Putin puts nail in North Korea’s coffin with SHOCK MOVE – DAILY NEWS

Putin puts nail in North Korea’s coffin with
SHOCK MOVE RUSSIAN supremo Vladimir Putin has cut vital
supplies from entering North Korea in a stunning move that lays the foundation for Kim Jong-un’s
end. Vlad added another nail in psych leader Kim’s
coffin by signing off on a decree that will strangle Pyongyang of vital resources. Incredibly, the hardman put pen to paper when
a North Korean delegation touched down in Saint Petersburg to attend the Inter-Parliamentary
Union assembly. It effectively means Russia will cease to
offer tech to Kim’s regime that can be used to develop nuclear and ballistic missiles. All vessels linked to the secretive regime’s
nuclear programme will be turned away from all Russian ports. Curiously, the ban extends to “luxury items”
such as carpets and porcelain. Changes to the two nations’ relationship
comes after the North carried out a series of missile tests over the summer. The move will be seen as a slap in the face
in Pyongyang where Russia is still considered to be a somewhat trustworthy pal. In an unsurprising rebuttal North Korea called
the sanctions “state terrorism”. A Hermit Kingdom spokesman said: “Sanctions
against North Korea are aimed at a complete halt of our foreign trade, including the areas
which affect the survival of our people.” The move leaves the despot nation vulnerable
and may result in US President Donald Trump ordering an attack on the Hermit Kingdom. US navy warships and South Korean military
vessels are currently patrolling waters close to North Korea to prepare for a future conflict
with the crazy regime.

61 thoughts on “Putin puts nail in North Korea’s coffin with SHOCK MOVE – DAILY NEWS

  1. truth isnt trolling dumbass
    stay off the internet if you dont understand it
    nonthing will ever happen
    its all a bunch of talk & tactics to scare people on both sides

  2. grow up bev and stop being a dumbass
    there is no threat n never was
    its all a scam to put fear into you dumbasses
    and it seems to be working

  3. No….Putin does not want the US on his doorstep. To see Kim put the screws to US while Russia & China got wealthy over it was pretty funny to them both. Now the reality of 'oh, that nutty neighbor of ours' has sunk in – let's pull the plug. Just wish N.K. people knew there is a tremendous life they are missing out on.

  4. people like u are what screws this country up
    get over yourself
    stop being a sheep
    you will never have a thought of your own
    i feel bad 4 u

  5. Take that you Pot-belly pig that you are! Thanks Mr. Putin. American-Russian relations are way more important than NK relations!

  6. and there you have it ladies and gents, Vladamir Putin is a very good leader. If NATO doesn't fuck off, they're going to end up getting hit hard by this guy.

  7. If Putin is as smart as I think he is, he will do to N.Korea what he did in Venezuela, step in and sign agreements w them. He is quietly taking over that whole region. Actually 🥊 boxing in China. if Russia doesn't take over NK China will. Then SK will follow. Wait & see. We're to stupid to do this.

  8. China and Russia don't want the U.S. on soil so close to their countries…that's why China fought in the Korean war..they got involved when we got close to the yellow river..if we fought China we would all be naked with no tools because we depend in them WAAAAY too much…thanks big corporations for out sourcing jobs to make bigger profits by paying their workers less..Bastards!

  9. The people for a safe existence thank you … This was a major step to the end of this depraved heart regime … And nice timing

  10. I don't think that the U.S. should go into NK without making Damn sure our allies are behind us. I have to admit the U.S. does have a problem of sticking its nose into other people's business.

  11. Russia could put North Korea away but watch China closely that's the real enemy to look out for! China is the globalists last hope for a new world order!

  12. I don't know. Putin is a chess player, not a poker player. He is also no dumbass. If he really did make this move, he isn't thinking short term. You can say what you want, but Russians are great strategists. I completely believe that in this crisis, the moves Putin, Ping, and Abe make are the important ones. The US has a tactical advantage without a doubt. But here us the GW Conundrum. What next? NK doesn't have any huge resource pools. If you eliminate Un and his entire family, Army, and henchman you are still left with a country full of repressed, brainwashed communists that know next to nothing about the world. What do you do with that?

  13. mr Putin, thank you very much…..i know for sure you and Trump are true leaders of world peace…..i am asking you to remain president of russia again

  14. Guess Putin realized crazy is crazy and your friend today may get other ideas tomorrow. Besides, what possible good would it do Russia to have both China and the US mad at him.

  15. Russia just turned everything over to their black market! Both China and Russia don't want US friendly control of NK!

  16. so it looks as if President Trumps stance toward the little tyrant worked ! he let let the rest of the world know the U.S.A. wasn't putting up with him any more and the last two important players took notice !

  17. What feed us this bull shit while he stocks arms and peoples on his borders, and now kim you dont get carpets and vases ??? , i dont believe it, easy apeasement

  18. Sir Putin is really quite an interesting guy! I'm growing to really like him and I do pray that both our country's can have much better relations!

  19. Ever notice, the fattest person in NK is Kim? He is also the only one there that is constantly smiling. Its good to be king and control all the weapons.

  20. this piece of shit is finally doing something. good for him. putin is still a piece of shit. putin and kim. the biggest pieces of shit on this earth.

  21. The Hermit Kingdom? If it was a true hermit it would have nothing to do with the rest of the world. No he decided he wants to play with the big boys and carry a big stick. Then he goes home crying when the other ones with the bigger sticks slap him up the side of the head. I don't think so. Kim shut the hell up.

  22. Soviet Union created NK monsters starting with the grandpa of the current evil twerp who is threatening the world, while starting and enslaving people of North Korea. He needs to be taken out ASAP and North Koreans will celebrate their freedom. The evil twerp lives like god, as he gets all those luxury items for himself and his cronies. China and Russia must depose of him as they still maitain this evil!

  23. Keep on fucking with the USA and you are going to end up in ashes !!!!! Trump is not like Obama !!! Trump will put a foot in your ass !! We the American people are weighting !!! He is going to lite your ass up like the Fourth of July !!! 👍🏻👍🏻😎

  24. Make little kim cry. Take his rocket. No more playing with rockets kimmy only if you trying to go to the moon. To infinity and beyond!!!

  25. i think if the north korea sends next missle that will be the trigger to big bang ,hope for peace well that will bring lower papulation on earth

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