My Art Journey From 2015 To Now + Old Art Photos!

Hi, I’m Precious and thank you so much
for tuning in. In this video I wanted to share the subjects and mediums I picked
up starting in 2015 and how my work has evolved to what I create now. So in my
intro video I shared that I had two art teachers in 2015 that I learned from for one semester each. This is where I learned the very basics of drawing and painting. In these two classes I started out by learning how to sketch simple objects,
then I learned linear perspective. Next I learned value and how to render
shadow and lighting in order to make something look three-dimensional. First I
started off with still life which is basically just drawing a collection of
random objects, then I advanced to anatomy and drawing the human form. Then I advanced to portraits which was obviously my favorite part of the class –
drawing accurate facial features. After those classes ended in early 2016
I decided to pick up acrylic paint, so I started learning the basics of that
medium, how the layering process works, then I learned color theory, how to mix
colors and how to balance colors in a painting. All the resources I use to
learn this as well as the rest of the skills I mention were all online, so
either Google or YouTube, and also through trial and error. During this time
I wasn’t that focused on anatomical accuracy and was mainly focused on color and getting a hang of the medium. I worked in acrylics from 2016 to 2017.
Acrylic paint started to frustrate me because it dries super fast and as a
portrait artist you really need your paint to stay wet so that you can blend really
smoothly, so in 2017 I happened to stumble across a colored pencil artist
who was drawing beautiful realistic colored pencil drawings and I happened
to have a really old Prismacolor colored pencil kit from maybe back in high
school, so I learned how to use colored pencil, how to layer colored pencil,
and at the same time I was still studying realism techniques and using
this to draw portraits. The next year 2018 I started studying oil paints and
realized that it was probably a good solution to my drying problem with
acrylic paint so I started working with oils, still applying the realism
techniques I was studying. I’ve been oil painting ever since, but last year
I actually picked up yet another medium, digital painting. What I love about
digital painting is that there’s no drying time. I’m still learning and
trying out different techniques but I should have some videos with my digital
work pretty soon, within the next month. So I have been asked many times over the
last few years especially when I post time-lapse processes of my drawings and
my paintings if I can make tutorials. I did actually create a colored pencil
tutorial in 2018 if you want to check it out – the audio is pretty bad but it is
closed captioned. I would love to do tutorials more regularly but because
they take me so long to complete they do end up taking a back seat sometimes
unfortunately, so I think what would be best right now is if I make tutorials
based on request and maybe just at random, so if you have any suggestions
or ideas for tutorials or for something you need help on specifically, let me
know below and maybe I can start working on something. I really hope you enjoyed
this video, and I wish you a great rest of your day.

One thought on “My Art Journey From 2015 To Now + Old Art Photos!

  1. Much better without the mic! It even sounds better and more natural.
    I've seen so many of your sketches and pencil work that I forgot you did digital painting. I struggle with drawing bodies so I only focus on doing face portraits.. can you maybe do something's that show how to draw body,head to toe and maybe head to waste? Also maybe shading and highlight tips?

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