Neuseeland Road Trip Abenteuer | Nordinsel

[laughter] Absolutely amazing! But by the way, here it is very ??? Well… [laughter] We are walking along Buffalo Beach in Whitianga where we stayed for the last three months. And where are we going? To attend a wedding. And guess what, we are already wearing our fancy clothes. Very casual and relaxed I think. These are the best clothes we could get out of our backpacks. Exactly, top of the line that we could get out of our mobile closet. And today Jörg and Tomomi are getting married, a super cool couple we got to know here in Whtianga. We are about to camp at Lonely Bay and probably do another video there. Lonely Bay!! Hello, bitches. What’s up!? We have arrived at Lonely Bay after our hiking tour with all that fuss we needed to carry. And it was totally worth it. We already have been here a couple of days ago and definitely wanted to come back for camping. And after we went for a swim and cooled down from the long walk, we have pitched up our tent and prepared our night’s lodging. Just come with me. We have found a hidden spot, because it is not really legal what we do here. But anyway, it’s all about the adventure, isn’t it? Have a look, come with me… Can you see anything at all? Well, a bit I guess… It’s pretty dark, the sun has set already a while ago. Here we have prepared our little camp. Well, I don’t believe you can see it right now unfortunately. Here is the tent. You have to simply imagine.

3 thoughts on “Neuseeland Road Trip Abenteuer | Nordinsel

  1. Ohh, das mit den Autoproblemen kenne ich nur zu gut…zurück in die Heimat heißt zurück nach Ibbenbüren? 😉 Na dann grüße mal die Heimat ganz, ganz lieb von mir!!!

  2. Richtig tolle Aufnahmen 🙂 und der "Zeltplatz" war mal phänomenal, obwohl ich nachts glaube etwas ängstlich gewesen wäre :-/ und auf jedes KNACKEN geachtet hätte.

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