Today we teach you how to seat bounce Welcome back to another Sedlak Offroad School riding tip And today we want to talk about the seat bounce a little bit of an advanced technique But really helpful if you’re trying to clear tabletops or doubles out of a tight turn Number one when it comes to seat bouncing as the name says, the seat bounce you’re sitting down as the dirt bike is taking off If you watched our jumping video that we posted a couple of weeks ago I was talking about making sure to stand up as you approach your jump That’s the beginner technique when you’re new to jumping seat bouncing be more advanced Now you’re sitting down to compress your suspension as you’re going up and give yourself a little bit more lift So when you’re sitting down you want to make sure you sit in the front part of your seat like right here You don’t want to sit back here because as you accelerate all your weight is going to go on the Motocross bike the shocks completely gonna compress and as soon as you lift off that shocks gonna give you the bounce in seat bounce to get the height and the width to clear the jump if you’re sitting here that dirt bike is going to Decompress throw you forward, pull your feet off the foot pegs and get you in trouble because you’re gonna the bars really quick So now you’re sitting in the front part of the dirt bike like right here You need to make sure that you’re in a gear that has power. You need a snappy bike at the moment you want to see bones because it needs to be aggressive and Give you a good little punch So usually on most Motocross bikes that is second gear sometimes on the 450 you can get it done in third But you use the seat bounce coming out of tight little corners. So especially on the 250 second gear and You want to make sure there’s traction when you get on the gas really aggressive You don’t want to lose the rear end while you’re taking off. So again, you’re looking forward you’re sitting in the front of the dirt bike and as You’re going up the up ramp. Now you’re accelerating again as hard as you can Putting your weight all your weight on the seat your feet on the pegs Keep keeping your Motocross bike tight again with your legs full acceleration And then you will feel the dirt bike compressing and as you take off They will decompress and you can bring your chest forward to balance the bike out The last thing if you’re going into seat bouncing again find yourself a smaller jump With a pretty mellow lip, you don’t want to see bounce something. That’s super steep if you don’t know what you’re doing because on a steep jump the dirt bike will really pre load and It will really give you a good old hucke buck if you’re in the wrong position so find a small jump again, that’s forgiving just like when you’re starting a jump and work on your seat bouncing there And this is it guys this is how you see bounce a Motocross bike a little bit of an advanced technique So make sure when you go out that you are ready make sure you sit in the front This is the most important part I cannot stress this enough if you’re sitting in front of the dirt bike, you’re in a pretty safe spot and nothing should go wrong So let us know how you like this riding tip Let us know how you like these more advanced dirt bike riding tips, and we will keep recording them Please like and subscribe and we’ll see you next week’s video

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  1. Great content. Deserves far more viewers.

    On a side note: Maybe it's just me, but those pants got to go. All I see is a vagina or a thong when you put your legs together. I had a good laugh. Maybe keep them.

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