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Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! Stories With Toys and Dolls here! Guess what we are doing today with the nerlies? I’ll give you a clue. I am dressing up Atole as Wonder Woman…. And we are dressing up Navarie as Minnie Mouse…. Oh, I thought this was a shirt but it’s the
ears for Minnie *giggle Navarie is Minnie! I am dressing up Phosphi as Hello Kitty! Carrot Kate is Strawberry Shortcake! Susiking is a glittery fairy Fidgets is a princess. Churro: I’m starting to get impatient. When is it going to be my turn to put my costume
on? Storieswithdolls: Don’t worry, Churro. I’m going to put costumes on everybody. It’s almost your turn. Remember yesterday I dressed up the boys first and now it’s the girl’s turns to get dressed first. Bosini is Anna, Elsa’s sister in Frozen! And now, Churro, it’s the boys’ turns. Jade N: Mommy! Storieswithdolls: What is it Jade N? Jade N: I’m afraid of the costumes, I don’t
want to be dressed up as anything. I want to stay in my normal clothes. Storieswithdolls: Oh, that’s fine, Jade N.
No problem at all we’re not required to dress up in costumes. Lloyd: Then, I don’t want to dress up either. Storiewithdolls: No problem, Lloyd, you don’t
have to dress up if you don’t want to. Churro: Mommy, then can you dress me up first
for the boys? Storieswithdolls: Of course, Churro. You are going to dress up as Tigger from Winnie
the Pooh! Churro: (laughs) Then I need to bounce with
my tail. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Storieswithdolls: (laughs) Yes, Churro, but
for now just sit right there because we have to get all the babies ready. And we still need to dress up BarryWatts. BarryWatts is going to dress up as a bunny. BarryWatts: Then I will jump just like Churro. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Both (x2): Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Storieswithdolls: (laughs) Okay, babies, now that we are all ready, it’s time to go now. And the surprise I have for you is that we
are going to go to the pumpkin patch! Babies: Yay! Woohoo! Yippee! Storieswithdolls: All right, let’s go, we
don’t want to be late, it’s going to be very fun! We made it to the pumpkin patch!! Babies: Yippee, yippee! The pumpkin patch! (music) Churro: Atole! come and chase me in the haystack maze Atole: Here I come! (laughs) Churro: You’re not going to be able to find
me, Atole! You’ll see! (laughs) I’m going to hide myself in here, and nobody will be able to find me! churro! Churro! Where are you, Churro? (music) I have to find Churro! But where did he go? Churro! Churro! I’m going to find you, Churro! Churro: (laughs) In this hiding spot, Atole
will never find me! Atole: (laughs) I found you, Churro! Churro: Huh? Ah, no fair! babies! Who wants to take a ride on the hay truck? Lloyd: I want to! Jade N: Me too! (music) Susiking: Can Phosphi and I go on it too? Storieswithdolls: Sure, get over here and
I’ll put you up there. Hold on tight! (engine sounds) Lloyd: (laughs) I feel like I’m on a tractor! (engine sounds) Storieswithdolls: All right, babies. Come sit over here, because we’re going to
do something really fun! We are going to put faces on the pumpkins! We’ll be working in groups of 3. This one is for this group. This one for this other group. Here, another one. For Fidgets and Carrot Kate, this pumpkin. Here I have these stickers which we are going to use to decorate the pumpkins. Churro: Ooh, let’s do a scary one! Atole: Yes, a scary one! (music) Churro and Atole: (laughing) (music) Churro: It looks funny! Carrot Kate: Yay, it’s like a cat! Navarie: Let’s do it like a pirate! BarryWatts: Yes, yes! Like a pirate! (music) Bosini: Let’s make it like a vampire pirate! (music) Susiking: Let’s make this one a jack-o-lantern! (music) Atole: Mommy! Can we ask our friends from Stories with toys and dolls to vote for the pumpkin that they liked the most? Storieswithdolls: Oh, of course, Atole! What a good idea! I’ll put all the pumpkins that the babies
made right here in a row. So you guys can vote in the comments which one you liked the best. (music) Okay, babies, now we are going to do another thing that’s very fun. All over the pumpkin patch, I hid some surprises, and now you can go all over the patch and let me know what you found. So, on your marks, get set, go find them! Carrot Kate: Ooh, I found one! Bosini: Look, Navarie! This looks like slime! I’m going to grab it. Navarie: Yeah, look at this one, here’s
another one! I’m going to grab it too! BarryWatts: Boingy, boingy, boingy! Oh, here’s my surprise! Boingy, boingy, boingy! Boingy, boingy, boingy! Fidgets: Ooh, I found a surprise! Churro: Ooh, what is this black thing? I’m going to grab it. Atole: I don’t see a single surprise. Oh! I see one there (laughs). Yay, I found a surprise! Susiking: I see one over there by the scarecrow! Yippee! Phosphi: Ooh, for coloring! Lloyd: And there’s three! One for each of us! Storieswithdolls: Okay, now that everybody
