Kitwana’s Journey

Kitwana’s Journey. This is the story of a boy named Kitwana, Who lived in Nairobi, with his sister, mother and father. A boy who laughed and played, and went to school and did all the things that children do. One day Kitwana’s life would change and not for the better, this however, nobody knew. I am lost, I can not find my way home. I look all around, but don’t know where to go. Hush hush, an Old Man said, Give me your hand, I will take you back home, These roads I understand. Poor Kitwana afraid and alone, Could this old man help him find his way home? And that was that! Off they went to Kitwana’s house, That was all that he knew. But this story could not be a story, if it ended here. Kitwana kept asking, when will we be near? They drove and drove, further and further, Kitwana started crying, He wanted his mother. “Kitwana get up!” Kitwana cut the maize! Kitwana stop being lazy, I shall punish you! This was now Kitwana’s life, He worked from sunrise to sunset, and sometimes at night. The Old Man fed him little, and beat him a lot. And even worse, In the dark of the night, When he was sleeping, The Old Man wanted more, And banged on Kitwana’s door. Two years passed, Kitwana was still trapped. But then one day, a woman came by to say, Young boy here’s some money, You must run away! Return to the city, and never look back, This Old Man is evil, His heart is all black. Kitwana ran, and ran and ran. He took a matatu headed for Nairobi. And they drove and drove and drove. And here he was finally, In the city of his home! But, which way must he go? At last Kitwana was free, but he was very very alone. Come with me, my name is Steve, you are one of us now, I’ll show you where we live. And 2 more years passed Kitwana lived with his new brothers and sisters. 2 more years passed, and his mother kept searching for him in the streets. 4 years in total, but she never gave up, till one day she found Kitwana, while he was taking a nap! Kitwana, Kitwana, my little boy! To see you today, fills my heart with such joy! Don’t you remember me? You were always mine! Kitwana, I am your mother, I never forgot this line! After 4 years apart, they were finally reunited, Kitwana, his sister, his mother, his father, reunited. Now things are much better, for our Kitwana, But he still has dreams about the Old Man, and the drugs that he took while he lived in the streets, still shake through his body, till he falls to his feet. I tell you this story, just so that you know, Kitwana was lucky to find his way back home. So many children are lost, and though never forgotten, Their families are forced to live life without them. They are taken away, Forced to work and misused. This is called trafficking, The worst of child abuse. Child trafficking is real and happens to children across the world. Kitwana is only one of the thousands of boys and girls who have been trafficked in our country. Do you know anyone who has been trafficked or is at risk of being trafficked? You can get help.

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