Krannert Landings: Shane McGuire, His Journey

[MUSIC]>>I am a friendly brand manager
of innovation at Hello Products. We are a naturally friendly
oral care company. We are in pretty much every major retailer
across the country but we do toothpaste and dental floss and mouth washing,
toothbrushes, that sort of thing. We just believe in putting out
the friendly towards everything. There’s enough negativity out there in
the world and anything we can do to build positive vibes, even that comes down
into the ingredients that we put in our products,
we put naturally friendly ingredients. So, we keep all the good stuff in,
all the bad stuff out. So you know that you’re really getting
the optimal care for your mouth. But on top of that, it’s just, it’s all
about how people wanna be communicated to, and that’s why the name
of the company is Hello. I studied mechanical engineering for
my undergrad. And in order to pay for
school I did door to door sales. And I had a really good time, I’d led a
bunch of teams, had some really successful summers and realized that I wanted
to pursue a career in business. Selling somebody of one thing at one
time is a relatively easier thing to do, but to convince massive amounts of people
to change consumer behavior is tough. And that’s what brands do, and that’s why I decided to go to
Krannert to do an MBA to close that knowledge gap from the business, in the
engineering world where I previously come. While I was at Krannert I was able
to participate in a internship with TVS Motor Company. So they are a Indian
manufacturer of motorcycles. And so we got to go to India, spend
three weeks there, work on a project. And it was just an amazing experience
that do, really a psychographic understanding of consumers and why they
make the decisions that they make. Krannert opened the doors for
me to be able to be where I am right now. It opened the doors for
me to gain a skill set, to be able to pitch myself in such a way
that I could get the job that I wanted, and that has been an amazing opportunity,
and it will take me to where I
wanna go in the future as well. [MUSIC]

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