One Shot – Manila to Baguio Bike Ride Undas 2019

What’s up, fellow cyclists? Valenzuela City to Baguio City, Let’s Go! 10:15 PM. My ride-out was delayed. My original plan was to leave the house at 7:00 PM going to Baguio There was a bit of a mishap Traffic is slow around here There’s flood The road is under construction. I’m right in front of SM Marilao, can’t go fast The road is under construction There’s a big truck in front of me Can’t overtake, I don’t know this road that well, it’s rough. I’m right by the fly-over I will not take that, I’ll reserve strength. How come Balagtas(town) is much farther now? They must have moved Balagtas farther Now it has become farther This place used to be near. Oh, here it is, it’s Balagtas (Bulacan) already Here’s where I’ll meet my companion going to Baguio Timecheck 11:37 PM I’m so late I said i’ll be here 11:00 PM Ian How: What’s up? Ronnie: I’m ok. Ian How: So traffic. I’m sorry I’m late. Ronnie: It’s alright, there’s a lot of construction going on over there. Ian How: Right! Lot’s of construction work. Ian How: This is my companion going to Baguio. Sir Ronnie Dizon. Ian How: I’ll just rest for a little bit. Then well go ahead. Traffic is heavy. 11:47 PM. We’ll go ahead! My situation right now is scary There’s a big truck behind me There’s a big truck in front of me I need to get out of this situation immediately. We’re here by the Arch of Bulacan in Guiguinto We’ll go straigt ahead. Usually we do stop overs here Ronnie: Boundary of Malolos and Guiguinto We’re here at Malolos Crossing We avoided the fly-over We’re conserving energy. To our left is the way to Barasoain Church Just wanted to say. We’re here at Calumpit. We’ll stop for a bit, rain is starting to fall This is our first stop-over, here at Calumpit. We weren’t supposed to stop, but it started to pour It was drizzling but now the rain is getting stronger Getting stronger? It already is! Let’s load up a little bit. We’re stuck here for about half an hour. But it’s starting to stop so. We bumped into someone. He’s going to La Union. Don’t you have a group? Where are you from? From Ugong, Valenzuela. It was supposed to be a group ride but it became a solo ride. Ian: Where are your group mates? Eric: They backed out. Hi to those who said they’ll ride with me, but did not. We’ll go ahead. By the way, what’s your name? I forgot to ask. Erick Partible. We just left 7-eleven We met someone from Ugong, Valenzuela Erick Partible He’s going to La Union. Erick: I didn’t expect your pacing to be this fast. Ian: Later when we get tired we’ll slow down. Erick: I was surprised. It’s time to take a break. We’ve covered a bit of a distance from Calumpit. Stop over here at 7-Eleven, Angeles. I’m talking with my mouth full. You do the talking for now, Master. My mouth is full as well. O.K. 2:53 AM Wow! I already got a flat tire, I barely noticed. Need to change inner tube. Pump! Pump! Pump! Such a waste of time. Took us around 10-15 minutes. 3:50 AM Our target was to reach Concepcion at around 3:30 But I got a flat tire, our time was wasted Time to grab something to eat. Tastes like noodles. We left at 4:00 AM after we ate. Our target is to pedal until 6:00 AM for breakfast. We’re going to do 2 hours of pedaling. We’re here at Bamban bridge. Let’s slow down a bit. Are we doing a stop over? Ronie: No! This is nice! Wave!!! Oh, there’s a new sign over there. We’ll see in a bit. This is new, there’s a sign of Bamban The last time I did a Baguio Ride, this wasn’t here. Only now, so we’ll stop for a bit to have a picture. Oh! this is nice! The original route is closed here in Bamban The normal route Is straight this way But it seems the bridge is under construction So all vehicles detour here By the I love Bamban sign So that’s also the route we’re going to take It’ dark! You won’t see us. 5:08 in the morning A little bit more! The sun is almost up! SM City Tarlac We’re already done with Tarlac city It’s now sunrise It’s already 6:00 AM There’s the sun already Now we can already see the stretch of the road we’re taking. What a beautiful sunrise! We’re already near Baguio. Only 109 kilometers remaining. 