MOVE WITH ME: Empty LA House Tour! | Ep. 1

Now we’re just waiting for Denis With the dream my cardigan Currently like 435 lookout empty my roommates It’s so empty getting is so excited for my poo bags Internet snow When I look at your face Is it Jenny hello do we live in LA We are in And we’re starving and my bags aren’t here. I have had a how many hours now, Jake Roxy our travel day I haven’t eaten since look each other to Finland I Was like man I could have freaking gone to Europe I got my bags Despite what the doulton people assured me are in Atlanta not here So I shouldn’t get those till tomorrow and all of my toiletry items and everything is in that So we’re good, so we’re gonna go get food meet my new roommate Do you remember the first time we met we met? We met at LAX remember Our friends at Lexus hooked us up with this car. I will show you in more detail we need to name her What do we name her? She’s a blue Lexie blue? SUV Uh-huh Lexus, what do we name her? Yeah, we’ll try and think of one so Janine and I both shift our cars out here You guys have been keeping up with my other vlogs Then you saw when I shift out my car Stuffed it full of things both of our cars get in I believe tomorrow so for this first 24 hours Lexus has so kindly Given us this car to drive around so it’s been clutch I would have gotten in way earlier when Janine did and so she’s been able to utilize this today And this parking structure is really something it really is many questions This cars just gonna be clutch for us actually now on the way to target to pick up a bunch of stuff, so which room in this car that we could like stock it up with like all of our stuff now at Target and the type a Person I am I made a list of everything I could think of that we would need for our health so far We have just gone down the bedding well. I got some pillows mattress pad We’re just trying to get the basics that we need for tonight, and it’s out of focus I’m looking at trash cans I feel good about this gold one. Oh That far Because I really like the looks of it um your Are you a soap dish form I use that for my like? Nighttime skincare products a guy laying on their cottage a message going with gold for the bathroom got this little soap thing it’s old toothbrush thing I switched to silverton even show me vlog clips of our bathroom and Even though I love gold so much more I don’t think it’s gonna look good, so I have reluctantly opted for silver worse than the trashcan dilemma We have been on the hand soap aisle for week-long not exaggerating probably 15 minutes. We just can’t choose What do you think there are no good smell, and it’s clear. It’s not like nothing. I’m fine with it. Hi neighbor Look at how much our stuff has taken over and who’s Monica and she’ll be safe This is all our stuff. This is half of their living room. Oh heck. Yeah useful All right we have done much unpacking and figuring out What belongs to who so everything you see here, and there’s more stuff and you’ll see it throughout And I’ll talk about all the items more later but all of these items are from either cotton on urban outfitters or H&M home lines and You can find all of it on the dough tap which will be linked below If you go to my profile and follow me you can see all of us have like a collaborative home looks like a board like A Pinterest board it’s kind of how I describe it But it’s just a favorites list and you will see all of these items, and you can shop for them right there So we have just a brief overview we have a French press cool cutting boards and their kitchen ooh things. You know some succulents This is stuff from my room. I’m just cool like velvety body pillow bath mat a bunch of like desk things and towels You’re not moving it tomorrow, I’m sweating I’m carrying all the things were here upstairs Putting this which is my wall mattress mattress is kind of the number one thing that I like actually Really needed for this first night cuz you gotta sleep somewhere so low super awesome Got me master. Sent here, and we’re gonna see how to open it Oh Yes I Could go to sleep right now If this weren’t a clean also ended from doing this were a pristinely clean white mattress I would just think that she thought this again. Thank you so much to lull for sending me this mattress It has been a long day all I’ve been awake since 1:30 and this time and it’s like 11:00 right now Let’s go time so Like 22 hours, so I’m really tired, so I’m gonna sign off and go to bed I will give you guys an update tomorrow on yeah What else goes on and I’m not more info about lo in the description box the stay tuned if you want to see an in-depth Home decor haul and see the next step, so what we did for our place. Hey It’s comfy Yeah Good morning it is day two NLA really like the first full day. I wasn’t here much yesterday. We had our first sleep in the new house Yes, here we see it I can confirm. The mattress was a 10-10 comfort level. I slept so good. I was also exhausted and How do we go hello it’s very exciting because my car is getting delivered Like a week before it was supposed to be getting delivered that is great news literally been on hold with Delta for 35 minutes now about my lost bag ones on supposedly on the flight here right now one is still in Atlanta So I don’t know how those got separated if they were all on the same flight bag or like claim check thing I don’t know, so I’m just sitting here picking out items or scrolling through seeing Some outfit ideas for the concert. We’re going to New York with dough in New York City and a couple weekends so if you would like to help me figure out you just go to my page wait Wow and – that one right in there, and then you can add items to it Give me up that is to make