Nightmare Cruises in 2019 Norwegian Epic Oasis of the Seas Viking Sky

buddy its Bruce here with traveling with
Bruce welcome to my channel today normally when you’re going on a cruise
this is what the cruise lines want you to think about when you’re getting ready
to take a cruise ship vacation idyllic conditions wonderful wonderful weather
and great views but I’ll tell you this can also happen not that this is a
common occurrence but it can happen and this year 2019 we have had five
different incidents on cruise ships running from accidental issues like a
crane falling on a ship two ships crashing into piers like the epic here
and engine failures let’s recap the five epic fail so far for 2019 the first one
was actually 500 people getting sick on the oasis of the seas the ship was
heading to Jamaica people started feeling ill it got the foul mouth and by
the time the ship docked here there were over 120 cases of norovirus on board the
six thousand passenger ship plus two thousand crew the officials in Jamaica
would not let anyone off the ship the ship decided to go to Cozumel by the
time the left port were heading halfway to Cozumel another hundred people were
ill the ship turned around and went right back to the Florida by the time
the ship came back into port there were over 500 cases of norovirus what a mess
that one was Norwegian escape had a beautiful trip going coming down the
eastern seaboard of the u.s. when she got hit with a 115 mile an hour wind
around 10:30 in the evening in the dead of night of the wind hit the side of the
ship and caused her to list at a dramatic angle causing anything that
wasn’t buckled down the fall out fall down or slide across the floor Furniture
glasses dishes and people were sliding along the floor of the ship as she was
trying to right herself he took over 20 minutes for it to happen the ship did
make her make it into what Port Canaveral and the ship was fine but
passengers were a bit shook the next disaster to talk about Norwegian epic
engine failure a total disaster of a cruise
she left Florida and within a day her engines were down to only eight knots
top speed she limped into San Juan Puerto Rico after cancelling a couple of
stops and st. Thomas and st. Martin and in San Juan the ship crashed into the
pier causing damage to her hull long scrapes thankfully no water was was
leaking on the ship the technicians they ignored this problem they looked at it
but this wasn’t the issue they were trying to get the engines back up and
running they thought they had to fix the next day should the ship left only to
find it 12 hours later the engines conked out again she limped all the way
back to Florida and the cruise was a complete write-off everyone got a refund
and they were not happy with this crane crashes into the Aces of the seasoned
Freeport Bahamas the Oasis of the Seas was supposed to go to the Freeport for a
quick one week turnaround to get some of her has a pods worked on when inside the
dry dock the ship shifted and tilted badly causing a crane to crash into and
fall onto the ship itself this is not how cruise ships are
supposed to look when they were in drydock here’s a picture of the crane
right across the back of the ship thankfully no one was killed there were
some injuries but no deaths it was a miracle 50 million dollars later after
the ship was moved to Cadiz Spain she was repaired including her azipods
and she’s now servicing customers in the Mediterranean she’ll go in for a 160
million dollar drydock in November back to Cadiz for all of her other work
mostly cosmetics and a lot of new features initially back to Florida and
the big story of the year the Viking sky off the coast of Norway two miles off
the coast of Norway issues an SOS when her engines conked out due to low oil
pressure it turned out the ship was helpless
even fairies in the area stopped operating that day because of how bad
the weather was the people were questioning why with the captain of a
luxury cruise line six star luxury cruise liner go out in weather like this
and sure enough the ship could not handle it and the engines conked out
thankfully if they dropped anchor within a mile of the shore and it kept the ship
from hitting the rocks which are only 300 meters away she would have been torn
apart there were at least 1,350 people on board the ship 900 passengers 450
crew the captain ordered an evacuation everyone had their life preservers on
they met at their muster stations and for 36 hours
the Norwegian Coast Guard sent helicopters to the heaving ship to get
people off of her everything inside the ship was pummeled tossed around it’s
like a salt shaker in here it was bad damage was extensive to everything
inside the ship by the time was said and done 36 hours later about a third of all
the people on board the ship had been plucked off by the helicopters and
finally the engines were brought back online and they were able to get the
ship back to port and no one died thankfully there were 31 odd injuries
unfortunately some serious but no fatalities what a story that is our
number one scary story of the year and the imagery was just unbelievable there
you go six months into 2019 five epic fails more coming I guess but again it’s
a safe way to travel believe it or not it really is a safe way to travel but
every once in a while we get some of these stories join me Monday to Friday
five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 Eastern we talk cruise ships six days a
week live on traveling with Bruce subscribe to my channel today give this
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40 thoughts on “Nightmare Cruises in 2019 Norwegian Epic Oasis of the Seas Viking Sky

  1. Hey bruce, you allways on thw same 5-6 companys, try the compony "Mano cruises" from israel. Try them and they new ship "Crown Iris" will you try them?????

  2. my husband and I like cruise in may. we think it is the best time before bad weather
    all those scarry cruises you talked about makes me kind of scared. so very glad no on was killed. but I'm sure we will cruise again

  3. Thanks Bruce always good info and updates. We've just booked NY to Southampton on QM2 next May so hopefully no problems for that crossing.

  4. Hi! Just got back from my first cruise ever! Carnival Sunshine! Loved it in spite of being overcrowded. It wasn't long enough lol ! ( Nutrisystem ad before video)

  5. Just got off the Ovation last week. At the buffet, there were crew posted at the entry funneling you into the line of sinks. They sang a little ditty, washy washy. The kids (there were LOTS of kids including babies that were too little to walk!) about half way through the week had picked it up. You could not enter the buffet without hearing the ditty. They also had Purell dispensers inside the entry for people who could not go through the wash live, like people in wheelchairs, on scooters, etc. (There were lots of people on rented scooters.)

  6. Yet none of these were ever reported on the news for more than a few seconds. Now, if it was a Carnival ship it would get days of negative press

  7. Come on snowflakes, no one died in any of the incidents. I'd rather be on a cruise ship in a storm than on a Boeing 737 max8 going nose down!

  8. I was on the Oasis when this took place not quiet 500 people that were sick out of 8000. This happen when we stop at Labadee Haiti, and they took the food from ship to shore in very hot weather. I didn't get sick but I ate very little from the island.

  9. Re Viking sky, obviously don’t take an Italian cruise ship designed by people of Mediterranean into northern waters. Also, ships should head to sea and avoid a storm than stay in port

  10. The Escape happened in Between March 24 to March 27 cause I was on a cruise and saw it on the news there was a video of the stuff falling

  11. I was on the Norwegian Pearl, nothing super bad happened, but going from France to Spain, the right propulsioner broke and the ship went and stayed in Barcelona

  12. I was on the Norwegian EPIC ship. I was on the ship before the tragedy. 😢 it scared me to hear everything that happened.

  13. I was on Oasis the day before the crane fell I did a video tour of it. The cruise we were on was right after ten norovious, we got the good cruise between the two incidents

  14. Brilliance of the Seas sucks. Bad smell, shitty porters, awful food, clueless bartenders and the worst entertainment of all. Oh, and the casino is pathetic.

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