[Music] hey friends welcome back to another motivating video today we are going to get things done I need to do a lot of cleaning a lot of decluttering and organizing I need to scrub my oven and clean out my pantry and so much more so I want you to get ready watch this video and either clean with me or make a list while you’re watching and then let’s get moving you got this and give me a thumbs up if you are ready for some motivation [Music] keep of a [Music] so this morning as I was playing with my girls and getting ready for the day I made a to-do list of things I wanted to tackle when they went down for their nap and I knew I had a lot I wanted to do I wanted to get the living room and the kitchen cleaned up there were muddy paw prints from the dog on the floor so I wanted to mop then I had some bigger projects I wanted to tackle and that was decluttering and organizing my pantry we’ve been going to the grocery store a lot and making sure we have been stocked up on all of the foods and snacks that we need and when we come home we’ve just kind of thrown it all into the pantry so I had dedicated today to actually tackling this project and I had some organizational containers from the Dollar Tree already in my house so I thought I would utilize those and I also wanted to go through my under sink cabinet because that’s another area that has gotten out of hand so we are going to be doing a lot today I’m going to get it done and if you want to see some clips of the girls I’ll even share some of those with you so grab a cup of coffee and let’s do this together I keep on hoping someone we can make the song right just keep on trying [Music] make sure you come over find me on Instagram I’ve been posting way more lately over there and just enjoying chatting with you since we aren’t going out or anything so come find me it’s jamie-lynns dot journey I will also have it linked down below but come over I clean on there I give you some cleaning motivation but most of it is just my life my kids all of that so come over by me and say hi [Music] if you’re new here or if you’re just stumbling upon this video thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch my videos and every one of my videos that I put out the goal is to give you some motivation to get whatever you need to get done especially right now life is really overwhelming and we are just trying to figure out our new normal our new routines so my goal in making these videos is I hope when you watch it you feel motivated you feel inspired to get up and tackle whatever you need to do I post twice a week and I would love to have you join my channel we are going to get through all of this together I promise you I am here for you and we are going to do this so hit that red subscribe button and join my journey [Applause] [Music] I started out by clearing everything off of the countertops and putting things away on the floor I just feel like when things are clear I feel more calm and I’m just more at peace and more motivated to tackle bigger projects and I knew that my pantry was going to be overwhelming so I wanted to be able to just see everything put away because it’s so overwhelming when you get tired and you’re in the midst of a big project and then you look around and you just see a huge mess so I knew that if I at least had things picked up from the countertops and the floors I would feel better and if you’re curious I am using the jaws granite cleaner to wipe my countertops and then I used my DIY cleaner which is one part rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol one part water and a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap I was using that on my kitchen table and then on the high chairs the high chairs are from Ikea if you are curious that’s one of the most common questions I get asked I love them they’re super easy to spray down and wipe up [Music] this moment never entertain and that time is frozen [Music] don’t judge me on how bad my pantry looks and also don’t judge me for what we have in here my girls eat healthy we have plenty of frozen fruit and fresh fruit and vegetables and all of that but we are also stuck in our house so we are just trying to stay happy and that means snacks right I don’t know are you guys surviving without snacks and I’m sure I’m gonna get some questions about the slimfast shakes that we have in there those are actually my husband likes no he’s not trying to lose weight he actually uses them more for a quick premade protein shake so maybe for breakfast or something and a little fun fact for you when he was in high school he wanted to gain weight for sports he was a big basketball and baseball guy and he was very very thin and he wanted to bulk up so he would drink slim-fast protein shakes after meals to get more calories in and for the extra protein and ever since then he likes to keep them around just if he’s in a hurry you know he doesn’t drink them everyday but if he’s in a hurry running out of the door it’s just it’s an already pre-made protein shake and he does mix up his own protein you know powders and shakes and smoothies and all that but sometimes he just needs something to quickly grab so we’re not trying to lose weight or anything but I figured I’d get some questions I wanted to address that [Music] okay so I pulled everything out and I’ll omit I do not do this very often at all so