1. Please Peter give me an opportunity to talk to you I would love to speak with you I’m from Islamabad pakistan but i live in Houston so I hope I can talk to you

  2. Man you’re a real American soul you learn other culture you respect all people and expose the beauty of every culture proud of you man that’s what I want to see

  3. You were surprised when you’ve heard Yemen has the best coffee in the world. The coffee from Yemen is the one that is called Coffee Arabica. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it before

  4. As that man said thank u for shown people what's Islam,hijab,saudi look like 💕 that's our culture,religion, traditional
    And plz tell other Tourism that we go out at night we're vampire coz the sun is so hot😂😂
    but also we have cold weather in south and north of kingdom 🤙🏼
    And again we love our political

  5. النقاب اختياري .. اوكي صح ممكن ليه لا
    لكن محاميه و دكتوره عيون ؟؟؟ اوفر 🤣🤣🚀🚀

  6. Peter the video is great . And I liked it
    But one world from and remember it
    I lived in saudi Arabia 27 years I'm doctor even I was born there I'm not Arabic guy but these people are Liars not all of them but 80 % no respect . No rights after 27 years from living there I still treated as in new guy come to country and they stole me
    graduated from medical school in Saudi Arabia and after graduation and started looking for job. I looked for 50 hospital and they did not accept me because I'm not Saudi and some of them told me you didn't have any experience. That is a Madness. I graduated from that country from where I can get the experience
    And through the internship 4 years ago in hospital government hospitals and saw things. I didn't believe it until now.
    And one guy had cut in one lower lamp. He came to the hospital and they called the Neurosurgery & the plastic surgery and they called the general surgery the orthopedic surgery. He was in his home. And after that he didn't want to get up from the sleep he told the surgeon close his limp and threw the leg outside because I think he passed more than 12 hours and the limp got ischemia
    He didn't look even .
    The patient was ok and the leg healthy
    This simple example there are so many things I know it

  7. I was born and lived in Jeddah, Jeddah, a beautiful city with good people
    إللي لابسه عدسات مرررره لا وربي مو لايق عليها

  8. كل الحب والتقدير للبنت المنقبة. اخر المقطع.. . علمت أناس والأجانب انها حره بنقابها وعفتها ولا احد اجبرها .. وهي دكتوره ومحامية ..احترمت نفسها و أطاعت ربها. . فرفع الله لها قدرها وشئنها

    والله ان الاجنبي كان نظرته للمنقبه نظرة حب وإعجاب واحترام
    غير السلق الي كل وحده كاشفه وجها وتخف دمها وتستهبل .. لا هدف لهن في الحياة ولا علم.. . تقول حمير جرب

  9. The woman at 16:35 she meant that she is a professor who teach Law in University (that what we called our university teachers in Saudi Arabia) not a real doctor in a hospital 😁 … Thank you for this great video

  10. Peter Santenello I feel that Saudi Arabia has brought the best in you.. Between your first video of SA and this one, you're clearly warmer, happier and more relaxed. I wish you can stay here longer, it definitely suites you 😉.. Much respect from Riyadh 💚

  11. معلومة حاب أقولها للإمعات اللي مسوين فيها أوبن مايند أصحاب العقلية التبعية
    ترا الغرب يحترم من يتمسك بدينه ويعتز بهويته ويحتقر المقلد والتابع له

  12. Love from Pakistan , let's not abandon Quran and Hadith of our beloved prophet , whom has United the hearts of the believers . We treat all non Muslim well .

  13. البنت المنقبه بآخر الفيديوو مااجملها عندما قالت ارتدائي للنقاب ليس بسبب عائلتي ولاأي احد .. انه خياااااااري 👌👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. That's because you are Western!!! They treat people of their religion harshly. They will give you thousands of riyals of salary for a job and a meagre amount for the same job to a person like me. Doesn't matter where I studied, my nationality would disable me to ever be treated with respect, hospitality, etc. because I am not white or Western. So easy for you to say the nice things because you are treated that way.

  15. Saudi Arabia value your money, not your humanity.
    A country with soo much wealth ,squandered away ,spending billions on bombs and guns.
    Now facing deficits,wants to become liberal. Killed thousands of their Yemen neighbours.
    You should be ashamed promoting this crap.

