KARD/TAEMIN/CROSS GENE/TIA – You in Me/Move/Touch it/No More MASHUP (BY CALVOxant)

[TAEMIN] Get drunk with this strange mood. [TAEMIN] You can let yourself go. [TAEMIN] But you can’t escape from me. [TAEMIN] Right now, when we’ve become so listless. [TAKUYA] Don’t be nervous, babe. [TAKUYA] I wanna hold you. [TAKUYA] I want you. [SHIN] Don’t deny it, babe. [SHIN] I wanna hold you. [SHIN] I want you. [CROSS GENE] You and I, we’re about to touch, hey. [CROSS GENE] You and I, we’re about to touch, hey. [CROSS GENE] You and I, we’re about to touch, hey. [TIA] Look me in the eyes and tell me. [TIA] Think about this clearly. [TIA] Don’t keep running away from our relationship. [TIA] I’m lost for words. [TIA] What is this situation? [TIA] I won’t accept this. [TIA] After everything I’ve done for you. [BM] So painful, propane poured on top of our distrust. [BM] It burns and kills us. [BM] It’s too late to reverse time. [BM] We’ve come too far, this story is a NIGHTMARE. [BM] I loved you too much, you should’ve been my reason to breathe. [BM] But instead, you make me suffocate, as I’m alone in this dark room. [JIWOO] Why do you try to push me away? [JIWOO] Tell me. [JIWOO] I know you don’t mean it. [JIWOO] Why do you keep pushing me away? [JIWOO] I feel everything. [JIWOO] Why aren’t you saying anything? [CROSS GENE] You and I, we’re about to touch, hey. [SHIN] A little more, a little more, more, MORE. [SEYOUNG] Pretending not to know, pretending not to know, pretend, PRETEND. [YONGSEOK] I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, choking, CHOKING. [CROSS GENE] You and I, we’re about to touch, hey. [TAEMIN] Not a single face expression, not a single sentence can express all of you. [TAEMIN] Because we’re perfect just the way we are. [TAEMIN] Don’t even worry at all. [TAEMIN] As I expected, repeat. [TAEMIN] As I expected, REPEAT. [TIA] No more, no more. [DUA LIPA] Yeah, I- [TIA] No more, no more. [DUA LIPA] Yeah, I- [TAEMIN] In a weird mood, in a weird mood, in a weird mood, in, in, in. [TAEMIN] Escape from me, escape from me, escape from me, impulsive, im-impulsive.

100 thoughts on “KARD/TAEMIN/CROSS GENE/TIA – You in Me/Move/Touch it/No More MASHUP (BY CALVOxant)

  1. omg that outro… I got goosebumps. omg, you made them look like voodoo dolls? I have no words……………………………. calvoxant just saved 2018.

  2. I just lost my ability to breathe and speak for 3 minutes and 45 seconds………………… How is this possible? How? I hope you get noticed and someone scouts you because you need to be out there making music and video clips. You shouldn't do this for free, fam… Too good.

  3. This felt like one song. Your skills are amazing. This video… you outdid yourself, those clips…. wow…. a bit disturbuing, haha, but still amazing. I love dark concepts.

  4. Okay here goes.

    0:02 the way you connected KARD's clip with TAEMIN's clip is simply genius. The neon effects? Stunning and so professionally made. Then we have the interaction between CROSS GENE and KARD. They really look like they are at the same place (ofc, as expected because no one can doubt your video editing skills).

    1:10 – 2:06 The way you interpreted the lyrics. I got the chills with both the video edit and music and literally EVERYTHING at 1:10 – 2:06.

    And then we have 2:07 and onwards. Seriously, I don't even know where to begin there. The melody is beyond perfection and the video edit… Lord Almighty. How they dance and the lyrics gave chills to my spine.


    Also, the guy at 2:11 makes me question my sexuality. You're making me a multifandom trash. I was an EXO fanboy and now look at me.

  5. what to do while waiting for KARD's comeback.. listen to this art piece again and again..❤ i dont have enough words to tell how perfect this is..