typically when I’m organizing I will just do like one shelf at a time I don’t pull everything out but I have the time today and I feel like it’s much more satisfying to just pull everything out but all out kind of assess everything that you have and then I’ll put it all back in there and kind of make it look neater and nicer now I do want bins and better baskets to fit in there I need bigger ones but right now I can’t really go shopping I’m not gonna go out so I’m just gonna have to work with what I have and then hopefully here soon I’m gonna be able to go out maybe in a month or two be able to get some baskets maybe from the Dollar Tree or something so I will do an updated pantry organize hopefully here and the not too distant future but I’m just gonna kind of work with what I have right now [Music] the girls were up from their morning naps and they were hanging with Mike in the basement so I could finish up at least the pantry before at lunchtime but I wanted to get the girls bedding washed while they were up [Music] I know this is completely random but I’m just curious I wear socks pretty much all of the time I am a sucks where I only go barefoot sometimes in the summer but I’d prefer to wear socks do you like being barefoot or do you like wearing socks let me know barefoot or sax [Music] I want to run something by you I am thinking about starting a new series here here on my channel and I actually talked about doing something like this a while back in a couple of videos but I wasn’t able to film the type of video that I wanted I didn’t have the time I didn’t have the opportunity so I kind of put it on the back burner but now that we are home and I’m spending all day everyday with my girls this is going to be the perfect time to start this new video series and I really hope you will enjoy this series and look forward to it so basically what it’s going to be is I’m going to bring you along an entire day of mine and I’m going to show you my to-do list everything that I need to accomplish there of course will be cleaning but there will also be me you know taking care of my kids and getting all of the stuff done that I need to get done in a day cooking recipes you know all of this stuff I need to be productive and I’m not sure what I’m going to call it yet but there will be more chatting more face-to-face me talking to you me talking to the camera so stay tuned for that and I’m hoping to have that video out here soon within the next couple of weeks or so but if you want us to see a video like that definitely let me know down below I figured it would be a nice switch up from my cleaning videos but I will still have full on cleaning videos every Sunday but this would just be my Wednesday video content [Music] I know we have so many granola bars and fruit bars Avery loves bars of any kind granola fruit and I found that the twins liked them too and with everything going on right now I wanted to make for sure we were all stocked up and I found these long skinny containers from the Dollar Tree I got them a long time ago but I’m pretty sure and I’m pretty sure they still have them but I had actually stored them at the top of my pantry so it ended up being perfect timing to pull these out and organize the different types of bars that we had and I also wanted to kind of put them in the pantry that way so they could easily be grabbed especially for Avery because since she’s older we let her get healthy snacks throughout the day [Music] one of our go-to meals especially lately has been tacos so I’m just curious from you guys do you like soft tacos or hardshell tacos I prefer soft shell tacos but let me know hard shells or soft shells [Music] if I could speak up and maybe you would hear or maybe the tension good days give it a shot always been your you would be feeling it straight my reflection gonna be super easy [Music] all right here is the finished product again I think I would like to if I had more baskets but got to work with what I have right so I was able to organize everything and I am loving how Avery has all of her choices of her fruit and vegetable pouches her different kinds of bars granola bars fruit bars all of that and then we have the babies snacks right here so we can easily grab whatever we need and everything just looks so much clearer and I just like how now when we need something I know exactly what we have and you know so now I know when we go to the store we don’t need any more noodles we have plenty and plenty of noodles so it’s just easier to see everything and get an idea of what we have and what we can start using up for meals I think this is going to be the perfect time to get creative and we have these ingredients what type of meal can we make for with it oh I feel so good [Music] I was able to get rid of a lot of boxes and packaging and garbage and honestly I need to do this more often because I feel like we end up throwing away old expired food and there’s a lot of waste because when it’s a mess I don’t even know what I have in here so I am vowing to myself I’m going to do this pantry declutter and organize more frequently hold me to that [Music] I actually had just cleaned out my entire fridge recently but for whatever reason I could tell that some of the shelves still needed a wipe down and Mike had ran to the store and picked up a few things you know little things that we needed