109 kilometers and we’re already in Baguio. Woohoo. It’s already near. Only a few twists. This is our first stop since we ate noodles. We’re still a bit full. We’re not having breakfast yet. We’ll just have coffee We’re still at Gerona Town Proper After we had our coffee We’ll pedal for another 1 hour Then we’ll have our breakfast So, wherever we land in one hour Let’s see. There! I can now see the mountain that we’re going to climb. It’s still far! Ronie: We’re here at Moncada. Only a few more twists and we’re near Rosario. Our pace is a bit slow. Seems like we already need to eat breakfast. I’m hungry! Right here, I can already see the mountains It’s a bit far. But even though it’s far, it’s near. Only a few minutes left before 8:00 AM The first diner we see, that’s where we’ll have our breakfast. Finally, we found a diner. They said “Papaitan” is good. OK! Breakfast. I’m really exhausted. Finally, we’re done with Tarlac A very long Tarlac! Timecheck! 9:00 am We finished breakfast a 9:00 AM, The three of us agreed. We’ll pedal for 2 hours before we take another rest. That way is going to Manaoag, we’re going straight. Correct? We need to hydrate. 7 eleven, Binalonan. “Kapoy” (tired) I need Pocari Sweat. This and water. It’s so hot! 11:00 am Our pace is literally 20kph It’s so hot! Very hard to pedal It’s so hot. Sun is up! 11:20 AM. We can see the mountains already. Stopping over again. Sison, Pangasinan It’s so hot There’s no shade anywhere. We wanted to reach Rosario, La Union by 12PM But it seems we won’t be there until 12:30 or 1PM The heat is so exhausting. Approaching La Union Arch, It’s so hot! Ronie:So hot!!! Will join us to climb Baguio. What’s your name? EJ San Pedro His group is already in Baguio He’ll catchup This is our last lap. When we reach Rosario We’ll part ways. I’m going to La Union, they will go to Baguio. Ride safe sir! Can’t climb anymore. We might as well go home. Rest for a bit. We’ll start the climb, yehey! Eric we’ll go his way to La Union We met someone new. He’s EJ. Will climb with us to Baguio. There he goes. Eric went on his own already. He is replaced by EJ, who’s also from Bulacan like Sir Ronie. These kids are strong. Eric’s 22 years old, EJ is 18. We’ll climb using hard work. Here goes the climb and the beautiful mountains. Actually, this is not yet climb at this point. After the Benguet Arc, there’s a bit of a downhill first. After some more downhill, then comes the climb. Just a quick photo op, then we’ll go ahead. Relax for now before the climb. We’re here at Kennon Road. We’ll climb using hardwork. We were at the arch around 1:35 PM Let’s see what time we’ll reach the Lion’s Head and also Camp 8, Baguio Proper. It’s good that the weather is on our side. It’s kinda gloomy, it’s nice to pedal The road is stiff. And we’re just getting started. That’s still the easy part. (singing) The scenery is beautiful at Kennon Road There, see? And again, a mild but steep climb. And just like that! We’re already at Camp 3. But the real climb isn’t here yet. That’s just a taste of it. I’ll go up the viewing deck. So beautiful! Beautiful! See that?! It’s scary here, you can see the landslide That’s why Kennon road is closed. There’s a lot of landslides here. We’ll just have a 10-minute break EJ Taking pictures Sir Ronie, eating. The we’ll leave at once. We’re running after We need to get to the Lion’s head before it gets dark And also Camp 8 if we’re lucky. Can’t show the climb, but it was steep We’re on our way to Camp 4 Sun started to show up Timecheck: 3:00 pm There are nets here Used to block falling rocks. This part is under construction The guy at the back, over there Told us to be careful as there are falling rocks It’s dangerous here. This is the reason why Kennon road is closed to vehicles A lot of landslides EJ: I’m exhausted. Oh, this is done. Before, this bridge was under construction. Ronie: That’s where we crossed before Ian: Yeah, where we had to carry our bikes. I can’t talk anymore. Just look. I can’t talk anymore. A taste of the climb, a taste of the climb That’s long That’s long going to Climb 6, climb This just a taste of the climb. Just a taste. This is not yet the real climb. 4:37 PM, Camp 6 We’re here at the Lion’s Head Around 1 km away(before) Lions’ head We took the jeep. Because it’s getting dark If we didn’t, we won’t be able to reach this before dark, which is what we want. So we took the jeep We’ll also take the jeep going up to Baguio proper We need to go back to Manila tomorrow at 7:00 PM. We need to be on a bus going back to Manila. If we didn’t take the jeep, we won’t be able to reach the Lion’s head by sunset. We’ll just do it again next time. The jeep is already waiting for us. We need to catch the bus, so we can make reservations. And make it home tomorrow by 7:00 PM

