How Mumbaikars Are Fighting against Coronavirus | Mumbai Local Journey | Janta Curfew Vlog Part 01

Friends, I want to tell you something, what is Janta Curfew? Janta Curfew means we have to be cautious to maintain distance We also must keep few things in mind if we go in any gathering we must take some precautions You should not Go out of Home You should not go in any gathering Whereevr Virus may be it will not spread, suppose if it Virus is here and if it infects this man then it will infect person next to him and so on You don’t get symptoms initially It takes 7-10 days By then you may have infected many people And for this very reason #JantaCurfew is on If it infects less number of people then impact will be less If it infects more, then numbers will increase in the Hospital and we dont have that much resources so that we can keep people there so, it’s possible that our elderly people our Kids, they can be more infected those who are unwell can also get infected so in the case of emergency there may not be any Hospital for them That’s why we need to support Janta Curfew We should stay at home Because it transmits from human to human And You may think that you won’t be infected from any object, that’s not correct If I sneeze here and If I have Virus in me If he touches the place I snooze then he will also be infected Do you all getting this? So, Today like a Soldier we have to support Ourselves, our Family and people around us We will support Janta Curfew Yes friends, In Janta Curfew, we all are Participants I welcome you all to Xtreme Roads in Janta Curfew When you guys are watching this Video #JantaCurfew must have started We have to follow this starting from 7 AM till 9 PM and we must support this. So, friends, are you with me? Whosoever is at home, isolated, Thumbs Up from my side and those who needs such isolation when you are watching this I’m making this Awareness video for that and today I’m at a place which see the highest number of commuters travel everyday and from here I’m going to start my awareness program. and I’ll keep this in mind that I’m also safe friends, before starting this Vlog please SUBSCRIBE also click BELL button and do share to as many people as possible so that we can help save the world. Friends, Today I’m at Chattrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj Terminus and it is this place where Asia’s first Train Ran. which was Bori-bunder to Thane In the entire country the number of daily commuters is through Indian Railways is 23 million and the number of commuters travel in Mumbai Locals everyday is 7.5 million and around 2045 Trains Run everyday With this vlog on the busiest Travel Route will spread the message about Janta Curfew, and it’s importance In reality even I’m scared I’m in Fear because I’m in public gathering, till now I was in isolated zone among family members,was at home but today i’ve moved out, scared for myself and more scared for my family friends, it’s a Historic Day today not only for any province or country but for Whole World. and today we have to be like Soldiers and help and support entire world save this world. and those are with Janta Curfew is a True Soldier, without a doubt I must thank Indian Railways who supported this Janta Curfew and Tomorrow all the trains will be shut and this will be historic as well. Do you know what is Corona? Corona Virus? What is Covid 19? You don’t know?then why have you masked? It’s a disease because everyone is using so have I You must be knowing that there should be 1 meter distance between people? Yes(he answers) But the work you are doing where people are not maintaining that distance and you are coming in contact don’t you think this Virus may infect you Yes he says friends, we have to keep one thing in mind, when Media arrives, people gathers around please split. Where ever Media goes, people surrounds it Please inform them not to. We don’t know how this Corona Virus has come, from where it has come. there can be anything suddenly If these guys stay at home for one week, who will pay for their expenses and food? Whether Modi Govt. will give or Media or as you are saying 1 mt. distance or those spreading Corona Scare, they will? If you wish to stay healthy, then you have to isolate yourself first If you stay hungry for a week it won’t be a problem but If you get infected by this virus it will not only infect you but your family as well and even infect all who are around you. I’m doing this small trip from CSMT to Goregaon, and we will create awareness along the way Cleaning of Stations are done Hygiene is maintained Friends we could see a Dog here So I must inform that Corona Virus doesn’t transmit in animals,Covid 19 which is. But Corona Virus family is not new It is there since ages But they were not harmful for Humans And the virus which is Dangerous for Humans is COVID 19 and it’s our enemy today. We have to maintain 1 mt. distance between one to one person but This is what you are looking at…! Today I’m not here as Social Media Influencer or a Travel Vlogger but an Alert Citizen Who has such a great medium to communicate and it’s all because of YOU guys. from here I can spread important messages like these to a wider audience and is in interest of not only our country but of World. and Thanks all who commented and have asked questions and those who were confused about it. whether this is life threatening/lethal or can we can be saved do we have any medicine or not? I’ll try to answer all these questions in this vlog. Masjid Station has come We were of view that It is Masjid station because it is near near Masjid(Mosque) but No, that’s not correct first, It’s an important station and second thing is that the name Masjid station is because Gateway of Mercy, which was in Jewish Neighbourhood and that is called Juna Masjid as well and because of that is named Masjid Bunder Well, this was an information We are going through Harbour line towards Goregaon Mumbai Local runs from 4 sides Western, Central, Harbour and Trans Harbour.We will go from Central line to Harbour and will reach western line and will talk along the way. It’s not rush today People are alert. let’s talk to few. Will you be at home tomorrow during Janta Curfew? Normally if you are using regular work at home thn they don’t need to wear mask. It’s only for those who are in contact with any Covid 19 patient. or is part of their treatment,Doctors have to wear it in Hospitals and Nurses have to wear it those part of health care exercise should also wear it if you are in any social gathering like I’m in today then you should wear it. still you have to keep this in mind don’t touch your mask It should not touch your eyes If you want to remove the mask then you should do it from Ears. Why we have to save ourselves for it because we don’t how to get cured from this as yet. But this we know that it spreads through one to one contact. Spreads for sure Today you have something important to do? Yes she says But why are you not wearing Mask? Because you are in public, so it’s a must Are you using Sanitizer? Yes she says. Are you supporting Janta Curfew tomorrow? Few can’t do it those who are part of Health Services in Hospitals, we have to help them I’ve just realised that though I was wearing Gloves but I couldn’t sanitize my gloves only do that to my hands That’s why I’ve removed them. here we can see there are many gents in here there are emergencies for which they are travelling I would requesat this old gentleman – I respect You but you are at highest risk of this disease if you are in contact with outside Objects then then you have to sanitize your hands frequently and it’s compostion must have alchol in it and if you are washing hands with Soap then atleast for 20 seconds you should clean. minimum 20 seconds ! Please keep in mind that I’ve come out and have to go back home then I’ll have to sanitize myself with Dettol and have to do it very well. Till the time I’m out, I’m not going to touch my Face and Mask. And If we maintain this for a week a social distancing by then it’s possible that some Medicine may come and Virus can be contained and we could be saved from it But if this Virus spreads it will multiply like anything. we simple can’t infer.