here and there to stock up on so I wanted to wipe out the fridge and then reorganize the food in there and I had just used white distilled vinegar and water to wipe down my fridge really quickly [Music] [Music] [Music] pretty much every time I clean my kitchen I like to scrub out my sink and scrub my stove and we’ve been doing a lot more cooking than normal and if you know me you know I don’t like to cook at all but since we are a home we’ve been cooking a lot more than normal we have been doing takeout about twice a week from local restaurants so just so we can support local businesses and restaurants and keep them afloat right now but we’ve been cooking a lot more which means our stove and oven have gotten pretty dirty so I wanted to clean out my stove my oven I also wanted to scrub my sink out because a clean sink makes me happy [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I have not been wearing as much makeup as I normally wear even though I did do my makeup for this video but I’m curious if you guys had to pick one makeup product that you always wear you always go to you always put on what would it be mine would probably be mascara [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I don’t usually fall for someone I don’t even care [Music] Oh my oven honestly wasn’t too bad at all but I wanted to keep up on it before it had gotten really bad because I don’t like scrubbing my oven I don’t like cleaning it and it’s not enjoyable so I try to stay up on it so I don’t have to spend too much time actually doing it but I just let the bar keeper’s friend soft cleanser sit on the oven to kind of work its magic while I went and decluttered and organized under my sink [Music] [Applause] [Music] I don’t usually like people I just think [Music] I do much [Music] ok so I know this does not look perfect but what I did was I obviously went through kind of spruced it up a little bit so I can actually see what I have and so it’s not all piled up in there and then I am gonna sit here and take kind of inventory of the products I want to keep products I want to maybe give to somebody else and then get organizational tools or organizational bins and things to organize down here for the stuff that I want to keep just down here like I want to try to minimize what I have down here and really hone in on the products that I’m using right now so maybe that means taking some of these upstairs giving them to some friends and family all of that so what I’m gonna do now is I already have some really really good ideas of ways I can maximize my space down here and keep the top products down here so stay tuned I’m gonna go and order those today and then I’m gonna be doing an organization video here soon I have a couple other areas in my house that I’m gonna be ordering things for to organize so I will be doing a complete different video for that but like I said I have some really really good ideas I’m really excited to get this done because you guys know I’m in this all of the time so I’m super super sorry my battery died on me as I was talking but um so stay tuned for that video I think I’ll be able to give you guys some really good organization tips because sometimes I just need to see it and then it sparks a creative idea for me so yeah I’m really excited so I’m gonna go ahead and order those later tonight and then look at this fully organized [Music] anywhere anywhere with you cuz you feel my mind oh you feel my we could build a dream start up something new let the old be dead let the shadows in my sign your shoulders and you feel like falling older just come a little closer I’ll be there for you I’ll be there for you coz when we are together I know you feel the tension just let me in your head so I can be there for you with that for you tonight won’t you sing for me won’t you sing for me deal with fall asleep Daenerys yeah won’t you sing for me won’t you sing for me do you fall asleep [Music] so this part was a little bit later but once the babies went down for their second app I wanted to finish up the kitchen and vacuum and mop [Music] I could stay awake till the night is through with you by my side with you by my side though we’ve only met let me dive into your ocean my heart open when the world is on your shoulders and you feel like falling over just come a little closer I’ll be there for you I’ll be there for you cuz when we are together you feel the tension just let me in your head so I can be there for you tonight won’t you sing for me won’t you sing for me deal with fall asleep the night is you won’t you sing for me won’t you sing for me do with policy tonight won’t you sing for me won’t you sing from till we fall asleep [Music] you sing for me [Music] we do it on repeat but stay tuned for more motivating videos coming your way here on my channel make sure you are subscribed and you have the notification belt turned on because I’ve had a lot of people lately say they weren’t seeing my videos in their subscription box so make sure you have the notification belt turned on so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos I have a lot more cleaning a lot more big organization videos I want to do so a lot more coming your way thanks again for sticking around hang in there everyone we will get through all of this I will see you next time bye [Music]


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