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  1. Thank you Bill, I plan to go to Seoul next year and I'm kinda freaking out about the transports… everyone recommends to buy a T-Money card, is that the same type of card you were talking about? Also, at the information desks can they speak english?

  2. I guess "행" is another loanword borrowed from Japanese. I've been to Japan and noticed that they use "行き" meaning "bound for". Ex. 東京行き/東京行 (toukyou iki) "도쿄 행".

    Usually the Japanese words pronounced in their kun'yomi will be pronounced in Korean on'yomi after borrowed into Korean. Ex. 取り消し(torikeshi) => 取消 "취소"

  3. My tip: Pay attention to which DIRECTION your train is going, not just the line number/colour, and wait on the according side. I wasted a lot of time going back and forth before I finally got it right. xD

  4. me when I first started watching the video: or you can just download the app.
    billy: or you can just download the app


  5. Bro I don't you should say "its simple to use" then say "I gotten lost more than I can count" just a few seconds afterwards lol. But yeah Seoul's metro is simply the best

  6. T-money(SK) for the win! Wins hands down vs Suica(Japan)
    I've used KAKAO Metro and Google Map aps, to a certain extent accurate.

  7. Great video! Can you only but the T Money card at convenience stores or can you buy when you're at the airport? Also from the Incheon Airport what is the best/more cost efficient way to get into Seoul that you recommend? (Traveling with 4 plus luggage). Thank you!!

  8. If this was 'simon & martina' aka 'eatyourkimchi', it would probably gone down like this.."South Korean subway is worst piece of sh*t!! South Koreans behave like monsters in the subway!! They will try to kill you if you are not careful!! Oh, I forgot I love Japan so much~~"

  9. i recommemd to buy T-money card. You can use bus, subway, taxi, train, convenience stores, vending machines, markets, cafe, fast food restaurants. Also, you can get discount if you are not adult. Go to convenience store and input your born year and birth day.

  10. Sir is there a direct train from Gongno 3-ga station to gapyeong station? If there is none, could you tell me the easiest way, please? Two weeks from now we will be in Seoul and we plan to go to Nami Island, Petite Franch and morning calm.

  11. Omg I can’t believe I didn’t watch this vid earlier. I went to South Korea for the first time last week & ofc I (as well as my family) got lost the first day but it’s actually really simple and easy to pick up. Subways over there are very clean & also are translated in other languages like English. You can get those little cards anywhere but if you guys are planning on using the bus as well then I’d suggest buying a card that’ll work for both train/tram and bus.

  12. There was once I took the train and that was express. (When we boarded, the display said it was an express train.) So it was supposed to cut short travelling time by 10 min. But halfway the train broke down. The announcements were in Korean, totally incomprehensible. Luckily a kind guy told us to get down the train and even told us that the continuation train to the stop we were going to was bound for track 1. So we basically wasted a really long time to get to the stop we wanted to go. Some unforgettable memories was when we were helpless stranded at the station. However the next train going to that station was only going to come in 20 min. We saw many trains zoomed past us (they were express) and I was kinda infuriated

  13. Better off going the other direction. Bundang(yellow line) and then change on to the ShinBundang( red line). Less stations and you have to transfer once 🙂

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