Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. We got a new house! We got a new house! Yeah. Where are we? This one is my [inaudible 00:01:05] Is this your house? And this is the table. Yes, so we’ve come away for the weekend. It’s
the last weekend of the summer holidays and the weather was due to be good, and we didn’t
have any major work commitments. So we were like should we just go somewhere, have a little
staycation? So, we’ve got this little lodge. We’re in Norfolk, at a place called Friton
Lake and yeah, we’ll show you… it’s the first time we’ve ever been here. We arrived
last night, because the traffic was quite bad. But yeah, the boys were so excited to
be here and it’s actually really nice weather. They’ve got a pool, so we’re going to check
out the pool now, aren’t we? What’s that? My goggles. Your brand new goggles. We got these new mirrored
goggles, which are supposed to be really [crosstalk 00:01:48]. Ah! Ah! Oh, my gosh, you scared me! Hello! We’re going to the bouncy pillow now. Do you like this little cabin? Can we go to the bounce- It’s really cute. I’ll show you the view,
because the view is really beautiful. And I know I always say this, and Matt makes fun
of me, but we’re in the woodlands and it feels very Canadian. So I’ll show you the view.
It’s really cute. There’s like a little lake. This is the view. And I don’t know if you
can see it, because there’s like loads of reflection, but that is the lake. Someone’s
built a little den there. And then, yeah, it’s very very peaceful. It feels like there’s
nothing else around. So yes. And they’ve got this wraparound, what is it, veranda [inaudible
00:02:29] and the boys just keep going around and around and around.
So this is a little bit of our lodge. It’s very yellow, because it’s all wood. There’s
a dining table, kitchen, we brought the boys’ little pool table so that they can play it
and we’ve just put it on the coffee table. And then down there are our rooms. Bouncy castle. We’re going to the bouncy pillow now, we’re
just in the jungle. We thought we would just go and actually see the water. Let’s go to the bouncy castle. Yeah, but now, we’re going to go to the kid’s
play area. There is a bouncy pillow, swimming pool- We’re going [inaudible 00:03:54]. … football net, they’ve got it all. So we’re
going to take you with us… What’s that? He doesn’t like hiking, that’s for sure.
All right, so just been for a little swim, as you can probably tell. The pool here is
brand new. It was only finished last week. But now, we’re at the park with the bouncy
pillow and this little climby [inaudible 00:05:24]. [inaudible 00:05:24] Jackson, where are you? Oh, god! I’m too big
for this. Where is he? Oh, hi! I love your house. Come to my birthday, Mom. Come to your birthday? Oh, yes. Yes please. Come dance with me. Dance with you? Okay.
Now, we’re going to go for a little lunch at this pub. It looks really cute. No, oh, no. No, no, no. So, we’ve just had our pub lunch and none
of the boys wanted pudding, which is unheard of, because they was just desperate to come
back to this play area and jump on this bouncy pillow. Because, of course, after a big lunch,
you’d want to do that. Wow!
Hat daddy. I’m going up the ladder. Love it! I’m going to the top. Oh yeah.
Oh, hi. [inaudible 00:07:05] come to the zip wire.
Hey, what are you doing down there? Wow! Whoa!
Yeah, mate? Quarter past [inaudible 00:07:43] Oh, no. We’ve got a problem. What is it? He’s asleep. He’s not asleep. Just looking behind you. It’s like 4:00, isn’t it? Yeah. Oh. They’ve had such a full on day though,
just falling asleep. Mommy was rocking him. Just for a break. He’s so heavy.
All right, so we’ve been out playing all day and we’re trying to get the boys- [inaudible 00:09:04] … back to the cabin, yeah. And we finally
ran out of snacks and drinks, so we finally convinced them to come back with us. So it’s
about 4:00, and Jackson’s fallen asleep, as you saw. But we’re going to go back to try
and feed the kids and then they want to go back, again. But yeah, it’s taking us forever
to walk back to the cabin, because each time we start walking, we see another park, another
fun thing to do, so then we stop and play on that. But yeah, we’re nearly there.
It’s okay, we’ve managed to wake him up. And he’s using Daddy as a seesaw. [inaudible 00:09:43] You’ve got Peppa Pig. Oh!
