Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 93 – Full Episode – 23rd March, 2020

I don’t think she needs me
or my friendship. Randeep went to America, right? Don’t you know?
– But.. Yes, they both liked.. Yes, Randeep was in love
with her. He wanted to stay with Niya
as well. But.. ‘When Randeep and I met
in the US’ ‘there was something
between us.’ ‘It wasn’t very serious.’ ‘But whatever it was, Kabir’ ‘it was limited to the US.’ ‘Now there is nothing
between us’ ‘and there never will be.
You know’ ‘that I’m not even thinking
about this. In fact, nobody.’ ‘Then why are telling me this
right now?’ ‘Because you’re the one
who said’ ‘that we are best friends’ ‘and we shouldn’t have
any secrets.’ ‘That I can tell you
anything and everything.’ But Niya never moved on.
– That means.. So.. I’m such a fool! Better than this. I thought she.. I spoiled everything,
didn’t I? I thought he was my best friend. This is not what
best friends do. He has played a game. ‘What do you want, sir?’ ‘You don’t want her
to go to the US?’ ‘She wants to go.’ ‘It’s her dream.
– And who are you?’ ‘The dealer of dreams?’ ‘I just know that
whatever I am doing’ ‘will help Niya move on
with her career and life.’ ‘And that will make her
very happy.’ ‘But what will Niya get
out of what you’re doing?’ ‘Will she be happy?’ I know that you’re sad. You must be angry but.. He is your friend, dear. Keep friendship
and work separate. Why are you mixing them? You’re telling me this? You’re saying this to me, Dad! Love has made you very soft. You should’ve been running
after him with a sword and you are telling..
– I’ll still do that. I’ll still do it
if it’s needed. Dear, but I don’t want you to
lose a friend. I don’t want you to be
heartbroken and stressed. How does it matter?
He broke my trust as well. I can’t forget that..
– Okay, calm down. Don’t be angry. If you get angry
you might ruin the meeting. I’ll go and talk to him.
– Hold on. Why do you want to talk? Neither will you talk,
nor will I. She isn’t talking to me
at all now. Yes, she is hurt. She felt bad. And you got jealous as well. What else could have I done? She is one my best friends. In fact, she is the most
important person in my life. When I saw her like that I thought she is going
away from my life. And I couldn’t understand
what I should do. I got impulsive..
– Not a problem. Everything will be fine. Give it sometime. No, it won’t be.
– Why? Because she is Niya. Dad, please! I haven’t thought of a name
for the company. We need to register it.
There is no seed money. I don’t know where the fund
will come from. Please. I have other things
to worry about. I wish everything gets better
like before but.. I don’t think that
it really will. Anyway.. Thank you. ‘Niya’s brainchild.’ ‘Nuts and Resins’. Well..
We are net. We Too Net! We Too Net. No sweat,
We Too Net. Found it..
Found it! Found it! Dad.
– Yes? Are you thinking of a name
for our company or are you trying to get it
shut before it even launches? You are both crazy. Trust me, the name
should always be catchy. If you have a catchy name..
Take any company’s example. All of them have
a catchy name. I have one more idea. ‘KaNi’.. Correct. No, Mr. Amber. Why? – Tell you what.
Please go back and sleep. In the morning, you’ll come up with great ideas
while drinking tea. You..
– Correct! Dad, please leave.
– You both are.. Hi! Hi! What’s going on? Naming ceremony. Name? Actually, we’re thinking
of a name for the company. We’re so confused. May I help?
– Yes, of course. Come on in.
– So.. What’s going on as of now?
– As of now sir suggested ‘KaNi’.
– ‘Kaani’? Not ‘Kaani’ as in ‘one-eyed’.
It’s ‘Kajal and Niya’. ‘Ka-Ni’.
– I was thinking of this as it’s quite catchy.
Secondly, just as Bengalis name their children
with some weird names. It won’t attract an evil’s eye..
– If you wanted it different why not ‘Ni-Ka’
instead of ‘Ka-Ni’? We can do that. Not bad.
– ‘Nika’? No. They didn’t like it.
– Fine. – So.. ‘Nikah’ means wedding, right?
‘Nikah’. So.. – Have a seat.
– Let’s think something nice. Let’s think of something
that’s quite real. I mean, just upon hearing..
– Please sit.. …People should be able
to relate to it. Right. Something that also
matches with our personality. Right.
– Right. Then, it should be something
like.. Now that we’re starting
this company from the scratch. I mean, from the root.
Root net! Root net.
– Good.. Good. – It’s good, right?
– Yes.. – Root net! No?
No. No. Not Root net.
So, how about ground? ‘Bhoomi Designs’! – Absolutely!
‘Bhoomi’ means ground. It’s too high.
– No.. But it’s nice.. I mean.. It’s nice? Fine, no worries.
– We’re getting on track. Well..
– Yes. How about Mantra, Sutra?
Mantra Net? Designs? Mantra Designs? Sutra Designs?
