Krannert Landings: Travis Carroll, Weekend MBA Journey

[MUSIC] I’m currently a business development
representative at Conga. Conga’s a software company,
we handle document generation and contract management. My day-to-day, I handle leads,
I make calls to prospects, I figure out ways to earn new business
using different types of reporting. I went to Purdue for my undergrad, I got an undergrad degree in
organizational leadership and supervision. I was there for four years,
played basketball there as well, so got a lot of good experience in
the classroom and on the court. I coached basketball for
one year at University of Indianapolis. I decided I wanted to kind get into
more of a business type role, so I started working at
Lids up in Zionsville. And kind of realized at that point,
I wanted to better myself, further my educational background, so
I started looking at MBA programs. The Krannert weekend MBA
really caught my eye. And one of the main reasons I chose the
weekend MBA program over any other program was, I can get my MBA in 18 months. Where I’m looking at other schools, I’m
going to class on Tuesday, Thursday, and it’s gonna take me three years. That doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Whereas I can go on every other Saturday,
get an MBA in 18 months. So that made it kind of an easy choice for
me. The Krannert weekend MBA program, one of the really cool aspects
of it was the team aspect. We had engineers, we had sales reps, all from different backgrounds of
the world on my team, also in the class. So you really have a lot of
different unique backgrounds, unique cultures that you can talk to and get a wide breadth of knowledge from,
in terms of networking and next steps. I think it opened the doors for
me to get the job here at Conga. Having the MBA I think stands out, especially when it’s from
a recognized school like Krannert. It speaks a lot of value as
to who you are as a person. Has really helped me be able
to think more strategically, just from stuff I’ve learned in
the classroom, analytical, reporting, being able to handle certain situations. So I think that has helped
me in this nine months. And I think when I look to see what
I’m gonna do next in my career, the weekend MBA program is always
gonna be there behind me and kinda pushing me to my next role. [MUSIC]

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