96 thoughts on “McConnell Moves To Lockdown Press For Trump Trial | All In | MSNBC

  1. Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell do not want the public to see them make a complete mockery of the trial on National television nor do they want the public to hear all of the evidence being presented that would convict Trump in a real trial.

  2. He doesn’t want left wing news to have access to the footage so they can dice it up how they like.
    Watch the live televised hearings.
    Don’t watch msnbc, Fox, or cnn and their partisan diced up clips

  3. Secret TRIAL, moscow mitch?
    Stations, please sue him for violating 1st Amendment, US Constitution.
    Remember Citizens United, Corporations are people too. Sue for 1st Amendment infringement of public senate trial of the impeachment of djt.

  4. The Senate is being ran by Russian Operates, Moscow Mitch McConnel and Leningrad Lindsey Graham! In addition, Rand Paul is a Russian asset! Where are the American Patriots to stop them?

  5. The GOP needs to be punished by karma for everything they have done embracing Trump these last three-four years…

    Make it live!

  6. That treads awful close to more unconstitutional behavior. There really is no depth Moscow Mitch will sink to, is there? This is obscene.

  7. can he do that? i want to see every minute of this trial. i want republican senators to explain to me what they think & anything relevant to this trial that the reporters ask on our behalf. mitch is something else. that's why i support amy mcgrath. he is not for us, he is solely for this traitor president & he will be remembered for his unamerican handling of this trial. no matter what good things he's done for us, which i have not heard of any, they will be negated & forgotten by his loyalty to this criminal traitor.

  8. Unacceptable! We the people have a right to know everything that goes on during a presidential impeachment trial. If it looks bad for Republicans, that's their problem. They should try doing the right thing for once.

  9. This should be unconstitutional. The press and public should barge in as the republicans did on the house hearings and as they did back during the Florida recount 2000. They feel they’re entitled to what they (gop) want, then feel they’re entitled to stop others from what they (gop) don’t want.
    Hope the press sued for their rights to what are their and public’s right to know

  10. No stories today about the Project Veritas sting video showing Bernie's campaign worker threatening to throw Trump supporters and non-progressive Dems in Soviet-style Gulags for "re-education"? Weird. Seems newsworthy to me. I guess we all know now what "Progressives" mean by "Free College", hey?

  11. Two-dozen House Republicans stormed a closed-door deposition in secure House Intelligence Committee spaces to protest transparency, NOW – SEVERE Press Restrictions For Impeachment Trial… filthy republicockholster hypocrite much?!!

  12. Mitch is afraid that the American Voters will see and hear.I am still trying to understand why Republicans in the house,Fox News,and Voters are verbally attacking saying horrible things about dems.remember that one deciding vote could be someone watching ,reading the newspaper that could be a republican ,sometimes it not about money, but integrity,principles and morals. The way you treat people in these times were so much hate is going on.Shame on Hannity for calling names,talking about Dems.Shame on the republicans in Congress.I yet to hear Dems say anything hateful about other members in congress.Our Economy is doing great wonder if Russia has anything to do with it?If we have to do taxes and show why shouldnt the president.

  13. Republican impeachment trial: what time are the strippers coming
    Mc Connell: not sure but let's take a vote after we acquit our leader of any wrongdoings

  14. Of course he wants them penned up, everytime he gets near a camera or a reporter his hypocrisy and hatred of the constitution jumps to the forefront.

  15. To Anonymous:

    Which is worse, the impact of mass resignations you described or the realization of DjT's nascent dictatorship?
    You now know that DjT does not have traits that would allow him to take advice much less to control his impulses. He never did.

    Now would be a good time for you and others to consider a mass resignation. 
    Or just you. Provide documentation.

  16. Mitch McConnell standing over the still warm dead body of democracy ""Move along nothing to see here…. what do you mean? No that not the body of democracy laying dead behind me why would you say that?""

  17. For all those trump supporters that love FREEDOM, why don't they question the Soviet style blocked hearings in the Senate. What happened to freedom of the press? Fox news will have their spin heavily coached by trump, feeding viewers lies about the hearings.

  18. He knows it will look bad for him. No more cover up Mitch .The American people want witnesses , documents, and truth without all your phoney kissing Trumps tail, lies, and corruption against our country. Your not just damning yourself your damning your country and your party defending him.

  19. Freedom of the press! and the rights of the American people to know the Truth! Mitch You represent us and your constituents! Not Donald J Trump !

  20. McConnell is a senator whom has less facts than the News. That's backward Mindedness and aloofness running the Senate. McConnell corrupt self can't even hide his lawless intentions

  21. In third world countries, not unusual for the leaders to be (at times) protecting a crooked president. In a mature democracy, the leaders will protect the country's Constitution? No?

