JAPAN KYOTO DAY TRIP TO Kobe 2020 😵🥩 Worth Trying KOBE BEEF? HONEST Wagyu Beef Review 便宜的神户牛肉

Hey guys and welcome to our channel. So, we are now in Nankinmachi
which is a Chinatown of Kobe. -What did you read up on? -Around here in Chinatown is where you can get small samples sold separately or, we could probably pop in to
one of the restaurants around here. So here, you’re not only going to see Kobe beef but you can also have a little wonder around the Chinatown of Kobe. Japan, Japan… everyone seems to be seeing
the same spots: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I don’t blame you; you could spend weeks in each place and still feel like there is more to discover. Kobe is a great day trip from Kyoto or Osaka. Not only can you try Kobe beef
straight from its origins but also it boasts the third largest Chinatown in Japan and has
some stunning views from the Kobe Port Tower. Only a 30 minute train journey from Osaka
to Sannomiya Station or 13 minutes on the bullet train, there are plenty of options for dim sum – a Chinese style lunch, dumplings, duck wraps, meat skewers, or matcha flavour bubble tea with tapioca. Why is there so much hype around Kobe beef? Well, it’s not just any type of beef –
it’s a Japanese Black cattle, raised in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture with ultimate TLC! Kobe beef comes from the Kansai region, one of four premium quality wagyu beef breeds. So next time you’re in a supermarket in the UK or US and see a label saying Kobe beef – remember
that it’s probably not. I can almost guarantee you’re being roped into a misleading marketing campaign! Chinatown dates back to 1868 when this
port town had officially opened to foreign merchants, traders and immigrants. Nankinmachi is really compact
so 1-2 hours should be enough – unless you’re here in February for the Chinese New Year Festival. Apart from Kobe beef and Chinese ramen, try sticky rice, sweet sesame balls, all sorts of delicious
steamed dumplings like sil mai and puffy steamed buns, known in Japanese as
Niku-man (‘meat bun’). They’re so popular in Japan that you’ll find them in almost every convenience store – with a Japanese twist, of course! -This one looks good.
-Awww Kobe beef with ramen and steak. -Spiderman! Beware that you won’t be getting a big
portion of Kobe beef from here. However, you’re not expected to anyway. Wherever you go to, the price is going to be quite high for a very small piece, but that’s normal –
it’s a premium quality steak. We’re going to try something from… probably here. -Tender beef steak.
-This one? -This one. How is it cooked? Is it cooked rare, medium?
-Medium. -Medium ok?
-OK, medium. -And… Kobe beef ramen. Right, so we’ve gone for the tender red meat steak – thank you – which is cooked medium – let’s move. And it’s the number one seller. And we’ve also gone for a bowl of ramen.
How can we resist! With Kobe beef. And I think this is actually one of the best places to get Kobe beef for a very reasonable price. If you go into a restaurant it is a bit more pricey. If you want to try it and don’t want to spend too much money, then this is a good place to start off. You might not know much about the Chinese astrology but this inconspicuous pavilion we had a stopover at is more than just a resting place. It’s based on 12 Chinese zodiac signs, each representing a different animal,
like the stone statues here. Tell us in the comment section below what year you were born in to find out what animal you are – according to the Chinese zodiac! These colourful statutes symbolize gods of money. According to a legend, touching them
will make you happy. So bring someone miserable along
who needs to touch this statue! -I think it’s the ramen that’s ready – a bowl of ramen.
-It looks really delicious! I’m going to try some of the beef first –
just to get the flavour. It tastes better than the normal beef you get with Pho noodles [Vietnamese dish]. But because this is not proper (high grade)
Kobe beef, which I don’t think it is – I think the beef steak is where you get
proper (better grade) Kobe beef. So (Kobe beef in ramen) it doesn’t taste
much different to normal beef. Now the real question is, was it really worth coming to Kobe to try the Kobe beef? It looks very, very tender. We don’t really like our beef to be too rare. I’m gonna take the piece from the middle. Mmm… I wouldn’t say it melts in your mouth
but it’s not not far off it. Is it better than the one we had in Naha (Okinawa)? The one in Naha was the best one! Smells good. Like you said, I wouldn’t say it melts in your mouth but it is very soft and very easy to chew. Not like rump steak where you’ve got to bite it about 1000 times before you actually digest it. -Done! Kobe beef steak is finished.
-Demolished within five minutes. I must say, it didn’t melt in my mouth. Did it in yours? No, not really. I think we need to go
for the more premium options or perhaps even go to a restaurant that specializes and that’s known for selling the best Kobe beef. We are actually are we going to try some more food but this time we’re going to try Chinese street food! We’re going to go for one of these
delicious-looking steam pork buns I think that’s pork belly. Thanks for watching our video.
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  1. Have any of you guys tried Kobe Beef before? Where did you try it and what did you think of it?

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