Review Sepeda & Test Ride Thrill Ravage 4.0 (ENG SUB)

Assalamu’alaykum, hi everyone… Welcome back to Peda Karat channel And… This time is the first time for me, to give a bike review… And… this time, the bike which one… That I will give it a review is… Thrill Ravage 4.0 2016 Thrill bicycle nowadays are very popular, Not only because it has a good quality, But also because of it’s awesome design And a good price too… This Thrill Ravage Series has,… The characteristic,… and that is curvedly frame. Like Thrill Agent Series or another bike like,… United Dominate, but… in 2016, This Ravage Series has modified their design In order to looks more manly, And premium. So, let’s check out my complete review, About this Ravage 4.0 2016 bicycle. Oke, first of all We start from the frame of this thrill bicycle… See… This Thrill Ravage 4.0… Is made from… Hydroformed alloy 6061. The design is unique, I think. And this curvedly frame,… Makes the bike looks manly, sturdy,… And so premium. One more thing… This frame is so light and,… Rust resistance of course. Then, this bike supports the inner cable routing. All of Thrill series design… Are refers to the rider’s body geometry, Expecially for Asians… This local manufacturer from East Java, Gresik… Provides a 5-year guarantee for the frame With normal usage. For the shifter, this bike, Is using Shimano Alivio SL-M 4000 27 speed. With an easy gear shifting system, By only using your thumb and index finger. With this many options of gear shifting, On this bike… Nothing but in order to… To face any various terrain and… Provides the flexibility for the rider. For front fork of this bike, Is already using Suntour XCR LO, And the suspension can be, Locked like this, This is for use on a flat road. And then when we release the lock,… So it can be,… Like this. With this qualified suspension,… This bicycle is very suitable for any various terrain,… Both, for on asphalt or light off road. The disc brakes which are very gripping, When it used for suddenly braking, or sharp downhill path. It already using, The same brake system technology that used for motor vehicle… For front derailleur of this bike is already using, Shimano Altus FD M-370 Front Derailleur. Then for rear derailleur of this bike, Is already using Shimano Alivio RD M-4000. For the cassette of this bike is already using, Shimano CS-HG200-9, 11 until 34 teeth. And then, the crankset is already, Using crankset thrill, 44/32/22 teeth with arm length 170mm. The main components of Shimano, provides quality assurance, Especially in terms of durability. This thrill ravage 4.0 tire uses, Maxxiz sphinx tires 27.5″x 2.10 Which means that this tire is so wide, So that it looks sturdy and mighty. And it has the function of increasing tire grip, So it’s not slippery on the streets. Go to Rim (Velg), This Thrill Ravage uses a Double Wall Araya Rims. For its own saddle, this thrill ravage… Use Saddle Thrill XC Pro. Then for the seatpost, this bike uses thrill components. And for the pedals are made from alloy material. Okay, that’s the specs that this thrill ravage has, For the full specifications I type in the description column below. Well, it’s not feels complete if this ravage thrill, Not tested directly yet on the track. Of course so that I can try to share experience directly, How does it feel to ride this bicycle. And … I will try to give my opinion later, About the strengths and weaknesses that I felt when, On this thrill ravage bicycle. Ok, let’s just test the ride! There are different taste and sensation when I… For the first time riding this bike. Not as I thought, This thrill ravage series answers my doubts, That this bike can meet my two needs at once, Without sacrificing one of them. That are appearance and performance. This bicycle is very suitable for riding in style… on urban road and cross country terrain. I am quite amazed with this latest innovative and stylish frame design. Because it makes thrill ravage looks eye catchy and cool maximum. Without sacrificing the original performance to go fast and agile. This lightweight but strong frame, Makes me feel more confident to exploring the terrain. Carefully integrated design and geometry resulting in a good integrated appearance on the front. I feel like… Riding a manly bull. In the rear triangle, it implements a ballistic design,… That can reduce small vibrations, Due to uneven terrain. So as to be able to provide excellent comfort aspects for me. The shifter is so precise and soft when shifting. The braking system is very responsive, when I try it on downhill terrain. Talking about the front suspension, hmm … It feels very soft when tested in the field. That was the experience I could share with you, About this thrill ravage bicycle and also some of its pros. And about the cons,… I think it’s the chainring. Maybe if it uses a single chainring, It will feel more effective, efficient, neat and simple. And then… What else? Maybe the saddle. Why does it feel so hard? Or maybe because my butt doesn’t match the saddle’s geometry. So it feels uncomfortable, even in a short time. But I don’t know,… Maybe you have a different opinion, Just write your comment below. What do you think about this saddle? Maybe that’s all. Overall I was very satisfied and very fascinated, By a bicycle that was priced at around 5 million rupiah. Highly recommended for those of you who want to buy cross country bikes, You can choose this thrill ravage bike. Yup, it’s short indeed. But hopefully it can provide enough information to you about this 2016 thrill ravage 4.0 bike So, while relaxing on the way home, see you again in the next video… Don’t forget to click subscribe button on this channel, click like and comment, please go ahead. Thanks for watching this video, Look forward to the next videos from me, in syaa Allah. Assalamu’alaykum.

24 thoughts on “Review Sepeda & Test Ride Thrill Ravage 4.0 (ENG SUB)

  1. Setuju tentang kekurangan ravage :
    – Saddle keras. Solusi coba pake celana padding, lumayan bikin lebih nyaman. Kalo masih kurang nyaman ganti pake merk WTB ato Ergon
    – Crank bawaan prowheel berat & suka ada bunyi2 gaib yg kadang2 muncul. Solusi ya ganti crank HT2 yang lebih ringan
    Sisanya sebenernya cukup, kecuali kalo ketularan virus upgrade yg gak ada habisnya 😀

  2. Terima kasih untuk yang uda ikutan komen soal sepeda thrill ravage satu ini. Yuk yang lain bagi dong pengalaman anda yang uda pernah ngerasain gowes pake thrill ravage satu ini.

  3. Ini dia channel yang mecahin ragu gua buat beli ravage thanks mase, saya subscribe 👍oh iya btw bungkuk banget enggak mas?

  4. Saya udah pake sepeda ini 2 tahun, medan yang saya lalui biasanya cross country seperti yang ada di video ini.
    The most worthy product that I ever have!.

    Warna kuning hitam + bentuk sepeda ini yg buat orang2 ngelirik pas jalan.
    Kelemahannya bagi saya cuma 1, untk long ride sepeda ini tidak cocok karena posisi stang yang lebar (bahu pasti pegel). Sisi positifnya, stang lebar buat handling sepeda super stabil.

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