Positive Mindset is a continuous journey! My Channel Trailer! #NoPlayingSmall

what’s good Famm-bamm girl miss
positive freckles and welcome to my channel so listen 2019 was a year of
self-discovery and new beginnings for your girl I took my first international
trip to Bali with a small layup in Qatar yes girl this is the last year of my
twenties yes thirty it’s coming I recently just graduated with my MBA from
University of Houston downtown hashtag get a grip turning up and I’m sitting in
front of this camera starting a YouTube channel 2019 really focused me in on who
I am who I wanted to be and what did I want to do in this on this earth 2019
really turned my life upside down but for the better
I learned Who I am what I wanted to do and what my purpose is on this earth and
that’s what this channel is about I learned those things through positivity
self awareness and self realization I believe they’ll positive mindset
it just isn’t just inspiring words or pretty words it’s really looking at
yourself in as a whole and saying what are my strengths what are my weaknesses
what can I change what do I don’t want to change what will always be me and
being content and being happy and working towards being whoever whatever
you want to be in your life understanding who you genuinely are is
the key to living a living and creating your best authentic world best authentic
self this authentic reality so if you are on the same journey as I am if
you’re just starting the journey or you just want to hear about my continuous
journey subscribe to my channel and join the positive bam bam
I absolutely love you and I’m excited to start this journey with you by

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