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Hello Thunderlights, I’m ThunderBL.
Welcome Back to another video. Wait! It’s recording? Yes? I’m Back! Another new year, another new video. A lot of projects, a lot of pretty things A lot of novels, a lot of translations.
A lot of everything. This year is coming super full. Approximately, just talking about Thai boys love series. We have around 70 (including series with new seasons) series if some are not canceled.
*Not 70 but at least more than 30* I mean, if they do not cancel or postpone any of them during the year. I mean, you know that that happened with My Heartbeat The Series and with That’s my umbrella, which were projects and in the end they were canceled. So let’s wait and pray that this doesn’t happen with the series we expect this year. Before continuing to today’s topic, I want to make a brief comment because I have seen that many are confused. My Bromance 2, The series that will be released this year 2020, is NOT the continuation of the series that came out in 2016. This year’s series is the continuation of the movie. So before continuing I want to invite you to follow me on my social networks. On Twitter: @ThunderBL
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On Facebook: ThunderSubs I also want to invite you to hit the notification bell and subscribe to my channel to see a lot of content of Asian Boys Love. My Ride, I Love You or I Love You, My Ride, is a novel written by Dr. Utain Boonorana who is a Thai writer and a Doctor. The quality of his works, his perspective, his point of view, the plot and the topics he writes about are something new, and fresh. Without a doubt, My Ride The Series, which is the adaptation of the novel I Love You, My Ride, will be excellent. In fact, it is produced and directed by Nam Krit, who is the director. By the way, I’m going to mention a tweet that both (Utain and Nam) had when the casting was announced. As I mentioned, when it was announced who had attended the casting of My Ride The Series, Dr. Utain asked Nam Krit a few questions. That question caught my attention. Dr. Utain had asked Nam Krit some questions, and among them is why he was interested in My Ride, and what he saw in it. So, I am going to read to you what Nam answered to Dr. Utain. He answer: ”Well, I agree that there’re a lot of BL novels and most of them were written in order to fulfill the imagination of the readers.” ”For me, I’m a storyteller and I do understand that if we want to make the BL Series, we also need to satisfy the BL fans. So, I have to select the story I really want to tell first,” ”and I don’t want to pick the characters which are still in high school or college anymore, cuz a lot of Thai BL Series already did that. ”I just want something simple and not hard to understand, as most of the BL Series already talk about love, and My Ride novel is just what I’m looking for.” ”In My Ride novel, the characters have already started working, they’ve been through heart-broken love life, and they’re ready for an adult love. That’s what I like about this novel.” ”And, after I’ve read the novel, I see many points that the author left space for the readers to use their imagination, which allow me to tell the story in my own style. So, I’m pretty sure this Series would be great in some way.” Currently the official casting has been chosen, and for those who have not yet seen the main characters, they are: Before finalizing the video, I want to clarify a question that many of you have been asking me. In the novel, if you have read it … Nadia is a man, and before her name was Nadia, her name was Not. Not had changed his name to Nadia because he went to a fortune teller and they said his name brought him bad luck. So in the novel Not changed his name to Nadia. So what has confused many of you is that Nadia’s character was adapted to a woman in the series. But Nadia is still the same character, only in the series Nadia is a woman. We have already reached the end of this video, but I want to tell you that I am very grateful for the support that each of you has given me Thank you for your comments on my social networks, both on Facebook and Instagram, even here on YouTube. I love you all. I promise to continue uploading a lot of content Boys Love. To be updated, follow me on my social networks and subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to know when upload new video.

66 thoughts on “My Ride The Series| BL 2020 | Thunder

  1. ¡Te quiero un montón! Gracias por ponerle tanto empeño a las subtitulaciones y por darnos mucho amor y mucho contenido BL. ¡El mejor! ❤❤❤❤❤ Ya extrañaba videos tuyos…🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. hola mi amorrrrrrrrr tengo una dudita que series te estas planteando traducir…… y bueno te deseo lo mejor te amo mucho y saludos desde Venezuela

  3. Awwwwww te amooo ❤️✨
    Muchísimas gracias por tu excelente trabajo❤️✨espero que puedas subtitular la mayoría de las 70 series que mencionas 🥴

  4. Porfa cuando ya se estrene la serie sube videos dando tu opinión 💙 me encantaría un montón ya que la conocí gracias a tu traducción
    Y si puedes y te interesa el tema puedes hablar acerca del ZaintSee o why r u the series porque realmente la ship de la serie se a vuelto de mis favoritas de todos los tiempos 😄💜 te agradecería un siglo.
    Un abrazo
    Posdata: Me encantó como quedo el set

  5. Por fin una serie donde salimos un poco de lo cotidiano en el BL, y eso me encanta, y estoy esperando esta serie con mucho entusiasmo 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️, y muchas gracias por tu trabajo ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. No sabía nada de esta serie pero después de lo que contaste ya la espero, la única crítica es que Nadia debería ser interpretada por una actriz trans. Espero que hagas videos más seguido, saludos de Argentina.

  7. Ya se te extrañaba ,pensé que nos habías abandonados con tus traducciones, ahora esperar tu lindo trabajo cuidate mucho .

  8. 70????👀 me sorprendí mucho porfavor un video con todo lo que va a ver en el año de BL♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ porfavor

  9. Espero con muchas ganas más noticias de todas las series que vas a subtitular sería bonito que subieras tu reacción a los capítulos, un saludo desde Perú y gracias por tu trabajo.

  10. Gracias por tu vídeo, tu trabajo es muy bueno y adquiere gran envergadura porque te esfuerzas por la comunidad latina, mira una pregunta, ya no supiste nada o no tienes una respuesta ha cerca de la petición de traducir la serie my husbands love de la cual te mande los datos y me dijiste que te pondrías en contacto con la empresa gracias por todo cuidate y éxitos

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