Join me for Embracing Your Earth Journey

Are you a missionary of the
heart with an expansive spirit and a vision for change? Do you care deeply about
humanity and all the beings of planet Earth? Do you struggle with feelings of
overwhelm despair, anxiety and powerlessness about the
apocalyptic times that we’re living in? Do you sometimes wonder why you
signed up to be human at all, or whether it’s even possible to
survive, let alone thrive, as a conscious and compassionate
human being in this world? Hi, I’m Stephanie Briggs. As an
intuitive healer, artist and highly sensitive human, I’ve
struggled with these same feelings and questions. I’ve wondered how it is that we
can learn to access more of the power that’s available to us in
this lifetime. That’s why I created Embracing
Your Earth Journey, a free online interview series that
will activate and inspire you to step more powerfully into your
human experience in service of individual and collective
evolution. I’ve gathered some of my
favorite teachers, healers and visionary leaders to explore how
we can heal, grow and thrive as whole and empowered human beings
in this Age of Apocalypse. In these 12 soulful and
illuminating conversations, we’ll be talking about how, when
you integrate and express the whole of who you are as a divine
human being, you have the power to co -create your life and your
journey. It’s time to get free from the
lineage and paradigm of powerlessness. Being human isn’t easy, but if
you’re here, then I believe you have what it takes, and you
don’t have to do it alone. Join us to discover how you can
cultivate and nurture aliveness, connection, freedom and healing
on all levels of your being. We’ll be talking about leading
with your divine humanity, how to hear and trust your
intuition, the nourishing power of
creativity, ancestral reclaiming and
re-indigenization how you can activate your
courage and use your voice to speak truth, and much more. When we align with the whole of
who we are, we can individually and collectively catalyze
profound change in service of sustainable life for all beings
on our beloved planet Earth. I hope you’ll join me and a
global community of humans who care for Embracing Your Earth
Journey. All you need to do is sign up at
the link below to receive free access to all 12 interviews. We start on April 7. I’ll see
you there!

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