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  1. Kudos to you for explaining to the common man the importance of janata curfew, it will enable them overcome certain misunderstanding, as you told rightly, we should travel only if it is very essential, thanks a lot for posting such valuable information through your video

  2. I hv been isoleting myself frm last monday onwards……it feels nice like today by implementing janta curfew i may able to minimize the virus spreading….as everybody else are too doing the same to keep our nation less infected and give chance to the concerns to help the infected in a better way??



  4. Nice madam tum jo iske jankare de rahi ho wo dekher mujhe bahut ananad mala khup bara vatla tumhi masks gatla te khup bara kela tumhi curfew dakhavtat te khup bara kartat be safa be happy

  5. Madam mujhe garf hai ki aap ke jaisa log Hamare India me hai Jo itne bhir me aap vlog Kar leti hai kitne log to sarmate hai

  6. Thank you for such an informative videos .. you always do something which prooves that you are the best.. love you soo much maam…

  7. agar aik bheti aik maa apni famiy ko chorr kar apne ghar se nikli hai hai to uski respect kro sunno wa kya keh rhi hai Aur Mem aap ko main bohat bhra slaam Pesh karta hon apne aur pak ki traf se VERY GOOD,
    GOD BLESS u Hamesha Aik bheti ke liye,😊👈

  8. Mam all r supporting yr move so how can i absent myself from Delhi. U narrated in the beginning very precisely n i hope on sunday all of us follow self curfew.

  9. अछा लगा दीदी सही जरा धनबाद से वाराणसी गया ओर कोल्हापुर जलते है ट्रेन नंबर 11046 यह ट्रेन नंबर है

  10. First of all, hats off to you that you asked us & made an awareness video. Really adorable. Not only you told but aslo explained the importance of isolation during this time & what is corona to people. I am so glad that you choose CSMT to GOREGAON route for this. You might have seen Dockyard Road where I actually stay. Thanks a lot mam.
    Eat healthy, do yoga, stay safe & must follow instructions given by Government!!! ❤❤💞💞😊😊

  11. I usually follow your all vlogs & I always like it. But today I not only liked it but also I appreciate you for taking "Janta Curfew Initiative" in Mumbai's Local where it was much needed. Thanks alot for that. Be safe Ma'am. Take Care

  12. Ek Hamara Prime Minister ha
    Or ek app
    Bhaut bhadiya
    You are spreading News awareness against people Related to Coronavirus
    Very Good vaishali mam
    Thankyou for this video………
    JAI HIND 👍👍👍👍👍

  13. I am a medical student and i am requesting to all of you to not believe in any forwarded message other than that from Govt. or WHO.
    Stay isolated.

  14. Mam u r doing excellent work👌💞💐📽️ Go on…we are with you Mam. Prevention is better than cure. Jai hind🇮🇳 bolo Bharat Mata ki jai🙏

  15. I agree with u but what about poor people who earn daily if till 31 march train not running think what kind of sauition they face today we say corona is biggest disaster but people who is unable earn money is condition for them nobody help them

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