hey guys I just went to it hard trail
you want to know what I learned well stick around alright here’s what I learned welcome
back in the edition it as the wheel turns I will be your host on on this
edition of The Wheel of Life all right here’s what I learned guys this is so
sad you all know I my old dude but what’s sad is parked my bike and I
headed up a trailhead but in the first five minutes I knew I was in trouble but
I’ve continued on for another hundred yards or so to the top of the ridge and
at that point I decided that was enough survival training for the day because
I’m an old man and my tool is no longer sharp yeah I’ve always tell people how
you know your body is your tool and it’s it’s a it’s your weapon and it’s it’s
meant to last you a lifetime or till you die apparently I’m ready to die because
if I had to walk to save my soul I wouldn’t do a very good job of it no
wouldn’t last very long I just I’d just be dead you know we go ahead you can
omit it you can admit it to me a lot of us we foster we watch zombie movies and
the populistic movies and cataclysmic movies and in all of these movies that
we watch it it shows a version of the end of the world the end of the world as
we know it and in a little part of us we we rally for that we’re like yeah it’s
the end of the world you know all the rules are God and you can do what you
got to do to make your way you know and and I know you are that way too
I think everybody is or most people I should say it’s not the best thing in
the world trust me if we broke down into social chaos tomorrow I can tell you
what would happen or you know what would happen it would be just like the movies
but much worse and then you would have you don’t know
what what will rise out of it what kind of government will rise its rise its
ugly head it could be much worse trust me it could be so much worse especially
from a beginning standpoint because birth pangs are are terrible that in
those kind of movies everybody’s walking there are always walking somewhere right
they don’t I don’t know why they don’t settle down for one reason or another
and start a family and you know get 14 wives and make some babies and so
they’ll have sons to work the land they never do that they keep walking I
wouldn’t be able to walk guys I might be a Waystation on the walk of life where
where you could you know stop and get a drink of water and I tried not to kill
you implant you under the corn for fertilizer value hell they let the land
should be so fertile anyway that it wouldn’t matter well truck you really
don’t want to be here you really shouldn’t be here but you’ll be all
right you’ll make it but I know that I’m not gonna be that
warm walking and walk in and look at the car guys look at the car I’m not gonna
be the one walking up dumb hills and mountains and streams I’ll be over there
fishing somewhere that’s what I’ll be doing if the zombies come we are in
full-blown trouble what does this DJ is Quickstop bait the bait shop okay that’s
cool and they got firewood no they got four or four wood ain’t that funny and I
guess that kind of scenario it wouldn’t matter how many guns you have the
bullets would run out eventually the hell and all of those scenarios they
hardly ever had any guns but they got baseball bats for spikes in them what do
they call it bait the baseball bat I don’t know what they call that bat on
the walking dead can you believe I’ve never actually seen a Walking Dead movie
and I love zombie movies you know it’s a very unrealistic thing I like zombie
movies and stuff like that and I like those contagion movies
because I think that that a bug of some kind could really end things really it
could and I’m sure they’re off bioengineering badass bugs at Berkeley
or somewhere right now matter of fact did y’all see where where the Berkeley
but I think it was the Berkeley area there by eighty and out by San Francisco
was at the like the Calexico bridge area it was on fire the other day I somebody
at Berkeley probably started it with a drug lab or a or some kind of lab they
probably released all kinds of things in the air that will only find out about on
the movies like on Planet of the Apes you know Planet of the Apes was such a
real movie in a way because that’s how easy something can get out of one of
them lamps just boom and it’s all over with its Kiki like on the contagion movie where they
are all coughing and and they show how fast this virus can spread across the
United States in the world you think about things think well you should think
about things as like the population of rats right mice have babies I think
every 10 days and cats ever every 15 minutes or something like that but
anyway you can end up really with the a fast spread and yeah something in the in
the airport oh well what are you doing go take me somewhere just take me
somewhere oh look my thing is giving me a hard time it has decided that it’s
lost you see how quickly things can go south your location oh damn it start okay my phone does not know where it
where I’m at I know where I’m at and I don’t know where I’m going well you see
that if you can see up ahead of me right there there is a Southwest plane making
a loop I’m going to where it just took off from back to the airport it
shouldn’t be too hard to find the airport I don’t know what keeps them big
planes up there but they stay I’m in I do know what keeps them up there but I
find it odd all right sorry about that there guy
ain’t that a cute little house I like little houses little houses
