International Move-In Day – Sakshi Shah

FATIMA: Hi Sakshi! SAKSHI: How are you doing?
FATIMA: Good, how are you? SAKSHI: I’m great. FATIMA:Thank you for having us! So how does it feel right now to be on campus? SAKSHI: I’m really, really excited, and a bit nervous. Our Independence Day is today, so I’m missing my country. FATIMA: So what was your journey getting from India to Oxford? SAKSHI: It was pretty cool. It was my first international trip. I met a lot of people on the plane and we exchanged Instagram handles. It was nice. Paris was nice. FATIMA: Great, how many hours did it take you to get here? SAKSHI: 21 hours. FATIMA: That’s a very long flight journey.
SAKSHI: Yeah. FATIMA: So Sakshi, what are you most looking forward to in college? SAKSHI: Ok, so I’m looking forward to meet many people from all over the world – not just the main part. And obviously, I’m studying Computer Science, which is the subject I love. So, I’m looking forward to meeting professors. FATIMA: Awesome. So, what was or what will be your first American meal? SAKSHI: I had salad yesterday in the DoubleTree hotel with cherry tomatoes. FATIMA: And how was that? SAKSHI: Not good. *laughs* I’m a vegetarian, so it’s hard FATIMA: Well hopefully the food here will change your mind about that. Last question:what could you not have left home without? SAKSHI: Um… my pillow! So I don’t use pillow while I sleep, but I need something to hold. And that’s my favorite one. So I brought that.

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