Little Hannah’s Journey Christian Manga for Tots Episode 9 Happy Birthday Todd

(Beethoven’s “The Pastoral Symphony) It’s really nice today! It really is! Hi, Hannah! Will you come to my birthday party tomorrow afternoon? It’s at the Chibi Chihuahua taco restaurant! Oh… no, I’m going to a game at the church tomorrow… ..after the service. (crying) But Hannah… I’m your friend… Hannah, it’s okay if you miss one day of church. You can still learn about God many places you go. What?! That girl again?! (Sissy barks) Let’s go! (Sissy barks again) You know, Hannah, you’ll hurt Todd’s feelings if you miss his birthday party. He especially won’t be happy if you’re not there to give him a present. I don’t know what to do, then. Let me tell you a story about a man who asked God to let him know what he was telling him. After the Jews came to the Promised Land, Joshua died… ..and the Jews began to worship an imaginary god named Baal. The real God was sad, and he let mean Arabian soldiers take the Jews’ things. The Jews realized they were wrong, and prayed to God, asking him to forgive them. God sent one of his angels to talk to a Jewish man named Gideon. The angel said, “Gideon, you must take the Jews’ things back from the Arabian people.” Gideon wasn’t sure this angel was from God, so he asked God for a sign. He laid a piece of wool on the ground, and believed if the wool was wet while the ground was dry… ..the angel was from God. Sure enough, the wool was wet, and the ground was dry the next morning. But Gideon still wasn’t sure it was God’s angel who talked to him. He put the wool out again and said, “God, if you told me to take back the Jews’ things… ..let this wool be dry and the ground be wet tomorrow.” Sure enough, the wool was dry, and the ground was wet. But God told Gideon he had too many soldiers. Gideon told the soldiers to drink from a spring. Three-hundred men drank with their faces in the water, and the rest scooped up water with their hands. Gideon told the men who drank with their hands to go home, and took the rest to fight the Arabian army. He gave each of his soldiers a horn, a clay pot, and a torch. The men blew their horns, and took the torches out of the pots. The mean Arabian soldiers saw the approaching Jewish army, and ran away. The Jews got their things back, and were free again. You can ask God to help you accept whatever answer he has for your questions. What you can do right now, is to ask God to make an unlikely thing happen… ..if he is telling you to go to the party tomorrow. If it is God, he will make it happen. You’re right, daddy. God, if you want me to go to Todd’s birthday party, make the wind blow so hard… ..on that tree over there, that all the leaves will be blown off at once. (wind blowing) Thank you, God, for getting me ready to find out what you were telling me. (kids applauding) Thanks for coming to my party! Are you ready for tacos and cake? TODD: Hannah, thank you for the box of learning solids you gave me. God told me to come, so I came. Happy birthday, Todd! Mommy, can you buy me a bible? I want to read more and learn more about God! Of course, honey! HANNAH: (narrating softly) Shh! Are you ready for a Peaceful Pastime? Let’s make Gideon’s horn! You will need 2 sheets of yellow paper… ..tape, and wax paper. First, take a yellow piece of paper… ..and curl one of the corners to make a cone. Tape it so it will stay. Next, tear off a square of wax paper, and tape it over the big end of your yellow cone. Finally, tape another sheet of yellow paper to the big end of your cone… make your horn longer. To play, hum a song into the short end of your horn. The horn will play a buzzing tune. (Hannah playing horn)

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