How to Do Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 5 Most Popular Rides in the Shortest Amount of Time!

Planning on going to animal kingdom it can be very hectic and crowded no matter which time of year you go with poplar rides such as flight passage navi river journey and Expedition Everest waiting time can be well over two hours but in this video We’ll show you how everything is done how to do the five most popular attractions in the shortest amount of time Let’s get to it. Getting up early. That’s probably the most important thing out of this whole entire video You need to get up really early before Anyone else is at the park in order to be the first in line for a rope drop in the animal kingdom Remember the buses don’t run until later on in the morning So you’re gonna have to take a minivan to get a minivan is actually quite simple The only thing you need is to have a lyft account. You have a lyft account you’ll have access in order It’s a yielded ride. So that way you can get to the park early enough in the morning before anyone else gets there Usually a rope drop as well. The park is gonna open up earlier than what it usually does So if the park is set to open at 9:00 a.m Most likely the cast members are gonna let you enter the park for rope drop at around 8:30. Sometimes it’s earlier Sometimes it’s later. It just depends on the day Now this is where the fun begins Well for some people some people can be kind of a hassle But once you get into the park after the rope has been dropped you scan your magic band We are heading to flight a passage in Pandora the world of Avatar This is the first ride that you want to get to because everyone that is there is most likely going to that ride I know from personal experience I actually had to run in order to get in front of people so you may have to keep up with a light pace jog in order to be ahead of everyone else or to at least stay in the Pack so that way you can get into the line at a decent, you know spot in this diagram here You’ll see the map and this is of animal kingdom and see this is where we are right now And once that rope drops, we’re going to go ahead and go straight around to the Oasis We’re going to go by the Oasis and we’re going to end up heading right in front of the tree of life Then you’re gonna hook a left By the time you hit the bridge You’re gonna find that there are more cast members that are holding a rope across for the world of Pandora Avatar flight a passage attraction. Congratulations. If you made it that far, then you’re gonna be in the line You’re gonna be one of the first to ride this attraction probably before the park even really opens Avatars flight a passage can have wait times of over 200 minutes So that’s why it’s very important in order for you to ride this ride Quickly promptly and get it out of the way as to do it in the morning on top of that fast passes Usually run out extremely fast for this ride. Usually there is none to be honest with you Now flight of passage is my favorite ride in the entire Walt Disney World Resort And for good reason – it is an incredible experience And it’s so immersive the Disney Imagineers really hit the ball out of the park with this one. You’ll see the sights You’ll smell the smells and you’ll definitely feel all the drops that are associated with this incredible attraction All right. The next attraction on our list is Pandora the world of Avatar. Navi river journey This is literally located in the same land as the flight of passage attraction So once you get done with the flight of passage, you’re gonna want to hurry directly to the Navi River journey Taking a look at the map. It’s quite simple to get to the Navi river journey ride All right, when you leave the flight of passage attraction, so as you leave the flight of passage attraction You’re gonna be guided into a gift shop, but instead of going through the gift shop You’re gonna hook a right and this path is gonna take you through a nice scenic route of Pandora the world of Avatar where You’ll see all of the water in the beautiful plant life that is surrounds this incredible land Now if you want a quicker route instead of you taking a left and going through the scenic route You can go right and it will take you directly to the Navi river journey attraction this is a beautiful ride that really showcases the world of avatar with its colors bioluminescence and beautiful animals in every turn Leaving the world Pandora. You’re heading straight into Kilimanjaro Safari You want to make it there quick because the lines are forming very fast The buses are running in full capacity The park has likely been open up for a few moments now So when you get there, you can finally relax your feet This is a great ride for the family and youngsters if you have any there’s great animals to see there’s Lions giraffes Hippos and different exotic animals and you’re just sitting down from here You can take advantage of the cool breeze in this very lengthy ride But once it’s over your back at it again Making the trek from Kilimanjaro safaris to Cali River Rapids is actually a pretty easy walk So once you start to leave Kilimanjaro safaris, you’re gonna go straight until you see the tamo tamo refreshments Then you’re gonna hook a left once you hook that left You’re gonna walk straight all the way down until you come to the restaurant Yak and Yeti local food cafes. And once you see that you’re gonna hook another left. You’re gonna go straight into your right You’ll see kali river rapids. Just a heads up with this ride. You will get wet a hundred percent. You will get wet There’s no getting lucky and not getting wet on this ride. It is an incredible water ride You will surely enjoy it with your friends and family Going down the steep inclines and twirling around while getting wet with water at every turn especially during one of those hot Florida days, this is a great ride for you to go ahead and get refreshed So you probably soaking wet from Kali river rapids How about drying off at Expedition Everest that is getting to Expedition Everest is actually quite simple All you got to do is once you get done out of kali river rapids walk a little bit until you see the first entrance To your left. You’re going to hook a left and go straight Literally, once you go straight you’re going to see a huge mountain that you can not miss and right below it You will see the entrance to Expedition Everest Remember take a peek on the very right side. It’s kind of hard to see but you can’t miss it so be sure you don’t if you don’t mind being a single rider you can go ahead and get in this ride in less than 15 to 20 minutes. This just happens to be one of the most expensive roller coasters in the world Where you encounter a Yeti somewhere in the mountains? the lines may take upwards to an hour or more but jump into a single riders line and you will sure have a lot of Fun in no time, and that’s all to it Those are Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 5 most popular rides Done in the shortest amount of time if you do it in this sequence and you go ride by ride as we have instructed you To do in this video you will get them done in no time at all with plenty I mean plenty of time to spare – then leisurely enjoy the rest of the park take photos and do some of the other Attractions that don’t have such high wait times as these popular attractions Do be sure to subscribe? Hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and leave a comment ask a question We respond to all your comments no matter what the comment is. No matter what the question is Remember, every question is a good question. 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