little spaces I don’t like big big big places I find that they become cluttered
it’s what does that have to do with the end of the world it might have to do it
the end of the world that I can actually live in a tent or a sandbag house or or
anything yeah a culvert he’ll have to live in a cold for too long already no
water coming through it what’s that person I don’t know let’s see if this I
think this is the way I came but if it was the end of the world trust me guys I
got all the guns and everything we could ever need to hole up and outweigh the
you know the death of most of the world would happen very quickly
now of course I’m out here and if something bad happened I would I wasn’t
staying out here there’s no way I could you know make it anywhere so uh well all
that stuff that I have at home or for my prepping into the world scenario it
wouldn’t do me any good I’m sure it would do somebody else a bunch of good
all right how it’s that person but it wouldn’t do me no good all of
them five-gallon buckets of beans and rice and so towers and stuff like corn I
mean you know just regular staples that you need to sustain life for long turn
hell I’ve got I’ve got tons of baking can if you ever heard of anybody cannon
bacon well hell yeah you can can me and you should put matter of fact you should
say books books would be what you should actually save and you should seal them
up into some kind of container with it where bugs can’t get to them and I can’t
get wet because how to books would be the best if you if at the end of the
world happened tomorrow and you had that all of the how-to books on basic
functioning you know how to make an electric generator you know with a with
wind or solar or hydro hydro electricity you would be the bomb if you had a book
that told you how to make penicillin you would be the bomb right
or diabetic medicine or anything like that yeah you would just be insulin yeah
if you could produce insulin so you’d know you’d have to have yet to be able
to cool things and centrifuge things but you if you long as you know the process
you can make things like that happen and the end of the world would still happen
and before it was all solved and done you’d be dead from old age if and you
know you might not last that long anyway the truth of the matter I don’t know
your physical capabilities or or what you know about how to survive on your
own and in the world I think it can can you go out and dig roots do you know
what roots are safe to eat do you you know that kind of stuff right
I mean this is my kind of area right I mean I you could stick me over there in
the woods as long as I didn’t have to walk 20 miles every day and I could 100%
live off of the land yeah I would be a skinny bone if I didn’t find a fat
source or a calorie source eventually but I mean you got things like
persimmons and plum trees and stuff like that you’ve got to fight the animals for
but those are natural sugars you know and and if you can even you can actually
do a lot with that kind of stuff you can actually preserve it through the winter
with drying techniques or cooking it down into sugar actually
and I guess at the end of the world scenario there it would be liquor liquor
would be easily attainable after the first few weeks or month or whatever and
and canned goods yeah that mean there’d be tons of canned goods it would last
for for the rest of your life actually you wanted to so go out and get them
they ain’t going bad even though everybody thinks they’re going bad let’s
see their part okay that’s not yet this is it right here now this may be taking
me to the wrong place at the airport or it might be taking me to the right place
at the airport I’m not sure yet cuz you know every Airport has multiple multiple
locations right we it’s get down on it and I certainly really didn’t want to
get on this road I’m getting on but I did
or maybe I had to get on it earlier but I was on the business section oh it’s
still the business section okay that’s cool if you’ve ever read any books about the
end of the world stuff some of them are very very accurate he probably didn’t
know this but do you guys remember the movie called the postman with Kevin
Costner and Tom Petty was in it also right okay
that was a really it was a good book actually it’s accurate that the whole
book was taken from a book called the hammer now the hammer was written in
1962 I think or something like that I mean it’s a long time ago and then and
and then they made that movie in the 80s that was actually from the book called
the hammer and the hammer was a movie about a comet that destroys the earth
and then fashionistas destroy destroys civilization and there’s another really
popular movie that came out a few years later that is based off of the book also
and I don’t remember which movie that was but it was a good movie also even
though you’re doing a lot of times you don’t realize that they they make
several movies that a book sometimes but anyway there was some wonderful tips
in that book if you ever need a reference of survival as far as things
that you should pre have and things that you should think about you know like
iodine tablets and salt you know salts a big thing oh look I’m
on the wrong side of the airport parking cell phone line oh hell I have no idea
how to get to where I need to go well I better let you guys go while I figure
out where I’m at all right I’ll talk to you guys the lid youth commercial curbs
commercial curbs I’ll talk to you guys in a little bit


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