found a surprise. Let’s see what each of you found. Bosini, Fidgets, Atole, and Navarie, come
to the front! Let’s show our friends from Stories with Toys
and Dolls what you got. Friends, they found these tubes with yucky
slime. And even worse, the slime has a spider! Eww! (laughs) Well, it’s a surprise for Halloween
so what can you expect? I better put it back in the tube. Now, let’s see how the green one looks. Eww! Friends, I’m covered in slime! And there’s a spider! (laughs) I’ll just put it back. Now let’s continue with BarryWatts, Susiking, Carrot Kate, and Churro. Let’s see what they got. Starting with Carrot Cate. (music) Eww, it’s like a skeleton hand, and it stretches. We can throw it like this, and it sticks to
things (laughs). Let’s see what Susiking got. It’s a little critter. It has eight legs like a spider, but it doesn’t
look like a spider. It works the same way, you throw it and it
sticks to things. Let’s see what BarryWatts got. A bat! (laughs) this one is really easy to
tell what it is, it’s a bat! Let’s see what Churro got. Is it a scorpion? Eww it’s all stuck together. Now, let’s see what Jade N, Lloyd, and Phosphi
got. (music) Ooh, they got these three pages with stickers
for Halloween that can be colored in! (music) And we’ll take it out of the paper. And there’s the sticker! And before we say goodbye to the pumpkin patch,
I got these pumpkin shaped candies for the babies. Boys and girls, have you been to the pumpkin
patch? let me know in the comments. (music) Churro: Oooo, there’s Lightning McQueen! You: Okay, Fidgets is all ready… *gasp*
Where’s Churro?? Oh no!!! Where’s Churro?? Babies!! We have to go look for Churro!! Churro: Yay!! I’m going to ride in Lightning McQueen and
I’m going to drive really fast!! Zoom!!! Zoom!! Zoom!!! You: Oh no!!! And there’s so many people here!! How are we going to find Churro?? Oh poor Churro, he must be so scared. Atole: There’s a whale!! And Churro is afraid of whales. Poor Churro. He must be so scared. Churro: Woohoo!!!!! Whoopie!!!! Churro: Woohoo!!!!! Whoopie!!!! Faster, faster!!! We’re going to win the race!!! (music) Hahaha!! That ride was so fun!! Lightning McQueen was going so fast!!! Vroom!!! Vroom!!!! Fidgets: What if the whale ate Churro?? Atole: Oh no! Poor Churro!!! Both: Churro!!!!! (x2) Churro: Woohoo!!! I’m riding Dumbo!!! The flying elephant!! Hahahaha!!! (music) I’m eating a Churro!! That’s my name!! Hahaha!! And this Churro is delicious!! Let’s see, what other fun things are there
over here? Atole: Maybe Churro’s in this house! You: But we can’t go inside that house Atole. I think we should look for Churro somewhere
else. Atole: Okay! Churro: Hmmm what a nice house!! It’s the White Rabbit’s house from Alice
in Wonderland!! Yay!!! Space Mountain!! Oh, ah, ah, Atole *calling out*?!??! Atole?!?! Hmmm… where is everyone? Uh oh… I think I’m lost… I know! I’m going to go ask that man for help, because
he has a Disneyland uniform, so that means that he works here and he can help me. Hi little one. Where are your parents I don’t know! I’m lost. you have to be with your parents let me take you Yes!! That’s my family!! Family: Churro!! Churro!! Churro’s back!!! You: Oh thank you! Thank you so much!! Oh Churro!!! We were so worried!!! You can’t wander off by yourself!! You need to stay with us!! Churro: Okay!!! You: Oh friends, with that fright that Churro
gave us, I didn’t even have time to show you guys the pin that they gave us. It’s a first visit pin for the babies, because
it’s their first time coming to Disneyland! And it’s super cute!! Atole: Churro!! Churro: I’m coming Atole!! Atole: Look at that submarine to go looking
for Nemo! He got lost, just like you! You were lost! Nevarie: And now that we found Churro, can
we go see the dolls? You: Yes, let’s go!! Look Nevarie! There’s Jasmine!! Nevarie: Oh yeah!! Churro: And Lilo and Stitch!! You: And Alice in Wonderland!! Atole: And Pinocchio!! You: Haha oh yeah! And Pinocchio too!! Friends, here at the exit of the ride they
have this beautiful castle that I wanted to show you. It comes with all of the Disney princesses!! Okay, well now we’re going to sit down for
a bit to take a break and eat this Mickey shaped bread that I bought for the babies. Friends, Fosfi Rox and Barry Watts are super
tired and they’re taking a nap here. But the other babies are really hungry and
thirsty so we’re going to rest for a bit. Okay, and now we’re going to go take a picture
with Mickey Mouse! And we’re here at Mickey’s house! Here we can see his mailbox which says Mickey
