How To Pack For Your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

We hope you’re getting excited and thanks for
taking time to research more about your trip. We will talk about things that we
provide, things are you need to bring and extra tips that will help on your river
trip. On the first day of your river trip you’re going be issued a sleeping bag, a
ground tarp, a sheet and a camp pillow all of this stuff is going to fit inside the
large dry bag that we provide you. In addition to that will be issued a tent, a cot if
you’re on a motor trip or a sleeping pad if you’re on an oar trip. The personal dry bag that you’re going get it going to hold all the things that you’re gonna have on the
boat with you during the day. An easy way that I like to remember it: is this
is your carry-on luggage and this is your checked luggage as this gets stored
on the books during the day and you won’t have access to it until you get in
the camp at night. Let’s talk about duffel bags. You’ll want a soft sided duffel bag, 12
by 12 by 24, no wheels no heart sides on this. Next let’s talk about what goes in
here. We’ll send you a packing list with all of the things you can anytime you’re
river trip but let’s go through some specifics. No matter the time of year
you’ll want to fleece, a long sleeve spf shirt and also a pair of long pants. Two of the most important things you can have on the river with you is a good set of
river sandals and a rain jacket and rain pants. You’ll want your sandals to have a
heel strap and a good durable sole, these are what you’re going to be in the boats allday long. For a rain jacket, you want to have a hood and a jacket that cinches
that wrists You’ll also a good pair of rain pants. This isyour splash guard from the river. A few the smaller things you want to keep on
the raft with you are a water bottle with a strap and carabiners that’s how
you’re gonna hook your water bottle to the rafts. You’ll also want a pair of
sunglasses with a retention strap and maybe a bandana or a sarong. These are great to help keep the sun off of you and you can also dip them in the water to
help cool. You’ll want to bring a Ziploc bag with essentially a pared-down wallet,
cash, ID, credit cards and insurance information. You’ll also want to bring toiltries, baby wipes for easy bathing and also lotion as the Grand Canyon is
incredibly dry. Some of the things you’ll want to keep in your personal day bag
things like your rain jacket and rain pants, a Belknap river guide book, that’s available on our
website, also things like chapstick sunscreen and your camera. So these are
just a few of the items are you want when you’re packing for your river trip
make sure to look at your trip specific packing list for all the details remember, no question too small, don’t
hesitate to give us a call at the office or go to our website if you have any
questions, thanks.

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