Maii Rox Lives and Works Channel Introduction | Lifestyle Videos | My Christian Journey

hi I’m Maii Rox
welcome to my channel I wanted to give a brief introduction of what this channel
is about which is pretty much everything it’s a lifestyle channel which means
that I’ll be talking about everything from product reviews to how I raise my
kids to being an expat in Mexico and even stories about my Christian walk
and my faith there will be some silly videos there will be some
heart-wrenching videos I plan on pretty much sharing my life on every level
as much as I can and and just basically giving others a chance to learn and
probably possibly connect with somebody who’s going through something very
difficult at the moment but I’m also I’m also growing in many ways and I would
like to share that also there will be some personal personal videos and there
will be some business videos so I’m hoping that you guys enjoy the videos
that I put out if there’s anything that you ever want to know about me and I am
able to record a video on it I welcome you to just make some comments down
below I encourage you to subscribe to my channel and to you know click on the
little notification bell so you don’t miss any videos that I do put out and I
will try and put them out on a regular basis so once again welcome I hope you
enjoy all the videos that I put out and I hope they help you in some way you

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