  6. The transition from Tia into KARD at 1:20 has me shooooookkkkkkk everything strips back and builds up and it's perfect. I cannot stress the fact more that you are my FAVOURITE kpop mixer on yt

  7. Why so underrated? You're the best k-pop mixer out there. Video edit is top quality too. People are sleeping on you.



  10. Omg im late but OMG THIS IS SO GOOD😭😭 The bass, the fact that Cross Gene completed the mashup beautifully, the fact that there was a Lipa essence, all show how talented you are 😭😭

    The ending made me want for more, I love this😭

  11. You can rock any music style. I bet that if I tell you to mix the "Spongebob" theme with heavy metal genre it will still be a masterpiece.

  12. Wow! this is awesome! I love everything from the visual effects to the audio! another amazing mashup, at this point I am not even surprised by how good they are! 😄😄

  13. Not a single face expression, not a single sentence can express all of THIS ART 🌹🌹🌹 and also "As expected, REPEAT"

  14. 1:12–1:47 I think explains Cross Gene/BM/J-seph kinda does have an excuse to run away or escape, especially Cross Gene 😐😶😅😁

  15. I think this is my favorite mashup from yours!!! Eveything sounds and looks so professional!! And the songs blend so well together!! Also, I never expected to see a mashup with Tia's song out there!! Anyway, this is a really awesome mashup!

  16. Oh my gxd- wow this was really- I'm honestly just shook right now, like seriously I have no words. This literally sounded like an original song all on its own x'D I love it so much!

  17. Imagine if calvoxant made a mega mashup. With those editing and mixing skills we would all die inside.

  18. I'm still watching this. I can't stop. The more I watch it the more I love it.

  19. Oookay I especially loved thit one, both the editing and the song (it even seemed an original one lol) 😍 Ahh btw, ED SHEERAN AND HIS BACKUP VOCALS ALWAYS GET ME, I love how you use them! 😂❤

  20. i’m late!! BUT I loved this ever since I pressed play. this has so much effort, how long does it take you to make each video?? 😮

  21. At this point I just have one thing to say. Why the hell aren't you hired by any entertainment company????!!! SM, JYP, YG what are you guys doing? There's talent right here!!!!

  22. at first i thought there is VIXX song voodoo doll in this video because of the MV that was cut into it but then i read the description 😂

    btw nice mashup, it feels like an original song!

  23. I seriously can't explain how amazing your mashups are and this one is no different! I couldn't help but think though that this feels like if you were watching a late night horror movie on MTV. It got real dark real fast.

  24. How dare i be dormant for a week and not use my phone but to be honest when i came back my youtube had 52 notifications 😐 i just scrolled through them all to see if you uploaded ♥️♥️♥️✨✨ and im sure i dont really need to compliment you anymore since im sure you already know i love your work but ill do it anyway 🙏🏻♥️✨👌🏼

  25. Firstly, wow, your mixing and editing just keeps getting better and better. Some of the frames you use are really inventive and creative and you've just made it all come together so well! Secondly: thank you for alerting me to the fact that Tia has had a solo debut! I've wondered what she's been up to since the end of Chocolat.
    Keep up the fantastic work, awaiting the day when we hear you've been employed by an entertainment company!

  26. I really want to ask, though i don't know if you take reuests or not – i haven't seen a BTS don't leave me/ Lie mashup on youtube and i think it'd be interesting to see what you'd do with it! I was just asking in case you wanted to do it – Of course, if not i understand ^-^

  27. one of my friends just suggested to me the idea of a mashup between sf9 now or never and snuper tulips and i could think of no one better to ask, and i assume you have a long list of requests but i would love if you could add it ^^

  28. i know there are already a few ddu du ddu du x hellevator mashups out there, but i'd be personally curious as to how you'd put your own spin on it lol

  29. calvoxant
    Your videos never fail to impress me!
    I love youuu~

    Also, guys, it's my birthday today, so I released a remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P22w6iBdgY
    It would be so sweet to get more views….
    I turned 18 today heh
    That video is a birthday present to anyone who watches.
    From: Me 🙂

  30. Wow this is amazing! I think BTS's Idol x Cross Gene's Fly (and maybe G IDLE's LATATA too) would also go well together, both very upbeat and hype.

