Rann Utsav 2019- Complete Video Tour | Rann Utsav Tour- White Rann Resort 2019

Every year, in the winter months, Gujarat
tourism organises a festival at the famous Rann of Kutch that showcases the folk dance,
music and rich culture of the region. During this festival, a tent city is set up near
Dhorado village at Rann of Kutch and Gujarat Tourism arranges tours with transport, accommodation,
food and guided local sightseeing tour. Day-1
Bhuj is the nearest railway station of Dhorado. To attend Rann Utsav the guests have to reach
Bhuj railway station first. There are mainly two accommodations at Kutch where one can
stay during Rann Utsav, one is White Rann Resort and the other is The Tent City. At
Bhuj station, a representative from each of these resorts will come and greet the guests.
From there reserved bus will take the guests to the resort area at Rann of Kutch. There
will be a guide in this bus tour who will explain the detailed itinerary of this tour.
It will take almost one and half hour to reach the festival ground from Bhuj Station. The
road to Festival ground passes through the desert and is well known for rustic beauty.
After reaching the festival ground, the guest will 1st check into the resort. At White Rann
Resort there are luxury cottages and tents for night stay. The festival ground is big,
clean and well decorated. Post check in, lunch will be served and after
that there will be a trip to the white desert where the guests can enjoy the sunset. There
are buses of the resort which will take the guests to the white desert.
The road to white desert from White Rann Resort passes through the famous salt marsh of Kutch.
During Rann Utsav, there are lot of activities that can be enjoyed at the white desert. There
are numerous beautifully decorated camels and colourful camel carts offering rides.
A camel ride costs Rs50 per head and camel cart ride costs Rs30 per head. Local folk
singers and musicians also perform live on the salt marsh at this time. In the afternoon,
just a walk around this white desert will be very relaxing. Enjoy an awe-inspiring sunset
at the Rann of Kutch. The setting sun, the white salt marsh, the sand, and the water
all look spectacular at this time. After sun down, the guests will be taken back
to the festival ground where they can enjoy cultural programs.
During pre-full moon night, the organisers arrange a special trip to the white desert.
Day-2 On day-2, early in the morning, at around
6.30am guests will be taken to the white desert where they can enjoy a spectacular sunrise.
The first rays of sun, the white salt marsh, and the glittering sand all will leave a permanent
mark on one’s memory. On this day, after lunch guest will be taken
to Kalo Dungar tour. On the way first stop will be at the famous
Kalo Dungar magnetic hill. Magnetic hill road is a hilly road with optical illusion of a
gravity hill. It falls on the way to Kalo Dungar from Bhuj. At this point vehicle seems
to move against the gravity and rolls from down slope to up.
Next tourist spot on this route will be the Gandhi nu Gaon. It is a village located in
the Bhuj district of Indian state Gujarat which was redeveloped after horrific Bhuj
earthquake. Now, the dwellers of this village make several handicraft product and sells
them. A trip to this village will be quite refreshing for a person. Here the visitors
can see the local people creating wonders with their hands. From here one can purchase
some of the most colourful hand-made clothes. Moving further, guests will reach the kalo
Dungar, which is the highest point of Kutch. At Kalo Dungar hill, first the guests will
be taken to the Duttatreya Temple. It is a 400 years old religious shrine where a group
of jackle was fed everyday as a part of rituals. From the top of Kalo Dungar, Sunset can be
enjoyed. This place is famous for the spectacular views of the surrounding region. In the evening the festival fairground can
be enjoyed. Day-3
On day-3 morning, after breakfast, guests will be taken to a local sightseeing tour
in Bhuj. First they will be taken to the Vande Mataram
Memorial. It is a museum in Bhuj that showcases India’s freedom struggle from the British
Rulers. Next they will visit the Aina Mahal. Aina
Mahal is a 18th Century palace located in Bhuj. The palace was built by Rao Lakhpatji,
which was once the royal residence. At present, the palace houses a museum that showcases
many paintings, artefacts, costumes, arms, furniture and items belonged to the royals.
Entry fee to this palace is Rs20 per head and camera charge is Rs50.
Next stop will be the Parag Mahal. It is another 19th century palace located next to Aina Mahal.
Entry fee to Parag Mahal is Rs50 per head. Next tourists spot on this tour will be Kutch
Museum. Entry fee here is Rs5 per person. Inside both Parag Mahal and Bhuj Museum, photography
is prohibited, so we will not be able to show you the video of the Palace inside.
The last tourist spot of this tour will be Swaminarayan Temple. It is a famous Hindu
Shrine located in Bhuj. The temple was founded by Swaminarayan. The architecture of the building
needs a special mention. After Swaminarayan Temple, guests will return
to Bhuj station. The Rann Utsav pacakage tour ends here.
But if the guests have return ticket from Ahmedabad or have time in hand then the guests
may go to Ahmedabad from Bhuj and visit the famous Gandhi Ashram or the Sabarmati Ashram.
It is the place once where Mahatma Gandhi lived.
In this Ashram complex 1st place to visit is the museum. It showcases important events
from Mahatma’s life, rare pictures of famous residents of this ashram, personal belongings
of Mahatma Gandhi, and many historical documents. Next place to visit is houses of the residents.
This is the house where Mahatma Gandhi Lived. In the afternoon, walking in the park of the
Gandhi Ashram will be very refreshing. From Gandhi Ashram guests will be taken to
the Kankaria Lake. It is the second largest lake of Gujarat built by Sultan Qutb-Ud-Din
Ahmad Shah II. A park is developed around the lake, which has many entertainment options
food stalls. Day-4
On day-4 return to Ahmedabad station or airport for departure. Booking Information
Every year, Rann Utsav starts at the beginning of November and lasts for three months. There
are mainly two accommodation facility available there. One is White Rann Resort and another
is the tent city. For online booking and other information please check the links in the
description box below. If you love this tour plan then please like
and share the video. Also, do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.
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