Mouse. So let’s go in! (music) Churro: Oooo Mickey’s car!! Like Lightning McQueen!!! Vroom!! Vroom!!! You: And here we have Mickey’s couch in
his living room haha! Okay, and now it’s time for us to meet Mickey!! (music) Nevarie: And now let’s go to Minnie’s
house!! Fidgets: I want a house like Minnie! You: Oooo Navarie, Atole, and Fidgets are
drinking tea here in Minnie’s house. Churro: Now I want a picture with Darth Vader!! From Star Wars!! You: Okay, let’s go! Churro! Darth Vader’s here! Let’s go! Churro: Oh, uhhh no! I think I better stay out here with Barry
Watts. Barry is scared. Barry: I’m not scared! Churro: No! Barry!! You are scared!!! Atole: Nooo!! Churro! You’re scared of Darth Vader!! Churro: No!! No!! I,m n’t!!! Barry is the one who’s scared!! You: It’s okay Churro, it’s fine. Only Barry and Atole will take a picture with
Darth Vader. (music) Nevarie: Now with the Princesses!! I want a picture with Cinderella! Atole: And I want a picture with Belle! You: Jasmine! Ariel! Atole: But where was Belle? I wanted a picture with Belle! You: Look! But there’s Gaston! Atole: Oh yes! Gaston haha! Awww he’s leaving. I wanted a picture with Belle *cries* You: Oh Atole, don’t be sad! I have an idea! How about we go eat at Belle’s restaurant? Look! Here it is! Atole: And that’s the Beast’s rose! You: Yes! And look! Here’s Belle’s town, and a picture of
Gaston. And a stained glass picture of the prince. And the pizza is here!! Yay!!! We’re going to eat pizza! Atole: And the dessert is like the gray stuff
that Belle eats in the movie! You: Oh yes Atole! You’re right!! It looks just like it! And we’re also going to eat this other dessert
that’s shaped like a rose. Well friends, after that delicious food, we’re
going to go ride some other attractions. Churro: Let’s catch up to that red car that’s
there!!! We’re getting closer!!! (music) Tonito: I want to ride in that caterpillar! (music) Susiking: A cupcake!! You: Oh yes haha, the ants(caterpillar?) ate
it! Friends, Carrot Kait and Lloyd want to ride
that rollercoaster over there, but the truth is that it’s really scary. So we’re going to go on this toy story ride
instead, and we have to put on these 3D glasses. Churro: But I already have glasses! You: Haha yes I know Churro, but these are
special glasses, these are for us to play on this game. Friends, the babies went on a lot of rides,
like Monsters Inc, the Little Mermaid, and (music) they even went on the Haunted Mansion. (music) And Fidgets wanted a balloon, but we decided
to go shopping instead and here we have everything we bought! And I thought it would be fun to show you
guys, so let’s get started! Friends! my family is moving to a new house
so I’m going to have to do the unboxing here in the backyard!! but it’s a beautiful
day, anyway, so let’s start!! we’re going to open this Rapunzel playset
first. and also let’s see what’s in this little
bag over here it’s a Lumiere keychain!!! Boys and girls, as I’ve told you before,
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie, and this keychain is just too cute, I just
had to buy it!! okaaaay… so let’s open Rapunzel’s tower
playset now!!! oooh! I’m so going to keep this nice background
for future videos!! the playset comes with four characters from
the Tangled movie it comes with Rapunzel and Flynn or Eugene Flynn’s enemy, Maximus (giggle) well…towards
the end of the movie I think they start to like each other (giggle). and it comes with Mother Gothel, the evil
witch that kidnapped rapunzel let’s open the tower now I think it opens from here, yep!! oohhh accessories!!! it’s the chair that Rapunzel tied Flynn
to an easel for Rapunzel to paint on and this heart that looks like it belongs
somewhere, hmmm or maybe it’s a key! there’s this guitar…. Rapunzel’s pan… her paints… *giggle* a super tiny Pascal *giggle* and this looks like the tiara that Flynn stole and now let’s take a look at the tower,
we can see Rapunzel’s paintings, and this here I think it’s Rapunzel’s bed In the next room we have a balcony, and this
closet in here covered with a curtain I think it’s a place for Rapunzel to store
all her painting stuff, but if I’m wrong, you guys can tell me what it is in the comments!! ooh!! it has stairs to go up to the balcony (flynn) wait for me Rapunzel, I want to enjoy
the view too!! hmm this part up here spins and back down here, this room looks like it’s
a kitchen (mother gothel) Rapunzel!!! Rapunzel!!! I came to have lunch with you!! Where are you, child?!! boys and girls, it looks like Rapunzel has
been painting in the kitchen as well so this is how the top part of the tower looks
like and there’s something down here, because
I see a door and it looks like it opens it does!!! *giggle* there’s hardly any space in here,
but it looks fun to play in (mother gothel) Rapunzel!! you disobeyed me!!
