that we are leaving this place But we are here for an extremely important cause Which is to ride We are ready with our gear. At a certain point, we had to take our bikes up the sand dunes In a haste, we just took off and our bikes got stuck In the desert, the more you do things hastily, The more, your vehicle will slow down Your silencer will also get buried here. Usually, there is a ride leader Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of each and every rider He has to be aware of all the routes He should also know about the management of the hotels that we are staying in There is a back-up support system too We have a vehicle known as gun-wagon It is constantly behind us. It consists of several skilled mechanics. There is equipment which helps to repair the vehicle on the road If a bike stops, then it can be literally picked up and dropped in this van It is called gun wagon because a gun consists of bullets And this car consists of Bullet Bikes, sometimes. That’s why it is named so. We are going on a jeep safari Now say this in Marathi. No Means what! No, all of this information. First. I. Fifteen Years Oh fish! At one point of time, we had to reach a spot which was 40 kms away from Jaisalmer we had to reach And we only had 40 minutes in our hands. And the sun was setting right ahead of us And we had to ride in the direction of the sun We were riding a Royal Enfield The road was empty, magnificiently constructed. We could see the sun in front of us and we had to chase it At the same speed. Literally, there were only 10-15 minutes left and we reached We parked our bikes there and ran into the desert. One of the most important parts of this ride was the night ride That’s why its called ‘After Dark’ Earlier, we used to roam with our friends in the night. This was the purpose of these rides. So, we went out on one such ride. There was a photo shoot After reaching there, we switched off the lights of all our bikes And we gazed at the stars. We also visited Jaisalmer fort All of us had tea over there together We also did some shopping Some of us clicked photos. That experience of embarking on a ride And the fact that we all ride together After all these rides, today is the last day. We have come to this palace There are so many parrots over here. We came here and felt like we need silence And to end the chaos, this is a perfect place. The most important thing is that this bike has a unique sound which is popularly known as ‘thump’, or ‘long stroke’ Before the bike even arrives, the sound of the bike can be heard which tells us that Royal Enfield is arriving

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  1. Super Video! Loved it. We would love to watch more such videos <3. Chaitanya Golhar's work looks promising.

  2. aai chi gand 😂😂😂😂paula ne shivi dili parat
    bhari video ahe asech bhari video yeudet sarang tu ani paula vloging chalu kara

  3. Best ever editing so far… Nice crisp video,best background music with Sarang’s information. But felt like abruptly ended. Will there be part 2 of this video?

  4. Khup chhan video, Sarang and Paula. Cinematic shots, background music are so apt with scenes. Paula ch Marathi aikun bara vatla. Hahaha. Keep up the good work. Tumhare doghan kadun ajun travel videos awadtil baghayla.

  5. After this video I swear I am in love with ROYAL ENFIELD…Thank you people..great job..wanna see these kind of videos again 🙂

  6. Please description madhe Travel Essentials, Gadgets ani tyanchya purchase links mention kara, khup help hoil amha saglyanna.. 🙂
    Loved your work❤️

  7. Please share some more information. It would be greatly appreciated.

    01. Music pieces used
    02. Audio-video capturing gear used to make this

  8. Ride on Enfield For Dislocate Hip 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    What is That special thing about Royal Enfield:- कंबर्ड मोडतं राव….
    हुळहूळा होतो बोचा पार….🍑

  9. Best travel video of Bha2pa , lots of love keep growing guys
    Which was the place you mention for that beautiful night view under the stars blanket ? Is it hudi or huri ?

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