  22. Some of Donald Trump's victims of sexual misconduct: Jessica Leeds (1980s) Kristin Anderson (1990s) Cathy Heller (1997) Temple Taggart McDowell (1997) Karena Virginia (1998) Mindy McGillivray (2003) Rachel Crooks (2005) Natasha Stoynoff (2005) Jessica Drake (2006) Ninni Laaksonen (2006) Burnett's unnamed friend (2010) Cassandra Searles (2013) Bridget Sullivan (2000) Tasha Dixon (2001) Unnamed contestants (2001) Samantha Holvey (2006)

  23. It's now clear that the whole Republican Party must be investigated . There is a reason why they are protecting Trump at any cost . What are they all hiding ???????.

  24. Cocky McConnell is now trying to control the media. Standard dictatorial nonsense. Little by little, the noose is tightening, Mitchy boy. Not so cocky anymore, are ya?

  25. My fellow Kentuckians: You have an important job to do this year. You need to remove the cancer from Kentucky if you want to protect Kentucky from Evil. Add Kentucky to the history books for having removed a disease from your great state. Be the cleanser of this cancerous maladie called Moscow Mitch. HE'S VILE. Vote him out this year so America, its Democracy and Constitution can be saved. I beg of you. Thank you.

  26. If Moscow Mitch blocks cameras and reporters from the Senate trial, Pelosi should block TV cameras from the State of the Union.

  27. The promise made and the promise kept. After 3 years of planning and preparing to impeach President Trump since he was elected from one thing lead to the other from Russian collusion and Robert Mueller to the whistler blower.Finally , Nancy Pelosi,Adam Schiff and Nedler sent the article of the impeachment to the senate. The promise made and the promise kept.In the same day president Trump also signed the trade deal with China. President Trump promised the American people to have the good trade deal with China and Mexico and Canada to protect the American workers and farmers and American industry which will create millions of new jobs. The promises made and the promises kept.

  28. Isn't gonna happen Turtle boy. Try all you want to block American citizens from their right to watch the trial and just watch what happens. He won't have to lie about the numbers of people outside the Whitehouse waiting just for him….to leave.

  29. As if a rigged trial is not enough, #MoscowMitch does his best the American people get to see as little as possible of it

    Make this traitor pay in November and fire him!

  30. Secret GOP trial in the basement without no cameras etc….sounds familiar. GOP/Trump is all about projection of their own criminal behavior.

  31. Our United States Constitution "freedom of the press ". We have a right to be there in the capital. In our capital. Impeach Mitch too. Let him recuse himself

  32. Hey Chris, your " conclusion " is laughable. That public building where the 2nd amendment doesn't apply, (except for their own security force) is now restricting your 1st amendment rights, it's simple, they realize that most of main stream media, are the vocal weapons for the Democratic party. Dems made their poorly aimed "shot" in the House, but now it's the Republican Senate's turn, and you don't like the rules being in their favor. With nearly 100% of MSNBCs coverage on Trump being negative, it's not very hard to "conclude" why.

  33. No honest media is allowed because they don't want us to see their guilty faces , as they spew the same lies we have seen and heard for 3 years.

  34. Trump starts disaster after disaster to distract from his other disasters. Soon America will be one big glob of disaster. But nobody will ever move no matter how bad it gets. Where are you going to move to, Togo? I know a place where you can go. Hide under your bed and pray.

  35. But since all of our great investigating reporters have gotten all the real news and helped exploit all their corruption Americans have no doubt you guys will find a way to show their cowardice ways # great job msnbc# they can run but they won’t be able to find a hiding place secret enough to stop America’s reporters😂😂

  36. Moscow Mitch McConnell, President Donald J. Trump and other Senate Republicans want
    to "change the overall official live feed," within complete press media coverage of the …
    Senate Republican Impeachment trial.
    McConnell's, "hide and go seek the truth" is soooooo … old school and politically wrong antics.
    This momentary "cut the live media feed" could be compared to Putin's power grab …
    to force the current Russian Prime Minister and his whole team to resign.
    Putin wants to metaphorically "cut them out" and present them as "Putin political puppets."
    The people in Russia will "see as little as possible" concerning Putin's demands to strong arm (with his G.R.U. military intelligence) … to force everyone behind Putin's brutal dictatorship,
    unwillingly … bending to his vicious goals, maligning maneuvers, to corruptly change the Russian Constitution and continue to enrich himself and others within his criminal Russian barbaric inner circle. Oh, if the Russian people protest … some people might disappear … never to be seen again … like the Chinese government law enforcement cruel tactics.
    The American taxpayers, are paying for every cent of this Impeachment trial!!!
    Senate Republican's should be completely transparent to … "publicly, without obstructive Moscow McConnell filter," present the truth and nothing but the real time … true …
    "live media feed of press interviews and reports" from this historical Senate Republican Impeachment trial.
    WOW!!! The truth, seems to be very difficult for these Trump Swamp-Era Senate Republicans.

  37. What? Now it should be clear to everybody. Innocent men don't behave like this. It is time for Donald and his supporters to go to prison for crimes and the attempt to cover them up. I call for Revolution. Throw those traitors out.

  38. Do people not realize that McConnell is trying to pull a wool over our eyes? What a Trump move. Trying to keep the Trump base blind and only get their information from Trump twitter. Take him to court for access.

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