you went to town!! now, I’m going to have to lock you up (rapunzel) no Mother Gothel, please don’t!!! Mother Gothel!! No!!! (mother gothel) rapunzel, dear, this is for
your own good, I’m just trying to protect you (flynn) hmmmm, so Evil Gothel locked up Rapunzel,
don’t worry Rapunzel, I’ll get you out!! (rapunzel) thanks Eugene!! I thought I was going to be locked up forever!! and when we’re done playing, this is also
a good place to store the accessories and figurines. ooh everything fits except the horse, but
we can store Maximus up here and sure enough, this heart is a key, and
we can use it to open and close this door up here and very quickly here I’m going to turn
the tower so we can see all of it (music) and before we open the next toy, I want to
try the tiara on Rapunzel to see if it fits it falls giggle well, if you d it very carefully it stays….foooooor
a little bit *giggle* and now let’s see what’s in this other
bag…. ooh!! dolls!!! the first one out is Aurora, from Sleeping
Beauty, here’s her name in other languages and let me show you guys the back of the box
because it’s really pretty now let’s take the doll out it has this stuffing here to make the dress
look prettier but let’s take it out friends! look at her gorgeous gold shoes!! she’s so pretty!!! look at her dress!! all
glittery and shiny!!! and her hair is so long and beautiful it also comes with this brush by the way friends, I know a lot of you like Ariel, so
I got this doll she’s Ariel on her wedding day!!! and let’s open….oh! I almost forgot to show you the picture on
the back!! it’s so pretty, I just have to show you this is my favorite dress of Ariel here’s Eric’s castle and here’s the Sleeping Beauty castle at
Disneyland!! okay, let’s open it now I’m keeping this pretty background for future
videos and just like the Aurora doll, this one also
comes with a fancy hairbrush and here comes the bride…… she’s so pretty!!! her high heel shoes her dress all glittery!!! and her veil too!! Ariel looks beautiful on her wedding day and now let’s take a look at this Cinderella
doll. and before I forget, let’s take a look at the back of the box ooh the carriage friends, my favorite thing about these dolls
is that their dresses are covered in glitter and even though her hair comes up in a bun,
and personally, I’m going to keep her hair like that, but the doll comes with a hair
brush as well something I noticed about these dolls is that
they don’t come with a stand, which I personally don’t mind since I’m going to be playing
with them the reason why I bought this Disney princess
dolls is because I’m planning a second season for Princess Drama!!!! Friends!! Like this video if you remember Princess Drama!!! If not! I’ll leave the link up here so you can go
check it out! and let’s take a look at the box, here’s
the front, and here’s the back Jasmine’s dress is so beautiful, it’s
actually one of my favorite Disney princess dresses and here’s her brush something I like about these hairbrushes is
that they match the doll her dress is also covered in glitter, and
it has some jewels on it (music) wow, super elegant!! and here are her shoes and she has super long hair and we have another doll, guess who it is??? It’s Belle!!! wow!! so pretty!! boys and girls, I’ve told you before, belle
is my favorite Disney princess!! the background for my other videos let’s take out this stuffing wow!! she’s so beautiful!!! look at her
dress friends!! super detailed!! beautiful hair let’s look at her dress again, it’s so
pretty!!! (music) and her shoes are the same as Auroras, gold
shoes and here’s her matching hairbruush let’s see what else do we have in the bag baby Pluto!!!! hahhaa I know it’s kind of random, but friends
isnt he just adorable!!! let me put his blanket on he’s so cuddly and cute!!!

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