NASA’s Journey Above Vesta [720p]

We’re seeing a shape model of Vesta created by the German Aerospace Center using images from Dawn’s framing camera. Vesta is a large object in the main belt with a diameter of 575 kilometers and a shape which bulges at the equator. When we look at the south pole of Vesta, we see a large circular depression, which scientists believe…

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Walk, Ride, Fly with Red Velvet EP.3 We’re Flying Over Zermatt🎶🧚

Why isn’t it taking off? What are we going to do now? Are we going to eat? We’re going to relocate, but we’re going to take a unique means of transportation. We’ll go up, eat lunch, and then the grand… – Take a unique form of transportation and eat lunch… – Yes. They’re not telling us that either. What is…

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Ride on the best places to visit in Oxford

my favorite place is the Botanical Gardens which is just over Magdalen Bridge and it’s like an ancient place it’s been there for years and it’s probably one of the quietest place but it’s just beautiful place to wander around and there’s a fountain I was going to say playing because I think of it is like you know music…

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Perfect folding wheelchairs for travelling! Blumil wheelchair transported at the back of the car.

An easy way to transport the Blumil on your car! Install EUFAB rear scooter carrier at the back of your car Pull the Blumil up to the carrier and attach it. Secure with special belts. Lift it up to the transportation position. Make sure you make it visible with high visibility tapes. And off you go!


Previously : Estelle has drawn Marc in her sleep. For 3 episods now, she’s been hiding from Genie that she’s having hallucinations about him. Genie approves the spiritual evolution of her friend but still keeps her relationship with mark secret. Marc is hiding from Genie the fact that he followed her in Scotland. We don’t keep any secrets from each…

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Gold Is on the Move

Hello, my name is Coy Wells and today we’re gonna be talking with Mr. Patrick Brunson, and we’re gonna be talking about the gold market. Recently the gold market has been moving in the upward direction, and we’re now on the verge of breaking $1,300 an ounce, and we’re going to talk about what we believe the gold market is…

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