Intrepid 18 to 29s: Europe

[Laughter] Can you pronounce it? ‘Egeszsegere’. I just wanna jump in it. Had a little Sound of Music fantasy moment.
[Laughter] That was really fun. I’m not missing England right now. This weather and this scenery, it’s so picturesque. Yaaay! We are tasting brandy in Stari Bar, Montenegro. Cheers! This is the ‘rakija face’!

One thought on “Intrepid 18 to 29s: Europe

  1. Ive never done the 18-29 trips but I've done multiple 'all ages' trips with Intrepid – I can say they're fun trips with great people, small sizes and good leaders. My first tour of Europe was when I was 25 with Contiki tours and I didn't vibe with the huge 50+ people super group and the primarily 19 y/o kids on their gap years. Intrepid was a whole other world of anywhere from 5-12 people tours, knowledgeable tour leaders and fun experiences. I'm preparing for my fifth/sixth Intrepid tours of Australia and will always check to see if there is an Intrepid tour available if I am interested in doing the group tour thing where I am traveling

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