Journey into the 12th dimension

a point point expands into a line this is 1st dimension or 1D 1D is red upper left corner shows 1D red fades away expanding, red fading away rotation begins line expands into a square this is 2nd dimension or 2D upper left corner shows 2D 2D is red red fades away expanding, red fading away square expands into a cube this is 3rd dimension or 3D upper left corner shows 3D 3D is red red fades away expanding, red fading away cube expands into a hyper-cube this is 4th dimension or 4D upper left corner shows 4D 4D is red red fades away expanding, red fading away this is 5th dimension or 5D upper left corner shows 5D 5D is red red fades away expanding, red fading away this is 6th dimension or 6D this is 7th dimension or 7D 8th dimension or 8D 9th dimension 10th dimension 11th dimension 12th dimension Expansion ending

100 thoughts on “Journey into the 12th dimension

  1. 3 dimensions of space, 3 dimensions of time, 3 dimensions of universe, 3 dimensions of conciousness. 12d one requires piD to get over the next dimension. In our universe we could have had only 1 dimension of space, 1 dimension of time, 1 dimension of universe and (pi-3) dimension of conciousness.

  2. conceptually would i be right to say this is all about a box and it's relative relationship with itself on a dimensional scale?

  3. Everyone is arguing over whether 2D girls or 3D girls are better, but I'm over here with my 12D waifu laughing at them

  4. until someone use something shapeless to describe more than 3 dimensions I'll be convinced. I'm trying to find answers to the shapeless vivid and hyper dimensional object I see in my dreams. I've had this dream 4 times now

  5. 1 believe that the best way to explain the complexity of the 10th dimension shape is that of two geometrically perfect diamonds quantumly entangled with one another

  6. this is how i understood that the distortion is an illusion from 4D i didnt saw any distorting cubes

  7. That just doesn’t make sense if human kind can actually build a structure like this in real life

  8. The 5 dimensional sphere would look on two dimensional paper like a cross sign surrounded with four Ing runes or try to imagine a cube being dimensiolized in all four corner directions and not just one as in three dimensional Imaging and double from there for the greater dimensions petting x-y the same object on top of it counterclockwise like forming a cross… eventually it all looks like a highly complex yggdrasil… Could it be that the norse knew about the higher dimensions before we started to comprehend them mathematically…?

  9. This man is shit awesome
    He simulated 12th dimension years before interstellar released.

  10. So basically from 1d to 2d is just 2 lines then connected and same thing for 2d the same shape is doubled then connected

  11. 1d ok lol.
    2d eazy.
    3d ok.
    4d w-what is this.
    5 uhh… ok.
    6 wtf.
    7d HUMAN = 3D BUT CAN MAKE 4D 5D….
    8d ….
    9d so….. more?.
    10d lol.
    11d wait.
    12 d its reapeat…lol.
    13d (and more) brain.exe has stopped working

  12. Tootpicks. Optical illusions. Möbius strip. Somehow this seems like a combination of those two concepts, on steroids.

    Because ironically, it seems like this can be built with toothpicks. Adding a twist of optional illusions (the infinitely ascending staircase for example) and Möbius strips.

    But ultimately, if you could build this with toothpicks in 3D planeit wouldnt be anything beyond 3D because it is existing in this realm of toothpicks.

    So thus, it's a scam 3D on ocular visual steroids

    Thought it's not fair to try to represent 12 dimensions on a 2 dimensional screen.

  13. humans who are 11 dimensional beings will be able to create stable wormholes, black holes, and even meet god. 12 dimensional beings.. that IS god.

  14. I understand space time and the 4th and 5th dimensional physics but if I understood this type of physics this would take me to a higher plain of existence.

  15. It's even difficult for scientist to describe 4th dimension and for us to visualize it !! And this video is teaching us about12 D ! We are fools 🤣 !!

    If the video maker is so intelligent then just describe me about any colour ! How can you describe colour?

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