  16. That woman at the end was trying to say that she has a doctorate in law as in a PhD .. not that she's a medicinal doctor 😅… Welcome to Saudi 🇸🇦… Come to alqaseem if you like to see lots and lots of green fields…

  17. I hope to visit because until now we hear only bad things and bad behaviour to women. Those videos are very nice. Grretings from Greece.

  18. مااعرف ليش هل امريكي مهتم كثيييير ف الامور الي قاعد تحصل ب السعودية وعن الدين والثقافة والتحرر ……؟ ؟؟

  19. Thank you so much for introduce Saudi Arabia , and giving an opinion for some people in other countries that sees Saudi Arabia in a nigative way , and I hope from you to inroduce other Arab countries

  20. Do you know .. in saudi arabia there is no homeless
    The reason is The people are generous and hospitable
    You can't stay one month without cash or credit card 💳 only say Salamo Alikom

  21. We film natural sound and sight video's and have been so inspired by your intimate and fascinating introduction into Saudi Arabia that it's made us very much want to visit. You've done a wonderful thing in bringing us this insight into Saudi people, not politics. Thank you Peter, we look forward to more.

  22. مرحبا بك في السعوديه 💐
    انت رجل إيجابي وتحب ان ترى الأشياء على حقيقتها وهذا شيئ ممتاز ويعود بالنفع عليك وعلى الآخرين
    لقد رأيت فيديو زيارتك للمناطق الجنوبيه بالسعوديه
    وقد سرني ذالك كثيرا فأنا من أبناء المنطقه والتنقل كثيرا بين جازان وجده
    ايضا يوجد في قناتي بعض الفيديوهات عن منطقة جيزان وجده ومكه وبعض الأماكن الاخرى لك مني كل الود والاحترام 💐

  23. Respetados subditos de Mi reino



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  24. الدولة المحبوبة لأغلب الجزائريين هي السعودية، أرض العروبة و الإسلام. الله يديم عليها الأمن و الرخاء، تحياتنا من 🇩🇿

  25. Hey Peter awesome video. Just a correction for your video description, the coffee shop you were in with Areej is called Brew 92 not Cup & Couch 😁😎 let us know next time you're in town for some food experiences !

  26. Saudi people have been wronged for quite a long time. It's all because of the religious ideology that hindered the evolution of Saudi country and people. I am glad they are gone now and that the country is opening up and becoming a normal place. Saudi people deserve all the new changes and more. Growing up as a Saudi, we didn't have much to do, especially as women. I am an advocate for all the changes and would like to see more in the coming years. I wish my country to become a great nation with great people. Thanks, Peter!

  27. Yey! He finally found a women with full cover to be on camera! 😄 but I didn’t get how she is a doctor and a lawyer at the same time! I believe her English didn’t help her explain what she really means.

  28. A word of advice to all who wish to come to Saudi Arabia DON'T COME IN THE SUMMER the heat will be too much for you. Try to come October or later the weather will be cooler and you can enjoy it more.

  29. If you really want to know about someplace in this big world wherever it is first don’t use a camera because everyone behave in front of the camera and a big ass somebody showing you the fancy bullshit picture and what they want you to see and hear which is bullshit “”knowing that there is no 100% bad people or a place in in this world but there is always a majority to good and bad day and night ext””and secondly ask the immigrant and the poor people about it and how are they living there and how most of the citizens treat them because you’ll find immigrants who lived there more than they did in their own country and without using a camera because they will not say the real truth because they will be scared that’s something could get to them if he saw the footage so next time try a using a hidden camera so we can see the real truth that’s hiding under beneath a country and save one camera to capture some good memories – save travels

  30. Notice the gay couple holding each other at 6:08. Or if they were not homosexual, they are still effeminate men. This is not rare to see in Saudi Arabia and is a very common scene, especially in Jeddah. That's one live example that destroys what Western media wants their audiences to believe about how gay people are treated in Saudi Arabia.

  31. There is snow in north West Saudi Arabia also in northern west there is historic city in Al Ula


  32. Just finished all your episodes Pete on Saudi. I was gripped from the 1st. So well put together and I admire your approach to travel and culture. As an avid traveller myself this was an awesome project to watch.

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  34. سلام = <3 پیتر سنتئنلو کیفه حاله که یا اخی هذا فی سعودی عربستان ماشاء الله الحمد الله فی کلی الامر لولز :=/ ابو محمد امین "ارمانی " ډه لوی افغانستان څخه ځان ټه مو خو پام أی ډی او که ڼه ۲۰۲۰.com سیاحت

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