Our Journey to Help Change 1 Million Lives – Millionaire Hoy

Yo! What’s up? I’m Millionaire Hoy. I’m an online fitness trainer, and if you’re
used to seeing my face it’s probably covered in sweat and we’re usually hopping around
the room doing crazy exercises. Now a lot of you all may not know, that springy,
hoppy, bouncy workout moves that we do actually started from me being in a hospital bed. Back in 2010, I was a graphic designer, freelance
writer, and also worked full-time in retail, so being overworked, having poor nutrition,
and getting very little sleep led me to have what felt like a stroke, but actually ended
up being ocular migraines, so due to that I was in the hospital for 3 and 1/2 days and
with that time of reflection, I decided that I wanted to start leading a healthier life. So I started my fitness journey right after
that – starting off by trying to do push-ups daily, then going from working out on an elliptical
for 10 minutes, to 30 minutes per day, and eventually finding my way to fitness DVDs
– and with my newfound love for fitness I decided that I wanted to bless other people
with that same feeling, so I became a personal trainer. Yo! So this is where everything started off at. We’re right here on the South Side of Chicago,
where I shot my very first workout video. We actually started doing our workouts as
sort of a happy accident. I was talking to some of the parents, actually
right across the street at Reavis Elementary School and a lot of them were looking for
solutions to get in shape, but they didn’t have time, they didn’t have money, and they
didn’t have babysitters – so we actually started doing free boot camps here, which we did for
2 years at another local park. Due to crazy weather, there were days when
we simply couldn’t shoot outdoors, so I actually started putting together workout videos so
that my boot campers could watch the workouts at home, when they couldn’t get to the workout,
so I immediately fell in love with doing workout videos – and from there, I said “You know
what? I can reach even more people doing workout
videos online” – and that’s what eventually led us to doing over 800 workouts here on
YouTube. I didn’t feel that money should be a barrier
for people getting in shape – and that’s nothing against people who do charge, but I just felt
personally my mission would be to help those who need help the most and so I dedicated
myself to doing that, but in order to do that I had to drop all of my clients at the time
and I had to cut-off our income completely. So in order to sustain ourselves, I ended
up getting a job in retail, which I grinded really really hard for an entire year – fighting
to produce one workout video per week under a really crazy schedule. At the time I wasn’t getting any views, I
didn’t have that much of a following, but every view that I got, every single minute
I knew was going towards making somebody’s life feel better and helping to push our mission
forward, so that kept me fueled and that kept me going, and I knew that if I continued with
this, then I’d eventually hit my goal of helping 1 million people get in the best shape of
their lives. So one day a fellow YouTuber, Marcus Jennings,
had a local boot camp here in Chicago that I invited my wife and my kids out to – I was
scheduled to work that day, but after having that beautiful experience and getting to spend
time with my family while doing what I loved to do, I sort of have a change of heart. So when it was time for me to go to work and
to send my family home on one bus, and for me to go in the opposite direction and go
to work, I just decided to call my boss and tell him that I’m never going to come to work
again. I had a little bit of money saved up – not
a whole lot, because I hadn’t anticipated quitting my job that day, but based off of
the money that I had saved, my ability to hustle, I could float myself to income tax
and with that money, I knew that I could commit myself to doing videos on YouTube for at least
a year bang or bus – and that’s exactly what I did, so I quit my job, I went home and spent
the rest of the day with my family, I woke up the next morning and I started writing
and filming the 30 Day Total Body Burnout, which ended up becoming the 60 Day, and then
the 90 Day Total Body Burnout. So I went from doing 1 video per week to doing
90 days straight of videos – and we just kept going from there. Aye, yo! This right here is the launching pad. When I decided to quit my job and to do YouTube
full-time. I convinced my wife to let me turn our front
room into a fitness studio, so that we’d have a stable place to shoot workout videos. Now prior to me quitting my job, we used to
film outdoors – and that’s mostly because our apartment had a huge bug problem. In fact, if you watch some of my older videos
and you might see little glitches or moving spots. I used to manually edit out the roaches frame
by frame, just to make sure that none appeared in the workout videos. You gotta understand that we shot all of these
videos in a very small, 3 bedroom apartment, while living in the projects on the South
Side of Chicago – a place that’s notorious for violence, and for gun violence in particular. I’ve literally had to dodge bullets while
recording videos… “You have everything on-screen, to push yourself
to the next level” [2 gunshots] “GET DOWN!!!” [5 gunshots] There have been so many stray bullets flying
in this neighborhood that there’s even a bullet hole in our street sign… but regardless
of all of the hardship that we’ve faced, we stuck to our mission, and used this “launching
pad” as a place to launch our family and our movement to a better place. Deciding to make that leap of faith and quit
