Meghan Will Move Back To L.A. When Trump’s Out Of Office, Gets Torched

Meghan Markle and her brow-beaten husband
Prince Harry ditched their jobs as Senior Royals and claimed to want to become “financially
independent.” New reports say Markle is hoping to permanently
move to Los Angeles when President Donald Trump is “out of office.” Well, that’s when Meghan got a rude awakening
as Americans torched her. Don’t miss this. Americans aren’t amused with Meghan Markle’s
antics. In fact, the D-list actress turned Duchess
who is now on the verge of being stripped of her “royal” status is overplaying her
hand with Americans. Reports are alleging that Markle was burning
up her phone hoping to get someone inside the Trump administration to give them permanent
security when they move to Los Angeles. That’s ended badly. Remember, Meghan was politically outspoken
prior to her marriage to Prince Harry — British royals are supposed to remain above the political
fray — denouncing Trump as “divisive” and “misogynistic.” “You don’t really want that kind of world
that he’s painting,” she said prior to the 2016 presidential election. She also refused to meet Trump when he visited
Buckingham Palace. So, how can she be surprised at the president’s
reaction? Trump is on the record supporting the Queen
and blasting Meghan and Harry. During an interview with Fox News’ Laura
Ingraham, the president was asked about the scandal dubbed Megxit. “I think it’s sad,” said Trump. “I do. I think it’s sad. [The Queen’s] a great woman.” “She’s never made a mistake if you look,”
he added. “I mean, she’s had like a flawless time.” “You think Harry should go back, come back
[to the family]?” Ingraham asked. “Well, I think, you know, I don’t want
to get into the whole thing,” Trump said. “But I find it, I just have such respect
for the Queen. I don’t think this should be happening to
her.” Meghan, who is running the show, reacted badly
to Trump’s words. “Part of the change was to involve a move
to ‘North America’, according to their announcement. This was initially interpreted as a reference
to Canada, where Elizabeth II is still Queen and Harry still a senior royal, as Meghan
has already traveled there with the couple’s son,” Breitbart reports. However, the Daily Mail now reports having
spoken to sources who believe Meghan’s “long-term plan” is to bring Prince Harry with her
to Los Angeles, where her mother Doria Ragland still lives, but only after Donald Trump is
no longer U.S. President. “It’s by no means an immediate thing but
there is a long-term plan to end up back in the U.S. with a second home in Canada, where
they will also spend a great deal of time,” claimed the newspaper’s source. “The couple used the words ‘North America’
in their statement about where they planned to live deliberately. It doesn’t pin them down to any one place,”
they added. Americans made it clear they don’t want
Markle and her disgraced prince living in the United States, especially after disrespecting
the president. “What absolute phony frauds. We Don’t need more #elitistFrauds moving
to the best country in the world to lecture & Insult 60+ million of us… #PhonyFrauds Reports: Harry and Meghan Want
to Move to LA – Once Trump Is Out of Office,” tweeted Colin O’Brien. — colin o’brien (@ceotri) January 13, 2020 “Good luck with that President Trump not
going anywhere losers!!” tweeted Linda Bibeau. Reports: Harry and Meghan Want to Move to
LA – Once Trump Is Out of Office. — Linda Bibeau (@LindaBibeau2) January 13,
to WAIT 5 MORE YEARS!!” tweeted Deborah Green. — deborah green (@NewaiGreen) January 13,
2020 “Dear U.K. please take back these two twits
as we are already sick of them!” tweeted Robert Philmore. — Robert Philmore (@PhilmoreRobert) January
13, 2020 “Good. That will be until 2025, if they are not divorced
by then. What do they have to contribute to this society,
anyway? We don’t need their tabloid seeking attention
and radical Left views. Stay out!” tweeted “VoxPopuli.” — VoxPopuli (@RealisMundi) January 13, 2020 “As if their marriage will last until January
2025!” tweeted Twitter user “JCD.” — jcd (@jcd1974) January 13, 2020 “Just because @realDonaldTrump made a sympathetic
reference to the British Queen…? That must have set the Duchess’ hair on
fire!!” tweeted Samantha Adams. — Samantha Adams (@Samanth78662568) January
13, 2020 “They have a long wait. America does not want them. If they can’t handle the UK they can’t
handle the states,” tweeted “Jackie O.” — JackieO #MAGA (@TheMsDlr) January 13,
2020 So not only are the Canadians rejecting Markle
and Harry but now she has pissed off the majority of Americans. By next week, there won’t be a continent
on earth who will be welcoming them at all. This entire royal scandal was a long time
coming. As previously reported, Meghan’s a real
schemer. After an underwhelming cable TV career, at
36-years-old she knew her time in Hollywood was at an end. But her voracious ambition to become one of
the most admired women in the world was just beginning, and Harry was her ticket. Markle has zero ability to recognize that
when you trash the president, who over 60 million Americans have voted for, you are
trashing them, too. No one wants her back in the United States,
and the Brits are finished with her, so Meghan Markle better wise up before its too late. She’s just disrespected the beloved Queen
and the popular American president, and she’s running out of English speaking countries
to live in.

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