Plan ahead if you’re travelling this Easter bank holiday 2017

(slow drum beat) (lively music) – Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m a Mobile Operations
Manager from Euston. I grew up in a bit of a small town in the middle of Cambridgeshire, and I actually went on to
study history at university, both at Coventry and in Sweden, and now here I am, in London,
working for Network Rail. A Mobile Operations Manager is essentially it’s incidence response. That is first and foremost
what we are there for. It’s in the heart of the railway. You get to meet so many
different types of people. You get to see all the different projects that are going on in the area, and I think it’s just
been a great opportunity for me to learn. It’s a very exciting year for me. I am actually getting married. My fiancé proposed to me over Christmas, very cute, Christmas morning. We’ve had quite a sort
of a long story, I guess. We actually met while we were at school. We’ve been together for
just over eight years now. And in that time, you know, we were in each others’ pockets in this small town for
the first few years. Then he was in Exeter, I was in Coventry. Spent a year abroad so we spent a whole year completely apart, so finally actually being
able to come together and live together, so for the last couple of years it’s been really lovely. This Easter I’m working out of Euston. We’ve got quite a few
works going on in my area, but it’s not just that, there’s over 220 projects
all over the country as part of the railway upgrade plan. The railway’s 50% quieter over Easter. So, there’s just things
we can do in this time that you physically
can’t do over a weekend, you can’t just do it during the week. Ahead of the Easter works, passengers should check
before they travel, so go to to check what’s going on in your area. (lively music)

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