Introduction to Haswell Travelled Channel – informative journeys to amazing destinations

Looking for some beautiful and amazing destinations? maybe for your next trip? Or to enjoy from the comfort of your own home? Hi, I’m Jim Haswell. Come join my wife and I on informative journeys. Creative map animation will show a street view that highlights our walking tour. I will share background information about the sites, sometimes with relevant historical stories. Near the end will be a preview of the next episode. Many will be in 4K from recent trips and I am also eager to share some of our memorable past ones in HD. Each of my videos is meant to be a quality production and they take time to produce I’ll release them gradually in a mini-series format, so you can binge watch a trip playlist in one sitting, or watch each episode individually. Now, for a quick preview of our first episode. In this series, we visit the most charming collection of villages in northern France admiring not only their rustic beauty and architecture, but also their history. We start with Claud Monet’s home in Giverny – a masterpiece of natural beauty and a legacy to his creativity. Like a canvas of art, he crafted a colorful home, an extensive garden, and the fabulous water-lily pond which became the subject of his most famous paintings. If you enjoy my video style & content, I encourage you to subscribe by clicking my channel icon Expressing your likes & comments in YouTube, and sharing with your friends is much appreciated. Another suggested video can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail which will be the next episode in the series if it has been released. Or by going to the Channel page, you can choose from a list of series playlists and videos. The home page banner will say what is in the works, and if you want to receive notifications of all new postings, click the bell. Enjoy Haswell Travelled!

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