Something like Mantra or Sutra.. ‘Design Sutra’? ‘Design Sutra’.
– That’s what I said. – Right.. ‘Design Sutra’. Exactly.
It’s nice. – It’s actually nice. It’s catchy. I think that’s it.
– That’s the best. – That’s it! ‘Design Sutra’!
– ‘Design Sutra’! We got it.. We got it!
Good! ‘Design Sutra’. That was like fantastic.
– Yes, absolutely. You hardly took a few minutes.
– Yes, I’m very good at naming. Very good. But why do they look so nervous?
– They look nervous since morning.
– Niya! Are you nervous? Well.. No.
Well.. I’m not nervous but.. This is our company’s
first project. And the meeting
with the clients on behalf of our company. So..
– So, you’re nervous? Of course, it’s called nervous.
I mean.. Why are you nervous? I have an idea for this. For this as well?
– Yes, I do. That’s amazing.
– Every problem has a solution. We have an idea for this, too.
– Absolutely. There definitely is. Okay.
– You may surely have. One, two, three, four, five.. Don’t look back all of a sudden. But there’s a boy
who’s staring at you. A ladder? Turn upon my cue. Look.. He’s nice, dear.
He’s quite handsome. Thanks.
I’m not interested. She’s not interested. What are you doing? By the way,
how are things with Kabir? ‘Just admit it
that you don’t want to help me.’ ‘I don’t want to help you.
And buck up.’ ‘Be a darn professional.
Do some work’ ‘before claiming rights,
okay? – Okay, fine.’ ‘We Net’s latest offer
is better than yours, Niya.’ ‘You changed the offer
after the meeting?’ ‘That’s called negotiation.
– That’s backstabbing.’ ‘This is business. – Guys!
– Don’t teach me business.’ ‘Oh, yeah?’ Nothing at all.
– You’re having a fight, right? No, there’s no fight as such. There’s nothing between us. You mean, even you’re not
interested in men just like me? Why? Have I asked you the reason? You may.
– I don’t want to know. You better know.
It will be of your help. It’s your chance. Six! I feel great when I get a six. Oh, no! Yes!
How about now? Your turn. Your situation is different
than mine. Three guys cheated on me. They lied to me
and cheated on me. And I just can’t stand lies. ‘I’m going with
‘We Net’s’ account.’ ‘We did match the offer
with We Net.’ ‘Exactly. ‘You revealed the offer
after the meeting?’ ‘That was a cheap shot, Kabir.’ So do I. But when did Kabir lie to you? Whatever he did
was for his business. He did it for his company. That’s not called cheating. That’s not called cheating.
– He cheated, Ms. Guneet. When I needed his support
the most, he was not here. Business was his first priority
and friendship was mine but I lost both,
business and friendship. Was what I went through
even fair? ‘I’m sorry, Niya.’ ‘I’m the Project Head
in the office.’ ‘I don’t have a choice there.’ ‘I have to be strict.’ ‘I’m sorry.
But I’m your friend here.’ ‘It’s not like
I’ll let you commit a mistake.’ Talk to him. What should I say? Talk to him. Just discuss
whatever the problem is. Talking helps. Either talk or stop being
emotional like this. Oh, God!
A snake bit me. He was my best friend. Everyone thinks that
I’ve taken him for granted. But we give some people
that right in our life that we can take them
for granted, right? If I was in Kabir’s place,
then I would help him. I would support him. Even he helped you. Many times. He helped you
every time and stood by you. We both know this. Maybe something
has happened now. But maybe he’s helpless. Talk to him, Niya. One of you has to
take the initiative, right? Take initiative and talk. Or, you may later realise
when you’re my age that he was a nice man
and you lost him. Damaged relationships
can never be fixed. Thank you, Ms. Guneet. I don’t want to talk about it. And I am sure, even you
must have experienced this in your life at my age that no matter what we think we shouldn’t do something
what we aren’t ready for. You called of your engagement
because of this, too, right? I am sorry. ‘I tried my best to be
compatible in this relationship’ ‘and to be compatible with you,
but I couldn’t.’ ‘What if I can’t be compatible
even after getting married?’ ‘It’s more like cheating,
right?’ ‘It’s unfair to you,
and to this relationship.’ ‘I don’t want to cheat.’ ‘I am really sorry.’ ‘I am really sorry..’ ‘The engagement function
for which you all are here’ ‘is cancelled.’ Niya. Niya, open the door. Open.. – Dad, just a moment,
I am getting ready. Hey! How long will it take? Listen. I need to discuss
something very important. Open. Dad.
– Open the door.. What’s wrong? – Who takes
so long to change clothes? This is too much.
And listen.. Why are you running? Listen..
What did she say? Tell me. We were not talking
about you, okay? – Okay. Dad, it’s my first meeting.
Wish me luck. – Oh. All the best.
– Thank you. Listen..
– Yes.. Kill it.
– I will kill it. Bye, Dad.
– Yes. She wants to meet me?

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