Louise Rowe: Personal Journey – The business case for change

For me my view of
sustainability has has changed over the period that we’ve been working with A4S
but also it has changed I think within the wider environment as well, so for
example, I was probably fairly skeptical I guess in terms of some of the ability
for you to measure some of the metrics of sustainability and really how would
they necessarily change people’s views, people’s decisions and, for us, what
investments we might make. Now, I think with the changes that we’ve gone through
as a business some of it through the changes in our regulation but also how
we have approached our strategic planning and our approach to kind of
budgeting as well as looking at the long term means that it is definitely an area
that has been given more prominence , it’s an area that now we can see the
financial benefit, as well as the wider benefit of doing investments and
making sure that a lot of the outcomes and a lot of the activities and the
operational performance of our business really is sustainable.

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