Ooty Train Journey Vlog | UNESCO Heritage Site | Nilgiri Mountain Train Trip Vlog

Welcome to Pettey Guys youtube channel Don’t forget to subscribe this channel We’re going to see the Ooty toy train trip in this video This train will be departure from mettupalayam railway station at 7.10 am The Nilgiri express coming from chennai will be reach this station at 6.15 am So, both trains are link trains If you come by cape or any other vehicle to mettupalayam you may go Coonoor or Ooty by this train You will pick the cape there Because, The Nilgiri mountain railway is special to go Ooty First railway station is Kallar in plains The rack starts only from this station Every railway station has water resources The steam engine fill the water there This engine is being back of train It is pushing the train from the back until Coonoor station This train depature 7.10 am at mettupalayam railway station after passes 46 kilometres in nearly 5 hours the train will reach Ooty The train tickets are available in the official India railway website that is www.irctc.co.in Actually, we booked the tickets in the tatkal scheme for this trip in the website Few manual unreserved tickets are available in Mettupalayam ticket counter But it is very tuff to get it So better you should book this ticket in online. It is very easy. This is abt rack system between two tracks It is very special to this mountain railway The Nilgiri mountain railway is only rack railway in India If you think about long travel time to reach Ooty You can until Coonoor by this train. It will take 3 hours and 20 minutes only This is Hillgrove railway station The third railway station towards Ooty from Mettupalayam This railway station has nice viewpoint The steam engine has filled the water here The train has to cross 16 tonnels, 250 bridges to reach Ooty You can get wonderful experience in this journey when you pass viewpoints, tonnels and bridges. The steam engine has to fill the water in all railway stations until Coonoor So passenger can get more time to take photos and enjoy the sight seeing in every station We’re reached Coonoor railway station This is a big railway station. It has a locomotive workshop The abt rack system between two tracks end here The diesel engine will be connected here behalf of the steam engine If the ticket not available from Mettupalayam, you can book the tickets from Coonoor to Ooty easily in online From Coonoor 1 hour is travel time to reach Ooty We’re reached Ooty railway station The Ooty bus-stand is near this railway station So you can go anywhere from here In 2005 UNESCO has inscribed the Nilgiri mountain railway as a world heritage site We’re returned from Ooty to Mettupalayam is the same train The engine is being the front side of the train when it is going to Mettupalayam This is a rack and pinion wheel You can see wild animals on travelling this train We were seen elephant herd. Those were blocked the train angrily. But the train blew the horn then elephant hid into the forest We enjoyed the trip very happily It was an unmemorable trip to us We gave more information about this trip. We hope it’s may help you. Finally, we were reached Mettupalayam railway station The Nilgiri express train will departure 7.45pm from this station towards Chennai Please subscribe our channel like, share and comment this video

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