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Paul: Automaton is the best thing I’ve ever built. And I’ll probably never build anything quite this detailed ever again. Paul: I wanted somewhere between, Cinderella’s carriage, and a competition altered. In 2015, inventor Paul started work on his most ambitious project to date. Having already completed his impressive car, the cosmotron, he began work on his next invention. Paul: This car has been the most expensive car I’ve ever built. And also, it’s been the most labor intensive up to now nearly every part is custom on this car. Four years of hard work later, and Paul has finally finished his once in a lifetime creation. And he’s ready to unveil it. Paul: This is my car,
Automatron. Paul: I wanted to build a Hot Rod, fender less and the engine out. I didn’t want to build anything like what had been built before. I wanted to go back to the days of the horse drawn carriage. I also looked at a lot of Top Fuel dragster cars as well. One of the main things people always ask about is, you know, what’s the engine? The engine, it’s a V8, and it’s got Holden heads on it and it’s supercharged. Sounds like the, the end of the world and it’s really fast. A lot of it is that they’re worn off parts. I got the navigation binnacle from a ship. But the exhaust tips, if you got married in the 70s, people would buy you a set of six Silver goblets. and these are the goblets chopped off and bolted in there. This is a fuel tank. This was originally a gas bottle. This is part of a Lancaster bomber, These switches, you were to flick them, and drop the bomb. Out and about driving this one off creation isn’t without its quirks. Paul: We’re off making a right turn here. Paul: Looking somewhat impaired all you can see is carburetors and engine. But probably the worst thing is the amount of attention, You can’t stop anywhere or else, you’re just going to be surrounded by people. Female speaker: Did you make it? Paul: The whole thing yeah. Paul: Took me four and a half years. Male speaker: Love what you’re
driving, good job going on there. Paul: Cheers, thanks a lot. Cheers mate. Female speaker: Oh look at all the knobs. Female speaker: How fast does it go? Paul: It goes literally as fast as you dare go. Female speaker: What’s the name? Paul: It’s called Automatron. Female speaker: Will you take me for a spin? Paul: Yeah, maybe. Female speaker: Why not? Paul: Automatron is the best thing I’ve ever built, most time consuming and the most expensive thing. And I’ll probably never build anything
quite this detailed ever again. Okay so, that’s Automatron. sadly for me, the only thing that I really like is the building of the cars. And now it’s complete, Automatron’s for sale. And, you know, soon it will be gone and I’ll have the money to fund my next project. I think when you’ve been so close to a project and built it, I don’t think you can ever fully sort of appreciate it. Someone else like can buy it and well you know, I’m sure they’ll love it.

100 thoughts on “Inventor Builds Steampunk Hot Rod From Scratch | RIDICULOUS RIDES

  1. I was lucky to see this car at the 2019 super nats was amazing!! to look at and sounded grate it cought my ear when he drove it into the show grounds so much to look at and take in on this car again amazing top work man looking forward to seeing whats next.

  2. I don't sau that car is WOW. but… what dose it make it a inventor? Aslo when he says he will never build a "better" car … he LIES!

  3. Man you are totally crazy how will by this pice of don't know what the hell is it .put it in ur living room and cry for the four year and a half you wasted

  4. All of these cars remind me of my broken hot wheels that I would glue together into new bizarre cars. Pretty cool car though

  5. Would you be more specific about what 3.5L V8 you are using? Love the Ardun heads. Any chance you have web pages that document the construction? Thanks!

  6. No mention of whether he is, legally entitled to drive this whim-wham on the Queens Highway.
    He mentions poor visibility for starters : the Police are curiously lax

  7. I really think you should put a periscope sticking out the roof, steel and brass, 20 thousand leagues under the sea style, and it would have a function – allowing you to see ahead.

  8. The bodywork is so impressive but it doesn't feel at all like steampunk. it's more like futuristic.
    I do love it tho

  9. If it had fenders & the driver had forward visibility it would be cool.
    As he built it, it should never be driven on public roads, hence the reason it is not registered & it has no license plate…

  10. This Man Is A Genius , A Toy Co Should Make An R/C Version Of This , The Real Car Should Be Put In USA Car Shows . Bring it to Las Vegas 💵

  11. Amico è bellissima!! È un vero capolavoro! Mai visto un lavoro così originale per un auto ! Sei un pazzo geniale dovrebbe essere esposta in un museo una vera opera d'arte! Complimenti !

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