sure you go do that because I am Struggling I also in my car fit a ton of boxes So I brought all of those up and have been just like kind of opening them But like I don’t even have furniture to put things in – yeah. I need a bed. I need a dresser I need a desk I mean nightstand Janine and I are also um Sharing this room which is technically a fourth bedroom, but it’s really smallest We’re making a closet room because my closet space in this room is only that so I need to buy like stuff For that room as well I’m just glad that I can finally change my shirt because I did bring some oh forgot what I came here for It did pack some clothes and all these boxes I’m gonna do an empty house tour in a moment and I have been on hold with Delta for two hours And two minutes now, so I love that in the bathroom. We have this really soft like shag rug this from H&M It’ll be on my don’t bathroom and bedroom list those towels, which I don’t know if you can tell are so soft they are also from H&M But downside of all this bathroom is the like complete lack of story? Like I guess I need to get some bins or something to like put up there and have stuff in it, too Because all I have is this drawer. It looks like this, and then I have like this mirror opens I like that the inside of this is mirrored as well because in the horror movies when people always get killed It’s when they open the mirror, and then they’re grabbed and stuff, and then they shut it and someone’s behind them But I’ll know it’s behind me because we even got a mirror inside I also get some kind of like Bins or something they like put under here if you can tell we have like a good amount of room There’s been standing here getting all the stuff together And I had not noticed previously that I have a skylight in here got all my lush goodies back there in the shower I’m digging the shower head I’m gonna go ahead and do an empty house tour, so we’re gonna start up on the third floor replace. It’s three stories and Here’s what we starting with so stepping out from the bathroom. We have the staircase that goes downstairs I really love all of these details like are these railings as well as all the light fixtures we have in this house and so my bedroom is where we turn right and We walk in you guys saw that and then over here This is also the closet room and then back this way we have a little bit of storage space here Which is good, and then this is a dragons room, so she has the master and then this is her bathroom She’s got a big old shower and then to go down on a floor What you doing girl? Hey? Yeah, you find it that Janine? So this is the front door we have a little closet there alarm system You go up a couple steps, and then this is the main floor big windows which is nice This is our puddle of all of our boxes, and yeah That is a staircase view up and then lots of stuff in here, and then we step back here We’re gonna have a dining table. Oh, I love this light fixture I didn’t show you the one there, but it’s like a swirly thing it looks cool I’ll show you in a minute, and then we step over to our kitchen so another cool light fixture. I love the white countertops Yeah, all around cute. I think we might get parcels They’re ever here by the window we have a bunch of little succulents that we also got from DOE And we just have some other cute stuff that we got from dos. This is a huge cutting board. That’s marble We got a bunch of like cups and stuff and then also we got these cute little holders for like vinegar well And this is gonna be cute like fruit basket. I’m gonna pause the tour alright quickly while our Wi-Fi Do is outside that was cool Wi-Fi structure or Wi-Fi of course lighting structure and then to go downstairs? We have more stairs that go down. I like this like open cutout right here. We have our laundry room and then over here We loop back this way, and this is Janine’s room in her bathroom so her bathroom is here And then the showers right there and then over here She has a pretty big closet, and then you step around this way And that’s the door to the garage which her cars going there. Here is our very modest little patio though that we can stand on and not do much else Mm-hmm I’m eating my dinner which is from creation as was the smoothie Bowl So I thought ahead to tonight and knew it we probably wouldn’t have a grocery so in here I think it’s so cute. How they put their dressing in this little glass thing. I’ve committed a crime I think I’m responsible for hosting a man like oh I know the dresser is the most solid wood Dresser I’ve ever seen guy come. I felt so bad for him. He was pouring sweat It was that and I didn’t even have more cash to tip. I only had five dollars more. We’re heading off again now It’s a t.j.maxx slowly, but surely. It’s coming together. I’m not the proud owner of two pieces of furniture I can’t decide but do I like light gray or dark gray? Where’s it going? I don’t know we have food we went to Trader Joe’s after teacher hacks We got some nice shellfish so much storage like I’m so used to sharing my college kitchen with nine people This is the treasure I cut and then I got this nightstand So they are matching as you can see I am probably going to switch out these knobs or some gold ones so many great things Happening right now I still never explain the story of my lost baggage one of them got in this morning, which is that one? Which they just delivered? We’re ending today’s vlog on a high nope You guys enjoy this leave me comment below, and I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. I always feel bad when I don't think about tip and then only have a few bucks…just have to remember for next time.

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