IELTS – Tourism | Do We Understand Each Other?

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Essay Here is today’s question
International tourism is now the biggest industry in the world.
Unfortunately, it brings tension rather than understanding
between the people from different cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with
this opinion? As you can see, there are 2 things to consider
here: tension & understanding
Is it true that tension is bigger than understanding? First, let’s look at the conflicts that
international tourism may cause The most prominent or you can say the most
obvious one is the language barriers. It’s difficult to communicate even with
the help of a tour guide or an interpreter as the local people and tourists understand
things in different ways. Conflicts also result from the differences
in customs, traditions & beliefs. For example, in America it’s ordinary for
a man to bargain, speak loud in public, wear baggy clothes
but those acts are seen as offensive in Middle East Countries.
Tourism development also results in the argument between the tourists and the local community.
When a huge number of travelers flock to tourist attractions,
they create noise, congestion & pollution, which damage the environment
& disturb the locals’ peaceful life. Well, it seems that no matter how big the
income it may bring, international tourism has created more
tensions than understanding. It’s the downside & the tough challenge
for both the authorities & traveling companies. So, to ease the tensions it is suggested that
the authorities should monitor the development of the tourism
industry and protect the rights of their own citizens

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