Move Over Law Caltrans District 7

remember you must move over or slow down
for all workers and first responders. when you see that they are out on the
road highway construction and. maintenance work is one of the most
dangerous occupations in the United. States since 1924 Caltrans has lost 178
employees to roadway incidents 32 here. in Los Angeles alone and everyday there
are hundreds of maintenance workers. repairing pavement markings slabs
repairing signs and doing the things. that are necessary to keep the highway
safe the Move Over Law which took effect. in 2007 was amended in 2009 to include
Caltrans vehicles displaying flashing. amber warning lights to the list of
vehicles for which motorists must move. over one safe or to do so or slow down
the newly installed signs will serve as. a reminder to the motorists that they
must slow down watch out for highway. workers and safely move over when they
see flashing amber lights on Caltrans. law enforcement vehicles and emergency
response vehicles remember when you see. those amber lights emergency lights or
anybody working out in the freeway make. sure you slow down and
practical more to the left and what it. means to us collectively throughout all
of our organizations in me Satan. somehow the family and friends of people
who’ve been injured and killed in. highway work zones see orange cones. differently than the average driver if
you see a Caltrans or other emergency. vehicle on the side of the highway with
its lights flashing move over and safe. to do so
or slow down it’s the law.

One thought on “Move Over Law Caltrans District 7

  1. City/tow/security/construction deserve to get hit when they too lazy or complacent not to activate when on the road, or don't replace bulbs or clean lenses, as well should be cited wen leaving on while driving non work related, and I'm a cop here in socal saying that, it's all about lazyness and complacency in ca

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