#PERRE (PIRIN) ANTIQUE CITY: Journey To The Land Of The Dead

pero antic city one of the five major
cities of the kingdom of imerina known as peeling or apparent in Mesopotamia
was built on a road route of importance connecting melodia which was called
militina at that time to some esata the capital of the kingdom apart from the
route that was found at home it had another feature that made power or
appearing as a city important first of all we understand that this ancient city
is an important center of fate because collec coach secretary police india in
the sense of the holy city after Greece in three to five B participated in the
people Council in ethnic as a city of Mercy das under episodes illness so much
so that after Christ in four three three the latter of unrest of Samos Alta –
Alexandra mentioning some bishops in parishes that the cities also a very
important center of fate it is also said that the name of Pierre Impaler antique
city was taken from the bridge built on the river passing by these ancient
burial chambers and their surrounding settlements were important settlements
during the kingdom of come again unfortunately there is not much left of
the city remains today perhaps the most notable work of city life is the
historical fountain apart from that there are times that
symbolize more to life as if the mortal world
however Roman sources boast of the beauty of its water as well as the
greatness of its wagons on the other hand the fact that the
place where the ancient city was built was burned to see them which was a
remarkable choice in terms of religion and politics it is say that the
establishment of the city dates back to the Hellenistic period in addition some
of the city walls which were among the biggest cities of the region during the
Roman period and later regarded as a presenting settlement managed to stand
upright as if defying the eggs the large trees in the ancient city are around 200
rack Tom’s called necropolis this rug cut comps are amazingly fascinated elder
the settlement areas around the necropolis are the remains of the city
the Tom’s charged into these drugs have remained the best since ancient times
the rule tops carved into the cliffs are very impressive when you touch the
stones hundreds of invisible souls surrounding one during the ceremonies in
a network Hall is like this there are always burial ceremonies when you enter
the gate of the Tom inevitably you cannot help thinking
about what ceremony was held these are not simple graves for example the type
of bit open soil or concrete types are not strong perhaps the result of the
great efforts of the stone masters of artifacts although what words may be
soft in some places this rock hardness also changed in different grave areas there is only wanted ads lies at the
heart of this type of grave it showed similar tea in different tribes and
communities and according to their own beliefs shots a strong belief in life
after death it is of course not comparable to an Egypt environment but
you can be sure that they are built with the same idea they will not get enough
of life that they left these magnificent dreams as if they wanted to continue the
rain in the world for their later lives it is possible not only for those who
have died but also for those who respect or embrace them in a sense to continue
to climb what they have lost to keep its memory alive and perhaps to make it a
place of worship in fact it should not be too strange in fact it should not be
too strange in a sense this is equivalent to maintaining spiritual love
in life maybe it’s a consolation maybe the wali of the silence where you know
you can call out but never Gant asks in short the places where the fame breaks
to the only and the life who knows what happens in these
ceremonies what lament was burned who found what rituals now there is no
residue of a silk scarf no salt of tears nothing else there are piles of stones
that resist I’m indifference as a result a huge ancient settlement under a huge
mountain that stands out of at first sight mounted a big city under your feet
experiences memories the rectums houses and structures are located in an ancient
placement of candidates to enter the world’s new white which will be earned
by the world if you don’t go to a demon you shouldn’t go without stopping Its history dates back to 4000 BC. For a while, the Hittites and Mittani were the scene of strife. B.C. between 900 and 700, the region was under the Assyrian influence. The Persians ruled the region from the beginning of the 500th century and were ruled by the Satraps (governors). B.C. When Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia, entered Anatolia in 334, the region was ruled by the Salafkus of Macedonian origin. With the weakening of the Salafkus family BC. In 69, King Mithradetes Kallinikos I declared the independence of the Commagene Kingdom. The capital Samosota (Samsat), the Kingdom of Commagene, was dominated by M.S. 72 until the date of the Roman Empire and Adıyaman was connected to the Syrian province of the Roman Empire as the 6th Legion. With the division of the Roman Empire into Western and Eastern Rome in 395, Adıyaman was connected to the Eastern Roman Empire. Muslim raids in the region in 643, but the dominance of Muslims in 670 only with the help of the Umayyads. In 758 II. One of the Abbasid commanders came under the rule of Mansur ibn Cavene. The city, which remained under Abbasid rule until 926, came under the rule of Hamdani from this date. In 958, the region came under the sovereignty of the Byzantine State. Between 1114 and 1181, the region was subjected to Turkish raids. Samsat and its region were captured by the Anatolian Seljuks. During the Middle Ages where there was great instability, Adıyaman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasid, Anatolian Seljuks, Dulkadiroğulları changed hands. Later, during the Persian Expedition of Sultan Selim I, he joined the Ottoman Empire in 1516.

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