So? what about the parking lot? Uh… parking is $10 a night It’s gonna be 30… uh… It’s gonna be $20 It’s all right uhh.. I’m lost where are we going ? that should be over there… 1..3..3 So.. 1..3..2 1..3..3 1..3..3..4..1.. We have 5 there is only 4 here We need to go upstairs maybe 1..3..3..4..1! It’s here Fail the bathroom We have a bathtub and a shower and the restroom let see the view if we can no.. we can’t are you coming ? Do you sleep well ? yeah.. I sleep well Beds were comfortable right ? yeah!! really confortable! Oh! There’s a lot of stuff here damnn! you have a real stick! yeah… I can kill some people oh.. we can go upstairs come on! put your money! PUT YOUR MONEY We are not in the same casino all casino look the same I don’t understand.. I never won Did you put 8 ? tell me that I clicked on 8 Oh yeah! 30$ in capital GO for it! What a man this Quentin It’s nice with the Christmas decorations It look amazing.. Scary but amazing Comfortable? yeah! You have those who leave and the ones who are coming

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