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hey guys and welcome back to my channel
so I’m really sorry that I have no makeup on and that the lighting of this may be super odd, If I look to the side it’s because I’m looking at the screen
because I am filming this off my phone I left my camera at my dad, so I need to
pick that up over the next couple days because we are going away to my granddad’s and I need to be
able to film while I am there, so that is one of my many jobs to get done over the
next couple of days also if I look over here it is because I am looking at my
iPad at my notes so just to give a quick introduction to this video it is the
first film video of 2020 if you didn’t know I go to the cinema quite
frequently thanks to my unlimited Cineworld card.
if you want to know more about that click up here and you can watch my
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personal opinion and thoughts and hopefully this review will make it
easier for you guys to decide if you if you want to go to see the movie or not.
so the movie I am reviewing is obviously playing with fire which you will have
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it’s just down there it’s just one click and let’s just get on into it so the
film is called playing the fire it contains some rather famous faces like
John Cena but to just give you a really quick plot intro or over line of what this
film is and so what to expect in straight-laced fire Superintendent Jake
Carson and his elite team of firefighters came to the rescue of three
siblings they quickly realized that no amount of training could prepare them or
their most challenging job yet. Babysitting.
As their lives jobs and fo get
turned upside down the three men soon learn
children much like fires are wild and unpredictable so obviously this film is
aimed the kids around the age of 10 11 and it stars John Cena it is a family
comedy it is roughly about an hour and a half long and it was released in the UK
at least on December 26, 2019.
It was directed by Andy fickman.
I hope you’re enjoying my copies debut in this little film if you want to see more of her or
what I have filmed about her already that will be linked up here in the iCard
and down below it had a budget of twenty nine point nine million u.s. dollars and
as for the film itself if you’ve seen the trailer
honestly the trailer does not do it the movie justice in my opinion there are
some quite emotional moments in it and there are some hilarious moments in it
who some of the other actors in this movie are keegan-michael key
Brianna hilburn Dennis Haysbert and July Greer even.
My honest thought really on it is that the movie was funny you’ve got to see some of John Cena’s
more classic moves if you have seen him wrestling he weaves his face back
and forth saying you can’t see me you got to see that in the movie I think
aspect of his character dating kids at that age isn’t really care about so much
I think there is certainly some adult humor in there which have obviously been
put in there for the adults who have to take these kids to this movie I have to
admit I guess the funniest part is is that this film truly is three kids
taking ripping these guys to pieces yeah there’s four guys in this film that
are in the depoy with three kids and they’ve run a riot
they run the Depot they get away multiple times again in trouble and the
guys never seem to be able to keep up but you also see this bond between
Jake Carson so John Cena’s character and three kids sort of beginning to blossom
and when they get stuck and in trouble near the end
so they run away due to being told they have to go into care and be separated
which if you haven’t seen this film bit spoiler he does what any parent would do
and that’s going to rescue them and I think that’s sort of the Moral
that anyone can be a parent and you can make your own family, do I think that the
editing was probably not the greatest yes I think the story got a little lost
in the middle probably anything they were having too much fun with the antics
and there was more on that action side of it and maybe steering the story in
the direction they wanted it to go in so in the middle it’s sort of heavily
pigley I love action and a lot of stuff sort of foam and water and bubbles and
then action of them running off and getting stuck in the mud and the quad
bike kind of falling into the lake yes because she forget to put the handbrake on and all these
things and I think that that’s kind of sad do you have sort of a good beginning
a good ending and then I’m a okie middle with lots of jokes and it’s certainly
funny and I don’t think any kid of the age that it’s aim for is truly gonna
care anything and do it greatly I would just like to put out that even though it
is a PG it does have some rud humor some suggestive material and mild peril
so John Cena gets set on fire that’s quite a bit of fire obviously the kids
are stuck in fire this film is made by Paramount Pictures which is basically
Nickelodeon it was written by Dan ewen so yeah out of five stars I’m going to
give this a three it’s not the worst movie I’ve seen it’s not the best movie
I’ve seen it’s somewhere in the middle quite frankly I think it could have been
better I think there’s multiple things it was either edited and directed wrong
or there was a miscommunication somewhere I’m not entirely sure but that’s okay it’s a
good movie for kids probably that something a adult on their own wants to
see I enjoyed it I thought it was a good giggle as I said got a little ask a
little emotional you got to see John Cena cry you got to
hear about the kids stuff story and how they lost their parents and it coming
full circle and a kid slandering the lip of John Cena’s character and the John
Cena’s character and the biologist just got married all these things wait
it had a very happy ending it’s it is what it is
thank you for watching this video you guys if you liked it give it a big
thumbs up for me and also comment down below what was the last movie you saw as
well as commenting it down below if you are planning to go see playing with
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