HPE1023 (07) Field Trip to Seri Ayu Keropok Lekor

Hi, guys Hi Hi So before we going to do our field trip We need to go Breakfast So stay tune, guys Bye Hi Yuni, what are you having for your breakfast? Roti canai and teh tarik Enjoying the music, guys!! Hi, guys! So we are done our shop-SHOPPING Not shopping So assalamualaikum guys and hi So now, we are going to KEROPOK LEKOR SAKINAAAAH So hi, guys! So now we have arrived at Keropok Lekor Seri Ayu So this is at Kemaman If you want to make keropok lekor Normally, we use 10 kg of fish 10 kg of fish and then mix in corn starch, salt as well as seasoning Do you do this everyday? Exactly everyday How much do you do? It depends on the situation. During the holidays like today, a bit more Pour in salt and seasoning. Then mix them together I’m going to try to roll the dough So, this is the process Do you want to try? I want to but I cannot Eczema I’ve got rashes on my hands Hi, guys Hii Let’s start eating While it’s still warm This one is like, fried lekor LOL You guys You can try this keropok So delicious! So, this one… Umm… Steamed How long has this store been in operation? Since 2013 What is your name? My full name? Yes Hafiz Harun How to open up this kind of store? Nothing too much Just oil. Just oil and capital Bye, Auntie Thank you! Thank you! Bye~ Thank you, Auntie Keropok lekor! Hi, guys! So now we’re done with our field trip to Kemaman So, don’t forget to watch our video We’ve done a lot of things in our video and you will see what we experienced I hope you guys very enjoy it because making keropok lekor is the best thing you must do in our life, you know It’s a whole new experience Yes. So bye, guys! See you guys! Byee! Thank you for watching. Have a great day!

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