Learn Airport English Vocabulary | Fluent English for TRAVEL with TV Series

And if you’re new here well every week we make fun lessons just like this one so that you can confidently understand natives without getting lost without missing the jokes and without subtitles like Ghaisa who says that she’s no longer
scared when natives speak fast and your native comprehension is going to
increase a ton too just hit that subscribe button and bell down below so yo don’t miss any of our new lessons Hey! Do you want to improve your vocabulary and master American pronunciation so that you can confidently
understand fast speaking natives? Well we’ve got a fun and powerful way for you to do it with our Fluent with Friends course. This course will take you on an adventure learning English with the TV series friends which
is highly regarded not only as one of the best TV series of all time but also
one of the best to learn English with every week you get PDF power lessons
vocabulary memorization software and so much more plus you will never be alone
in your learning because you also get access to our global community of
learners from all over the world the fluency circle the best part is you can
try that all for you right now with our three-part master class all you have to
do is click up here or down description below to learn more and sign up and
we’re really looking forward to meeting you inside Hey so after you finish this lesson the next step in your English
learning journey is to learn some English for when you get to your hotel
with this lesson you can check that out up here or down description below after
you finish this video All right I hope you’re feeling excited and confident about your next trip and
we may not be able to help you in packing your suitcase but at least you
won’t forget anything with your English now check out this other lesson teaching
you English for the hotel or this other lesson that you’ll love now it’s time to
go beyond the classroom and Live your English! Aww yeah!

64 thoughts on “Learn Airport English Vocabulary | Fluent English for TRAVEL with TV Series

  1. Wow Great, can't wait my most fav series & learning English with it through this great channel, Thank you Ethan you are wonderful. Your lessons improved by vocabulary & helped to build my confidence.

  2. Aww yeah! OM goodness, I'm sooooooooo excited ?and can't express my feeling in words ? hey hey ! Wait ,suddenly I realised that I'm understanding this language crystal clear,absolutely clear.? without any barrier like I'm watching all these in my mother tongue , hey Ethan and the whole team of learn english with TV series, see you guys, what u've made me, a best.? cool ?and a confident girl who can speak and understand English language very smoothly and confidently infront of any one, I feel more fearless and comfortable in this language now, this is all because of you guys and my favourite one Ethan, love you all guys ?and a big thanks from the bottom of my heart ??

  3. Ethan,will you please make a video on Charlie puth's song?
    Oh… Maharashtra is where I live !!
    Glad to hear the name of my state??

  4. I love watching your videos. I have learned many phrases of English and now I can talk English fluently. So I am ready for my next journey. I hope your video will help me and everyone in the future. Thank you very much.A love from
    – Asif Tanjim

  5. Awww yeah! The next great lesson! Thank You so much! I love this channel, You taught me many important and interesting things, thanks to You i loved english even more, You are the best teacher ❤ Greetings from Poland

  6. Athan thanks for ur videos.Please make a lesson with Middle school:The worst years of my life!Pleeeeeeeeeaaasssssseeeee!

  7. Who want practice with me english but , i know poland ukrainian russian and kazakhstan language instagram : @yarek_kimar i from ukraine

  8. I'm so gratefule 4 improvin my english it's completly diffrent to what i 've learnt in high skul i'm fatima from leb luv u my best enghlish teacher at all

  9. I'll gonna saved it and wait till Corona virus is over and travel to anywhere I want speaking good English too???or I should just go to the airport and try speaking English ?

  10. Once we've got 15 hours delay. That was enough to enforce the airline to transform passengers to a hotel to spend the night after protest because 8 hours waiting in the airport. The reason of the delay was because a damage of the landed airplane's tale caused by lightning before it comes to us. That was the excuse we got

  11. I'm grateful with you and your videos!
    I'm not a native speaker but since a keep on watching your channel … I have improved my English !!

  12. Please create a video for teaching with The Walking Dead especially the parts that Eugene talks, lots of vocabulary and pronunciations.

  13. Interesting concept though I am old school! If you would like to better your overall English ability kindly take the time to view my profile and I will be able to improve your abilities across all five key areas ( Speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar), look forward to hearing from you, take care!

  14. Thanks you man . Now I opened up my YouTube channel and became a teacher just like you thank you again. I hope you all subscribe to it .

  15. I'm very thankful to your channel. Your videos are very interesting and you teach English in a very entertaining way. Because of you now i can understand fast native speakers easily.

  16. Hello I already bought the the course but I don't see how to connect me with that global community that you mention. I need help with that please

  17. Ethan, I would like to thank you for giving us such platform through which we are learning English with enjoyment ?As well as it's a good opportunity for us to meet people from different parts of the World ? Again very thank you from the bottom of my Heart ?

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    THANKS !

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