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  4. Tindi mo sir. Dami ko na ng napanuod na video mo nagawa ko na dn kasabahihan nyo po. Dahil sa video na to. Ginanahan nko maging bikers at mka long ride ng ganto kalayo 😎

  5. Bro, punta ka rin sa ilocos, sa bandang upland, suyo& cervantes road, tapos labas ka ng Sn emelio & banayoyo road, ganda doon..

  6. Thank you, sir. 2016 nung huli akong nakapunta sa Baguio. Yung mga pinakita nyong dinaanan, nag balik mga alaala ko at yung tuwa na naramdaman ko noon. Naeexcite ako habang pinapanood. Maraming salamat talaga. πŸ™‚
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  8. We did a similar ride sometime 1991. We started at Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga enroute to Lingayen, Pangasinan for an overnight stay. The next day from Sison, Pangasinan to Baguio City.

    The next year, we started at Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga to Agoo, Lau Union for an overnight stay, then to Vigan, Ilocos Sur, then to Laoag, Ilocos Norte…..

  9. Sir nanaginip ako na nagbike daw ako sa NCR to Pangasinan. Yung mga nagflash na images yung mga daan talaga papunta pero hindi lahat. Akala ko impossible. possible pala.

  10. as a former cyclist na napunta sa motorcycling πŸ™‚ Idol ko kayo πŸ™‚ You've got yourself a new subscriber sir πŸ™‚

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  12. Sana mga sir. Nag NLEX KAYO, exit NG San Simon tapos exit NG San Fernando, tapos labas na KAYO NG tarlac dirediretso exit NG pozorubio tapos kaliwa pa la union πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. naalala ko un bike all the way namin. baguio din. ang dami namin. hindi pa uso video sayang. group namin CPB-PMTB .

  14. ride safe sir grabe kayo anlalakas nyo
    dinaanan ko din yan from cavite to baguio nag mc arthur highway din ako grabe kalsada jan sir halos sira marilao hanggang calumpit.. ride safe po

  15. Galing ng vlog mo paps…..laging me sense of humor…yung ang kakaiba sayo….kahit anak ko gustong gusto ka nilang panoodin……esp.yung sa shotgun……tawa sila ng tawa…..ian just keep it up….god bless

  16. good morning boss … lagyan ko number yung dinadaanan mo kung kaya pa … at approximately lang start mo km 14 … 21 , 26 , 30, 32, Eurobake 36 41 crossing, 50 Calumpit 66 pampanga capital 83 Angeles 89, 103 bamban, 128 capital of Tarlac , 135 , … San Manuel last town of Tarlac bordering Pangasinan …Urdaneta 183 kumanan ka Asingan homeplace of President Fidel Valdez Ramos i stay one night there for my co salesman Danny ABERGAS a Solanda agent hails from there … he is too far to the journey ahead … Manaog, Petron right side turn left and approximately 10 kms. … galing mo Sir 190 junction straight is Aringay right is Baguio me toll gate pa diyan 225 the City of Pines … up to camp 7 and klondykes there if my memory serves me right … wow Sir alang masabe …

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