All right, so the boys have just finished dinner and we’re just going to hang out in
the lodge for a bit. There’s a random movie on TV and Matt has actually just gone out
to the supermarket, because we’re already running out of milk. So, he’s gone to get
a few bits, and the boys are just playing on their little, fake pool table. They really
love it and it’s quite a nice one for them to learn. Obviously, they have to think about
angles and getting along with each other while they’re playing. And they tend to play it
for quite a long time, so we’re sort of watching a movie and doing that, and we might then
go back out again to the playground. They just love it here and it’s actually so nice
to get loads of fresh air and be out in the wilderness and stuff. And actually, I don’t
know if I’ve mentioned this, but the cabin we’re staying in has no Wi-Fi. So, either
way, it’s actually really nice that you have to switch off and just spend time with them.
Sometimes, I’m like oh, I really want to check Instagram, and obviously I can’t. But yeah,
it’s nice to be off grid for a little bit. [inaudible 00:10:51] What’s the password? Is it poo? Yeah! [inaudible 00:10:57] the password. I got the password [crosstalk 00:11:00]. Password. [inaudible 00:11:01] What’s the password? [inaudible 00:11:07] What’s the password? We’re off, out, again now and we’re going
to the playground and the bouncy pillow again. But after we’re walking, Fraser just said
the cutest thing. What did you say? The half of this part of me is English and
this half is Canadian, because I’m right footed in football, and my left foot is my weak foot,
so Canadian. So, Canadian. Canadians are not good at football,
apparently. Yeah, but it’s still- Except for some of them are. … but my weak foot is still good. Yeah. The boys are talking about how they’re
half Canadian, which is really cute because they’ve been in England. I don’t feel like
we talk about it enough, really. Da-da. Da-da. Best word. Da-da. Da-da. Funny story. When Fraser was like,
he was probably Jackson’s age, or maybe three or four years old, and I said to him “You’re
half Canadian” and he went “I am not and alien!” We’ve now come back to the pub and we’re just
playing one of their boardgames. It is Guess Who?. Is yours green? No. Okay, close all the greens. Is yours white? Oh no. Uh, no. Is yours brown? Pardon? Is yours brown? Yeah. We can close everything but the brown stuff. Is yours green? So we’re all done at the pub, and guess where
we are! Skateboard! Skateboard! Skateboard! We seriously need one of these in our garden.
Oh my god. Don’t hurt yourself. All right, so we’re going to make our way
home now, because we just realized it’s about to get dark and both of our phones have died.
So we don’t have a flashlight, so we need to hurry and get home. And also, I had enough
on the trampoline. I’ve had three kids, if you know what I’m saying. So, we’re going
to go home, get these guys to bed and watch a film. So, I think I might vlog tomorrow.
I’m in the mood for vlogging, so see you tomorrow. I’ve got to show you the cutest thing ever.
Look at these boys. We’ve got Caleb in his bed, Fraser in his bed… Oh! And who’s that?
Are you sleeping with Fraser tonight? Yeah? He wants to sleep with Fraser, instead of
his [inaudible 00:14:27]. Oh, look, he’s going. Hi guys! Today, the boys have had breakfast
and been to the bouncy pillow again. But now, they’re actually going to try horse riding
for the first time ever. They offer it at the resort that we’re staying at, so I thought
why not put them on to have a lesson, because Caleb, in particular, loves animals, and I
think he’ll just really really enjoy it. He’s obviously five. Fraser is eight. So, Caleb,
because of his age, he’s on a little pony called Bailey and Fraser is on a slightly
bigger horse called Whinney. So, I’ve brought them over. They’ve gotten to their horses
and they’ve kind of gone for a walk around the resort with the instructors. So yeah,
I’m just kind of sitting here, waiting for them to get back, but it’s a beautiful day
and I think they’re really going to love it. So, I was asking [inaudible 00:15:18] and
then he said okay. And then he says hey back [inaudible 00:15:26] So, what did you think of horse riding? It was really good. Yeah, you liked it? Yeah. Yeah? And what did the horse do? Caleb’s one did a poo while I was walking,
then right after it just went… did so many farts. The most important bit for kids, isn’t it?
Oh, that’s good. Did you like it? You look scary. Yeah. Did you enjoy that? Yeah. Yes? Yeah, did you like- Yeah! Should we get a horse? I’m going to throw him in the poo. Daddy was like “I really hope they don’t enjoy
it, because that is a really expensive hobby.” Mom, [inaudible 00:16:08] think we should
throw him in the poo! No, don’t put him in the horse poo. Now, where
are we going? The bouncy pillow! Again! Right. You want me? Right now, we’re
back at the zip line. Aren’t we? Yeah, so we’re just going to have some fun on this
again. We’re back from the zip line and I think the
rest of this vlog is just going to be them on the bouncy pillow again. So, I think I’m
going to end the vlog here. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this and
I’ll see you in my next one. Bye guys!


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