[Korea Travel Agent] Etourism 2018 Video / 이투어리즘 2018년 영상

So far, no such company / Etourism 2018 Today is the day we eat chicken stew Today as well, bright Nell manager What did you wish for? D…Do I have to tell you? Etourism group dinner Self introduction time / Lucy Hong Self introduction time / Sophia Kwon Self introduction time / Patricia Hwang Amela’s Birthday Party with dazzling applause A cherry blossom picnic in April It looks warm, but it’s actually cold… Pleasantly alone;; Appears after Live Going back, because it’s cold Drinking beer on the street? Oh~American style French Intern to go to the Azalea festival / Kevin, Camile There are actually many old people… Han river picnic in May It’s jeonse(lump-sum housing lease) It’s not jeonse, It’s cause harm Sophia Kwon A challenge for new employees to climb the Mt.Gwanak Take pictures / Smile 🙂 Conquering the Mt.Gwanak Today, he climbs the mountain. Today is the pizza party Eungsam / Yes? Etourism official birthday photo pose Appetizing~ Are you drinking a whole bottle? Cheers~ Korea vs Japan soccer game So excited. 2018 KATA Best travel agents I’m so happy~ Well-cooked meat on a fire plate A beautiful taste How’s the new drone? The picture quality is bad. Joy’s birthday party at Ashley Toast with glass of wine 2 hours before Tim fell down. I’m embarrassed;; Outback Steakhouse Birthday Party Tremendous visual 2018 Seoul Certified Quality Travel Agency Commemorative photo with the deputy mayor of Seoul A double crown Nice to meet you. Landscape viewed from the hotel #Hokaido #Fam tour #Success 2018 Company workshop Presenting hard OH! 20 point!!! Gruesome score… The prize money will later be used as a staff dinner fee! 31st Dec, 2018 / Etourism Moving Day An increasingly empty office.. The car keys that the boss broke;; New office!!!! The sunny 20th floor Full of fun 2018 is over.

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