  31. I am.
    I am shaking.
    Oh my gOSH, this mashup just never slowed down?? It just kept building and building and building and then climaxing and climaxing and climaxing and cLIMAXING and my heart legit raced at several moments???? One word: BREATHLESS. The moment those soft beats with the Don't Recall melody and piano chords began in the first few seconds, then BOOM — bass drop with Taemin's gentle vocals and your bright neon editing. There's such a wonderful contrast between light/color and darkness/grittiness to match the way the song PICKS UP and then slows down to this beat that's either ominous or soothing (hard to decide??) and then it starts building up again to the next powerful pounding beat and chorus! I don't know if this is just something I haven't noticed in previous videos, but you edited the clips of different songs' choreography together to perfectly match with the mashup (2:06–2:23 especially got me) as if they were all made for this particular song in the first place! The story itself is gruesome and dark, and so beautifully portrayed with the blood, roses, and corrupted video as repeating motifs. The way some shots look like photos taped/pasted into a scrapbook, others on a vintage television, really reinforce the concept of "remembering lost love" that's especially prominent in You In Me and No More. You even used the VIXX voodoo dolls, I'm HOLLERING!! The words "beautiful nightmare" popped into my head while I was watching and I think it's a perfect description of this mashup's storyline, oof. The parallels between the man on the table and the voodoo doll…the perfect synchronization and melding between Tia's dancing and Taemin's choreo…. You're killing me, calvo, hhhHHHHHHHH.

    T….The…..music…………….I'm dying. The sweet, sultry vocals, the booming drums, the synths, the way the tempo of the song keeps pushing and pulling?? Again it keeps picking up and then slowing down in just the right places to create this sort of tension that keeps you on edge. BM's rap over the synth/rippling bass(? I'm not very familiar with music production terms so I'm not sure what it is, jdsfjkldsjklfds) of Move made my jaw drop. 2:30 with the French horn playing in bursts till the end is such a perfect touch, how the drums at 3:12 match with the kicks on the door, the neon moon being circled in time to the Touch It ribbon choreo….. The "(S)Laughter" and then that 3:25 transition between Tia and Koharu's spin, PLEASE, I'm actually dying. I'm telling you the truth when I say that in several places through my first time watching I had to hold my breath to stop myself from SQUEALING OUT LOUD at everything I heard (my parents were watching TV in the same room while I'm on my laptop)!! 2:45 IS EASILY THE MOST HEART-STOPPING SONG OUTRO I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE, OH DEAR GOODNESS, TIA'S VOICE BEING SUDDENLY JOINED BY DUA LIPA'S HIGHER-THAN-THE-HEAVENS NOTE AND THEN 3:05 TAEMIN REPEATING HIS VERSE OVER AND OVER WHILE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC POUNDS. THE ENDING, TOO, HOW THE SONG STRIPS ITSELF TO BITS AND THEN WARPS OUT IS SO PERFECT I NEED TO LIE DOWN, AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

    I feel like I have so much to say but I can't find the words??? This is such a dark, gorgeous rendition of these songs and uGH this is so going on my phone playlist. It's a horror story about love and you've made the perfect mashup to tell it in song form. I already know this is gonna be stuck in my head all night long, so THANKS CALVO ILY. :DDDDD

  32. It's October. I am gonna be obsessed with this brilliant piece of horror again. Still think this is your darkest most haunting so far, even after countless watches the way the clips are edited still have me at the edge of my seat.

  33. omgggggg I cant stop listening thissssss,Cross gene is on this mashup too Im so so happy,and its really super mashup I listening to it more then week😍😍🖤

  34. hello yes, it's me again LOL. Just passing by to say that, that mashup gave me goose bumps and since then, it has become something of an addiction for me. Seriously, give me some talent!

    Lets be friends?


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