my job was one of the toughest decisions that I’ve had to make, fortunately for me, I’ve
always had the support of my wife, my children have always been very supportive, and I know
that with that support and desire to push our mission forward, that it would be nothing
that could get in our way – and now we have over 13 full 30 day series that people can
do… and over 800 videos. So due to creating all of these 30 day challenges,
we actually started building a following of crazy people, who weren’t afraid to sweat,
kick some butt, and work out consistently for 30 days. Now I didn’t have the biggest following, but
I knew that I had enough to give back. So we started reaching out to up and coming
fitness channels – and started trying to bring the YouTube fitness community together. So we created this 2 hour-long comprehensive
video on how to start a YouTube fitness channel, we created Facebook groups for YouTube fitness
creators, so that we can share tips with each other, and we created the first ever YouTube
fitness collab channel called SweatStream. So things were looking up and up, we were
building a following, a lot of people were getting down with the movement, a lot of people
were earning their Fist Bumps and we actually ended up having the honor of winning YouTube
NextUp 2016, which was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my professional life. YouTube flew us out to YouTube Space LA for
5 days and taught us pretty much everything you’d hope to learn about building a YouTube
channel and bringing our mission to the world. I got to meet with other awesome creators,
got to meet some of the creators that I’ve been a hug fan of for many many years, and
I felt that YouTube was finally acknowledging all of the hard work and effort that we’ve
put in. I felt like we were really getting to the
top of the top, but things kept getting better, because soon after coming back from YouTube
NextUp, we actually hit 100,000 subscribers here on YouTube – which for me was a goal
that I’ve literally had dreams about time and time again. Now after all of the sacrifices that we’ve
made – to be able to make it to YouTube NextUp and now have a following that’s over 100,000
people who are doing our workouts consistently, my wife and I… my entire family… we felt
like we were on top of the world – like there’s nothing that could stop us.. and we were just
going to go further and further, but unfortunately, we didn’t know that our biggest low was right
around the corner – and that’s when my wife and I received a letter letting us know that
within 6 months, we’d either have to find a new place to stay or we’d be facing eviction. Now, when we first moved into this small 3
bedroom apartment, we were a family of 6, but that family of 6 became a family of 7
– and when our youngest daughter was to turn 2 years old in just 6 months, we’d be in violation
of our lease and we’d have to find a new place to live, or we’d be evicted when she turned
2 years old. After all that we’ve been through, the only
thing that could ever make me think about quitting our mission is if it came down between
choosing my passion over my family – and that was a dilemma that was playing out right before
our eyes, in real-time. Over the years we’ve been able to help lots
of people crush their goals and hit their milestones, but to be perfectly honest, YouTube
never paid much money – which isn’t too bad, because it’s never been about money for us,
it’s always been about our mission. We knew that every second of content that
we were providing to you all was helping you all push your goals and was valuable to you
all, so we decided to reach out to our audience and ask for support in helping to continue
our mission. Now due to their being lots of scams and stuff
on YouTube that’s going on in YouTube, a lot of people just put me in that box – and put
us in that box, of people who were trying to scam to get some money, but fortunately,
when I was feeling down and out – and at my lowest place possible, there were so many
of you all who reached back with positive comments, who helped us push through, who
supported us financially, and are the reason why we are still here today to continue our
mission. So thank you all to those who donated, thank
you all who are part of our Fist Bump Family – just knowing that you all were here and
supporting us was really something that helped us push through that period. So I sincerely thank you all for all of your
support. Because of your support, we’re now in the
process of moving out of here. If you’ve been following me for a long time,
you know that I’ve always had 3 main goals – 1. to live happy and healthy with my family,
and to be a great example 2. to help over 1 million people get in the best shape of
their lives and 3. to finally be able to move my family out of this bad situation and into
a new house. Because of you all, we’re now in the process
of doing step #3, so we’re going to leave everything here behind and we’re going to
start on a new journey and we welcome each and every one of you all to follow us on that
journey. I just want to let anyone who’s watching this
right now know that regardless of your situation, regardless of what you have, whether it’s
a fitness goal or a life goal, or whatever have you… work with what you have, build
from that, become stronger, and continue to push through – regardless of your goals, keep
on pushing and never give up. So thank you all so much from me, my family,
from the bottom of my heart. Let’s continue to push on this mission and
until the next time we come back and kick some butt, it’s your boy Mill Hoy, take care
and peace out.

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